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Adding a railing


Revit Stairs Workshop

with Eric Wing

Video: Adding a railing

Adding a railing provides you with in-depth training on video2brain. Taught by Eric Wing as part of the Revit Stairs Workshop
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Video Duration: 5m 34s2h 18m Beginner Sep 12, 2012

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In this workshop, veteran trainer Eric Wing teaches the basic techniques you need to create pretty much any kind of stairs you can envision in Revit Architecture 2013. Discover how Revit handles stairs and how to work around some of the problems you may encounter. Then get practice designing stairs for commercial and residential buildings, as well as winding stairs, custom railings, and ramps.

Topics include:
  • The anatomy of a stair
  • Creating a basic staircase
  • Drafting stairs with model lines
  • Creating a bullnose family
  • Adding a landing
  • Creating railings
  • Specialty stairs
video2brain CAD
Revit Architecture
Eric Wing

Adding a railing

In this lesson, we'll be adding a railing to the edge of the second floor. Since the rail to the winding stairs is in place, this is going to be a snap. The procedure for this lesson is a slap the railing on the winding stairs to create similar. Once you have accomplished this, you're off to the races. We will offset the railing six inches from the face of the floor and tie the railing back into the winding stairs. To get started, open your Revit file called winding stairs and follow along. As you can see from my example, this is what we're going to do.

If I navigate down to the railing, we're going to put a nice little radius on it. And we're going to extend these railings up. And they're going to follow along the path of the edge. In the Project browser, make sure we go to Floor Plan Level Two. To view our railings better, let's make sure our detail level is set to fine on the View Control toolbar. What we're going to do is duplicate this type. Go ahead and right-click on the Railing and select Create Similar. On the Options panel, make sure the Preview button is checked on.

The next step is to offset some railings in six inches, an tie em back to these two railings. So to do that, I'm going to go to the Draw panel, an we're going to click the Pick Lines button. In the Offset dialog, on the Options toolbar, type in six inches. Once you see that horizontal reference plane show up go ahead and pick it, pick it, pick it. Notice Revit cleans up the corners just nicely. I'm going to zoom in on this railing and I'm going to draw a line straight up from the midpoint of here. Into this.

To do that, we're just going to click on the Line button on the Draw panel. Find the midpoint, draw it perpendicular. Because Revit's not showing a preview anymore, if we were to click Finish Edit mode, Revit would give us an error. What we want to do to clean this up is just click the Trim button on the Modify tab. Now we have (INAUDIBLE) that, it's a good way to tell if you'll be able to finish your edit mode as if you can see your preview. Let's hit Escape a couple of times, let's pane down to this railing and do the same thing.

On the Draw panel, click your Line button, scroll into this railing, find the mid point and come up perpendicular. Hit Escape a couple times. Click the Trim button on your Modify panel, and trim that out. Awesome. Now, let's put those little radial edges on here I was talking about. On the Draw panel, click the button that says Fill It Arc. Let's specify a radius by turning this on, and by typing three inches. What we're going to do is just kick this line and this line, it adds a nice radius.

Pick this line, this line, it adds a nice radius. Let's repeat the procedure down here (audio playing) It's a lot easier to do than it is to build. I'm going to zoom out, hit Escape a couple of times. And I think we're good. Let's click Finish Edit mode. Let's go to a 3D view. If Rivet wants you to save the project, go ahead and click Save the Project. And let's take a look.

Not too bad. The railings are tight and pretty nice. Let's go back down to Level Two Floor plan. Okay, we're going to cheat a little bit. Go ahead and select this front railing. On the Modified panel, click the Mirror Draw Axis button. Let's go to the midpoint of our landing and pick a point. Come straight down and pick a point right here. Hit Escape a couple times. Select this railing, click Edit Path.

Pick a window around these items down here and delete them. Select this line and delete it, that's fine. Just delete elements. Zoom in here, select this line, go ahead and delete it. The next step is to offset a line six inches back from the face of this ledge. So on the Draw panel, click your Pick Lines button. For the offset, type in six inches. Offset this line, hit Escape again. This time, just click the Fill It arc button on the Draw panel. Give it a radius of three inches, pick this line and pick that line, and it automatically adds it.

Click the Finish Edit mode button, and you have it. Let's cheat one more time. Select the Railing, click Mirror, Draw Axis. This time pick this face of the ledge. Move your cross-hairs horizontal, make sure you're not angled. Horizontal. Pick the second point. I'm just going to mirror that railing. On the Quick Access toolbar, click the default 3D view button.

Now you can check out your handywork. It looks pretty good, I think. For ladder railing we did a lot of work with just a few clicks. It's really amazing what you can do with this tool. It's getting too easy. All we had to do was start the Railing command by selecting an existing railing and creating similar. The offset of the railing end from the front of the floor edge by six inches. We also added some fancy radial edges to give the railings that special shine.

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