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Premiere Pro Guru: Video Finishing Techniques

with Robbie Carman

Video: Welcome

Learn video finishing techniques in Premiere Pro CC, including checking for mistakes, correcting color, legalizing footage for broadcast, and creating a digital master.
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  1. 9m 17s
    1. Welcome
      2m 8s
    2. What you should know before taking the course
      1m 52s
    3. Using the exercise files
      5m 17s
  2. 44m 24s
    1. Checking for gaps and flash frames
      6m 55s
    2. Using dupe detection
      3m 29s
    3. Replacing temp or stock shots
      5m 56s
    4. Checking for blanking and correct aspect ratios
      6m 31s
    5. Smoothing speed changes
      7m 17s
    6. Checking transitions
      4m 17s
    7. Lens correction
      3m 57s
    8. Stabilization
      6m 2s
  3. 1h 52m
    1. Improving render quality with sequence settings
      4m 54s
    2. Using video scopes to analyze brightness and contrast
      9m 38s
    3. Using video scopes to analyze color
      8m 35s
    4. Additional scope options with ScopeBox
      9m 28s
    5. Fixing common contrast problems
      8m 49s
    6. Fixing common color problems
      11m 6s
    7. Raw and log formats
      8m 18s
    8. Adjustment layers for color correction
      5m 10s
    9. Tracking color corrections
      5m 54s
    10. Using Lumetri effect presets
      4m 41s
    11. The Direct Link workflow with SpeedGrade
      9m 47s
    12. Developing a look in SpeedGrade to use in Premiere Pro
      8m 50s
    13. Noise reduction with SpeedGrade and After Effects
      9m 11s
    14. Noise reduction with Neat Video
      7m 43s
  4. 28m 38s
    1. What does "broadcast legal" mean?
      8m 59s
    2. Legalization with the Video Limiter effect
      11m 14s
    3. Adjustment layers for legalization
      2m 46s
    4. Legalizing in SpeedGrade
      5m 39s
  5. 24m 34s
    1. Keeping photos "raw" for color correction
      7m 36s
    2. Updating layered Photoshop files
      3m 45s
    3. Interpreting alpha channels
      8m 15s
    4. Avoiding network bug and title violations
      4m 58s
  6. 25m 4s
    1. The advantage of working with specialists
      1m 21s
    2. Consolidating a timeline
      6m 14s
    3. Creating a reference movie with the timecode burned in
      5m 34s
    4. Exporting interchange files (XML, AAF, EDL)
      4m 56s
    5. Using the Project Manager to gather assets
      6m 59s
  7. 17m 10s
    1. Four steps to assembling a project
      2m 44s
    2. Importing XML files
      9m 1s
    3. Importing finished assets
      5m 25s
  8. 24m 1s
    1. Checking the clock and building a countdown slate
      9m 27s
    2. Checking sequence settings before export
      4m 37s
    3. Exporting a master file and other deliverables
      9m 57s
  9. 1m 28s
    1. Additional resources
    2. Goodbye

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Premiere Pro Guru: Video Finishing Techniques
Video Duration: 0s 4h 46m Intermediate


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Finishing is the last step before a video project can be considered complete. It includes tasks like checking for gaps, bad transitions, and other visual errors, and may require color correction, broadcast legalization, or finessing of graphics. In this installment of Premiere Pro Guru, colorist and author Robbie Carman guides you through finishing a video with Premiere Pro CC and other Creative Cloud applications. He'll walk you through each step in a typical finishing workflow, from improving a render to developing your final look. So dive in and learn how to take your projects from good to great.

Topics include:
  • Checking for gaps and flash frames
  • Replacing temp or stock images
  • Checking transitions
  • Improving render quality with sequence settings
  • Fixing common color and contrast problems
  • Developing a look with SpeedGrade
  • Reducing noise with SpeedGrade and After Effects
  • Legalizing footage
  • Interpreting alpha channels
  • Handing off and receiving files
  • Creating a digital master
Premiere Pro


Hi there. I'm Robbie Carman. Welcome to Premier Pro Guru Visual Finishing Techniques. As a professional colorist, finishing is something that at its core I do everyday. Now what do I mean by finishing? Well, finishing is the last steps in completing a project. Both on the visual side, as well as with audio. And it's these steps that can be the difference between a good project and a great project. In this title, we're going to look at some practical techniques to help you finish your project in Premiere Pro, and a couple other Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

We'll first jump into exploring how to minimize mistakes. Things like checking for gaps and duplicate frames. Smoothing speed changes, as well as how to quickly swap out stock or temporary shots. After that, we'll move into taking a look at color correction and video legalization. Not only in Premiere Pro, but in Adobe SpeedGrade. And don't worry if you don't know SpeedGrade. I'll walk you through step by step on how to use some core aspects of Adobe's dedicated color grading application. Almost every project has graphics of some sort.

Including titles and possibly photos. And we'll take a look at working with these elements and talk about how to do things like keeping photos raw throughout the entire editing and finishing process, as well as how to avoid network bug and ID violations. Now chances are, you don't work all by yourself, so we'll also take a look at this title at handing off files for other artists and people in your post-production pipeline. And we'll take a look at how to get these items back from those folks, and integrate them into your own project. Finally we'll wrap up by taking a look at creating a final output.

Including building the slate and countdown, and exporting a high quality master file. Premier Pro and other creative cloud applications are quickly becoming the finishing tools of choice by people all around the world. And in this course, I'll provide you some core techniques to integrate into your own workflows. And ones that you can adopt and expand for your own projects. So thanks again for joining me for Premier Pro Guru Visual Finishing Techniques. I'm Robbie Carman.

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