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Premiere Pro: Creative Cloud Updates

with Richard Harrington

Video: Welcome to Premiere Pro 8.2 updates January 2015

Stay on top of the newest features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
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  1. 30m 49s
    1. Welcome to Premiere Pro 8.2 updates January 2015
      2m 24s
    2. Improved performance when scrubbing long-GOP (group of pictures) footage
      2m 10s
    3. New support for QuickTime and CineForm codecs for previews on Windows
      5m 35s
    4. Improved CineForm export
      5m 30s
    5. Improved duration control for transitions
      4m 23s
    6. Removal of speech analysis and how to access the speech-analysis tool
      8m 19s
    7. Support for ARRI Open Gate media
      2m 28s
  2. 3m 3s
    1. Welcome
    2. What's the update called?
      2m 21s
  3. 12m 52s
    1. A new UI
      4m 6s
    2. HiDPI support
    3. Adjusting font size
      1m 59s
    4. CinemaDNG updates
      3m 37s
    5. Improved debayering
      1m 8s
    6. Timeline in and out improvements
      1m 9s
  4. 31m 17s
    1. Consolidate and transcode with Project Manager
      5m 16s
    2. Project Manager options
      3m 26s
    3. An updated project file format
      1m 19s
    4. Render and replace After Effects compositions
      6m 46s
    5. Using the Video Codec and Field Order columns
      2m 28s
    6. Improvements to editing in Audition
      2m 54s
    7. Ripple labels and colors
      2m 47s
    8. Export frame improvements
      2m 5s
    9. Interpret Footage: Alpha premultiplication
      4m 16s
  5. 17m 53s
    1. Join all through edits
      1m 50s
    2. Copy to clipboard for keyboard shortcuts
      1m 21s
    3. Timeline clip badges
      2m 45s
    4. Searching in a Timeline
      1m 38s
    5. Using search bins (smart bins)
      3m 30s
    6. Using a Timeline as a source
      2m 47s
    7. The End of Sequence Indicator
      1m 37s
    8. Improved markers
      2m 25s
  6. 14m 28s
    1. Adding Bezier masks
      3m 8s
    2. Feathering masks
      1m 38s
    3. Additional scaling controls
      2m 35s
    4. The Clip Name effect
      2m 52s
    5. The Timecode effect
      2m 24s
    6. The GPU whitelist
      1m 51s
  7. 2m 15s
    1. Welcome (April 2014 Update)
      1m 15s
    2. What's the update called? (April 2014 Update)
      1m 0s
  8. 15m 45s
    1. Maintaining audio pitch during scrubbing
      2m 12s
    2. Improvements to markers and the Marker panel
      3m 23s
    3. The Track Select Backward tool
      1m 29s
    4. Locking all audio and video tracks
      1m 26s
    5. Shortcut changes for stepping forward and backward through frames
      1m 43s
    6. Improved voice-over recording
      4m 7s
    7. Nudging audio
      1m 25s
  9. 9m 40s
    1. The Sync Settings upgrade
      2m 8s
    2. Improved shortcut keys
      2m 48s
    3. Typekit access
      4m 44s
  10. 29m 3s
    1. Masking and tracking
      4m 15s
    2. The FX badge
      2m 54s
    3. The Set to Frame Size command
      2m 46s
    4. Cleaning up effects and transitions for Mac-Windows parity
      2m 20s
    5. Preserving intrinsics and effects when flattening a multicam sequence
      2m 28s
    6. Using the checkerboard for transparency
      1m 52s
    7. Removing GoPro lens distortion in Premiere Pro
      3m 52s
    8. Master clip effects
      4m 24s
    9. After Effects text templates
      4m 12s
  11. 24m 54s
    1. Preserving bin structure on folder import
      1m 18s
    2. Improved import of Premiere project files
      2m 20s
    3. Manual sync offsets
      1m 47s
    4. Setting Media Browser favorites
      1m 21s
    5. Accessing the most recently used media paths
      1m 15s
    6. Autosave to Creative Cloud
      2m 37s
    7. Blackmagic CinemaDNG support and source settings
      4m 39s
    8. Improved search speed
    9. The Reverse Match Frame command
      2m 26s
    10. Improvements to scratch disk workflows
      1m 45s
    11. RED GPU debayering
      1m 32s
    12. Export format changes
      2m 55s
  12. 9m 58s
    1. Voiceover recording
      2m 51s
    2. Ripple Delete
    3. Marker enhancements
      2m 26s
    4. Project management
      1m 6s
    5. Timeline operations
    6. Media and formats
      1m 48s
  13. 21m 43s
    1. High-resolution viewing with a HiDPI user interface
      1m 3s
    2. Improved action-safe/title-safe guides
      1m 41s
    3. Switching between audio waveforms and video
      1m 11s
    4. Controlling the work area bar display setting
      2m 9s
    5. Creating a new sequence
      2m 13s
