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Setting up views

From: SMART Board Essential Training

Video: Setting up views

Depending on what you are doing on So here we are, and let's say I want this page to go full screen. Want to change the language? We're back to normal. Lastly, there's dual page display.

Setting up views

Depending on what you are doing on your Smartboard, you have different options for views. If I'm presenting something that I know I will not be annotating, I might choose to go full screen. This maximizes the real estate, allowing the viewer to see everything on the page without the added distractions of the toolbars. So here we are, and let's say I want this page to go full screen. I'm going to go over to the word View on the menu bar, select View, and the very top most choice is Full Screen. When I select Full Screen, toolbars go away.

We do have this floating toolbar that you can move from place to place, and using that floating tool bar we can navigate to another page. And we can exit from the full screen. Want to change the language? Well if you're a Spanish teacher for example. You want to, you might want to change all your smartboard options into Spanish. To do that we would just go to View. And, we'll go all the way down to the bottom mo, most choice and that's Language Setup. The first time you try to switch languages, allow a few moments for the new language to be downloaded and installed.

If you want to make something larger, first that kid is sitting way in the back of the classroom. One option for you is to use the zoom in choice. So, again, View And we're going to go down to the word Zoom, and you can see that you can zoom all the way up to 300%. I'm going to go ahead and choose 200% so you can see that that automatically enlarged everything on the screen. If I want to get back, I can go View, and this time let's go back to 100%. I want to show you what will happen. Now, I often get this, asked this question. You see these grey bars on the side? These are often very frustrating to teachers because we don't want wasted space, we want what we created on the smart notebook to take up the full screen.

And so teachers always ask me, well how do we get that back to the way it was before? And the answer is, we're going to go View and we're going to go to Zoom again, only we're going to choose page width. We're back to normal. Lastly, there's dual page display. I use this very frequently. I love it. It's one of my favorite display options. The dual page display is excellent for situations where you want to leave the instructions on the screen while you continue in your presentation file.

For example, here are some instructions. I'm going to go ahead and go to View > Dual Page Display. And I'm going to go ahead and turn that on, okay? Now what you see here is this is actually two pages side by side. I'm going to go fowrard in my presentation so you can see that. And, I've actually pinned this page already. I'm just going to show you how that works. We're going to go View > Dual Page Display, and I'm going to unpin. Now, unpin means that I've just got two pages side by side, and I can scroll through my presentation file.

And it'll change both of those pages. But, if I want this page to stay put, I'm going to select that page. Just by tapping it and being on my selector tool. You will notice the red band that it create, appeared around the page. And, I'm going to go to View > Dual Page Display > Pin Page. The pins appeared on this page and now I'm using my arrows to navigate through. Why would I do that? Great question. I would do this so that my students have the instructions or the example in front of them.

And, now I can give them a student practice page. So, I can give them a specific problem for them to do on their own and then I can arrow to the next or navigate to the next page. And here's another page. This page is pinned. It stays put. And this is yet another page for them to practice on. To recap, you have fullscreen, you have zoom, you have various languages, and dual display options at your disposal. Your choice of views should match your educational objectives.

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