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Typing text

From: SMART Board Essential Training

Video: Typing text

The majority of the typing that I do in Smart Notebook Hello, Mr. Bullet. Let's try that again.

Typing text

The majority of the typing that I do in Smart Notebook occurs during my planning period, when I'm putting together my lessons. When in front of your class, you might want to rely on handwriting recognition, but to type text, all you need to do is place your cursor where you want the text to appear, and just start typing. Let me demonstrate. I'm going to just show you how to make a quick and easy heading with a couple of bulleted list. First I want to go ahead and go to my Tools panel and select the type. Typed text tool.

You'll notice that this contextual panel appears, and we've got our preset fonts. We've got bold, italic, and underline. We've got color selections that we can make, transparency that we can make, and we also have these additional special features. And you can see that I've got it set already as bulleted text. And you also have superscripts, and subscripts, and square root symbols, and all kinds of great stuff. So for me to type a heading, I'm going to go ahead and select the size, the font, the color, let's do color.

Let's make sure I've got a black text color. And I'm going to go ahead and place my cursor. And start typing. This is going to be my heading that I'm going to use. Next, I'm going to go ahead and use my selecting tool. I can resize that heading. I can move it around, but I'm just going to place my cursor in a new location, go back to my type-text tool, only this time I'm going to select a bulleted list, and I'm going to select that bulleted list to be blue. So I'm ready to type bullet. Hello, Mr. Bullet. Let's try that again.

Bulleted list and blue, make sure I got it. Yeah, I'm good this time. And so this is going to be bullet, number one. I hit return and then hey wait a minute. No, I'm going to go bullet number two. Let's do bullet number two. Okay. Good enough. Now let, go back to my selector tool. Now that's one of those things you have to remember, is that whenever you do something and you want to modify the object, don't stay on the type text tool. Switch back to the selector tool. But now my selector tool is selected, and I can select that object.

I can resize that object. Heading should be bigger, shouldn't it? And, now, if I wanted to make an adjustment to the text that I have already typed. It's as simple as selecting the object, double clicking into that text and it, lets say for example, I want to make bullet 2. I am going to highlight all of bullet 2 and I want to switch bullet 2 to be a different color. Say I want it to be purple. And so go back to my selector tool, and you can see that I've changed bullet 1 to be blue, and bullet 2 to be purple.

Very nice. If you're in front of your classroom and you want to do a quick google search, then you don't really necessarily have your keyboard in front of you, so I would launch the smart keyboard, which can be accessed in the pen tray. Let me show you what that would look like, so I'm going to go over to Google. And there's, there's my Google Chrome that I'm going to use for my search. And I'm going to launch the Smart keyboard, and with the keyboard launched and verifying that the cursor is in fact in the search box, I'm going to go ahead and type a word like similarity.

I am a math teacher, so I often do math things. And Enter. And then I can go ahead and close the smart keyboard. And voila, a quick and easy search completed in front of your class using the smart keyboard. To continue your learning, go to the exercise files for this movie. I've left you a challenge to experiment with. You will find that this challenge will be less and less challenging as it becomes a common practice in constructing your smart notebook files.

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