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Making a wall-mounted shelf

From: Revit for Interior Design: Interior Walls

Video: Making a wall-mounted shelf

In place families are great for other kinds of work too. And then we're going to take this next one and call that shelf left.

Making a wall-mounted shelf

In place families are great for other kinds of work too. We have created a custom door within this wall. You might want to also add something to the wall like custom case work. Imagine putting a shelf or something of that nature on the wall that can be used for decoration or whatever. So we're going to go ahead and create a shelf here. And I want you to kind of zoom in on level one and there's two more reference planes here that are in play.

Neither one of them, if you note, have any kind of name to them yet. So we're going to pick up the first one here, and we're going to call this shelf right. And then we're going to take this next one and call that shelf left. I try to keep the names usually kind of simple, and I do try to make it as many times as possible. What's the difference between left and right, and also up and down. So, what you might want to kind of keep that also in play, as well.

So now we have these reference planes figured in, the only thing that we need to do is check out to see what height our shelf is going to be. So I'm going to the project browser. And under elevations, I'm going to to south, and you'll note here that we don't have a reference plane made. So we're going to have to go ahead and create one. So I want to go to Architecture. And under Architecture, go all the way to the back far end of the ribbon and pick up Reference Plane.

Now with Reference Plane we're going to use Offset to make this work for us. What we're going to do is set this offset to be three feet six inches and then with the line command in here. Let's come down here and pick on the bottom of the floor and then pull across. And you'll see a reference plane as offset from the floor of three feet six. Hit Modify. And click on that. And let's call it Shelf Top.

And then hit Apply. So now we have basically all our elements put together to make this in-place shelf work. Now, to go ahead and create our in-place family, we come up to Component, and pick Model in Place. We are going to create Casework. And we're going to hit OK. And we're going to call it Custom Shelf. And press OK.

Now we need to set the plane correctly because again we're in the family editor. And we need to create an extrusion, so we're going to come over and hit Set. And with Set we're going to be looking for one of those reference planes that we were working with we're going to pick up Shelf Right. And we'll pick that. And then press OK. And it's going to ask us for an elevation. We'll pick East and hit Open. And I will kind of zoom in here and here is our plane again.

Remember, when working with some of these tools, your graphic image the monitor might start to bleed out more than what it should. In this case it's a little bit lighter, but it's still pretty doable. So I'm going to kind of zoom in here, and this reference plane right here is the top of our shelf. I'm going to go ahead and click on Extrusion, and I'm going to use line, and I'm going to come out here. Let's make it a 12 inch shelf.

I'll come down let's say, 1 and one half, 1 and 1 4th inches, somewhere like so. Come over and click. Now one thing that I can do is I can even come in here and decide on what my depth is going to be for this. I don't need it to be ten feet, maybe I want it to be let's say, three feet. So I'll just put in three feet, and I'll come over here and hit Mode, and I'll hit Finish. So, our shelf is in play, when you click on it again you can change the shape if you want, we'll see what it looks like though, in 3d.

There's our shelf. Now, if we wanted to extend it, we can go off to our floor plans, level one, pick it, and we can basically bring it in to our other reference plane, which is what we had planned, and bring it in that way. And this is also movable. Just like the doorway here is movable. And we'll take a look at it. And there's your shelf and your arch. So again with in-place families you can create lots of different kinds of elements within your project, that you normally can't find within the Imperial library or maybe out on a website.

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