    6. Controlling tooltips
      1m 23s
    7. Toggle focus between the Source and Program Monitors
    8. The Media Browser's new back button
      1m 1s
    9. Sequences displayed as thumbnails
      1m 25s
    10. Clear in and out points in the Project panel
      1m 42s
    11. Navigate edit points in the Source Monitor
      1m 26s
    12. Indicators for the end of a clip or sequence
      1m 19s
    13. Monitor overlays
      4m 16s
  14. 9m 10s
    1. Finding new technology with the Adobe Exchange panel
      2m 34s
    2. Script integration with the Adobe Story panel
      2m 0s
    3. Direct Link to Adobe SpeedGrade
      4m 36s
  15. 14m 30s
    1. What is Creative Cloud
      4m 45s
    2. Activating Creative Cloud
      1m 53s
    3. Roaming Sync Settings
      3m 21s
    4. Checking for Software Updates
      3m 16s
    5. Deactivating with Creative Cloud
      1m 15s
  16. 17m 6s
    1. The Composite in Linear Color setting
      1m 27s
    2. Expanded Adobe Mercury Playback Engine support
      2m 20s
    3. Merging and syncing clips with audio sync
      2m 22s
    4. Expanded format support
      4m 9s
    5. New (and improved) camera format support with 7.1
      1m 52s
    6. Improved time-lapse support when adding clips to a sequence
      2m 18s
    7. SWF format support removed
      2m 38s
  17. 41m 32s
    1. Track targeting and source track indicator states
      2m 53s
    2. Working with scrollable track heights and creating track height presets
      2m 19s
    3. Customizable track headers
      2m 40s
    4. Source patching presets
      2m 21s
    5. Improved snapping behaviors
      1m 2s
    6. Selecting and nudging clips
      1m 44s
    7. Dupe-detection markers
      1m 0s
    8. Through-edit indicators
    9. Start and end media labels
    10. Out-of-sync indicators
      1m 50s
    11. Copying and pasting ranges
      1m 37s
    12. Trimming to a zero duration
      1m 22s
    13. Nested sequences
    14. Frame-hold options
      2m 34s
    15. Change the trim type of a selected edit point
      1m 10s
    16. JKL playback speeds
      1m 0s
    17. Changes to markers
      6m 25s
    18. Improvements to the Add Edit command
      1m 10s
    19. Turn off automatic restarting of playback
    20. Set focus to the Timeline after inserting or overwriting edits
      1m 0s
    21. Enhancements to the Lift or Extract feature
      1m 18s
    22. Copy, Cut, and Clear work on in and out points
    23. Toggle clip enable
      1m 5s
    24. The Linked Selection toggle button
      1m 20s
    25. Selecting a default start-timecode preference
      1m 16s
  18. 24m 49s
    1. Displaying the project bin structure in the Media Browser
      1m 36s
    2. Using the Link and Locate dialogs
      2m 33s
    3. Editing an offline file
      1m 8s
    4. Linking to and from image sequences
      2m 47s
    5. Auto-Save controls
      2m 2s
    6. Selective XML and AAF export
      1m 42s
    7. Editable sequence settings
      1m 37s
    8. Relinking offline sequences
      1m 24s
    9. The enhanced EDL Export Settings dialog
      1m 10s
    10. Better revealing of media
    11. Drag and preview files in the Source Monitor
      1m 15s
    12. Easily identify offline clips from the Timeline
    13. The new Tone Settings dialog
    14. The Source Settings dialog
      1m 18s
    15. Matching frames using clip selection
      1m 7s
    16. Auto-Save improvements
      1m 16s
    17. Create a unique title
      1m 32s
  19. 19m 2s
    1. The Paste Attributes option dialog
      2m 53s
    2. The new GPU-accelerated Blur effect
      2m 43s
    3. Creative color grading with the Lumetri Color Engine
      3m 59s
    4. Creating review copies with the Clip Name and Timecode effects
      2m 50s
    5. Multiple GPU support for rendering and export
      1m 48s
    6. Render all sequences
      1m 0s
    7. Reset individual properties
      1m 6s
    8. Copying and pasting transitions to multiple edit points
    9. Reversing clips
      1m 45s
  20. 10m 42s
    1. Support for third-party effects
      1m 34s
    2. The Audio Effects plugin window
      1m 49s
    3. Control surface support
      3m 0s
    4. Adjusting clip volume
      2m 57s
    5. Seeing effect interfaces in the Audio Track Mixer
      1m 22s
  21. 16m 9s
    1. The Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence option
      1m 14s
    2. Automatic syncing with audio waveforms
      2m 55s
    3. Changes to multicamera monitoring
      1m 59s
    4. Customizing multicamera keyboard shortcuts
    5. Recording multicamera edits
      3m 6s
    6. Rearranging multicamera angles
      2m 36s
    7. Multicamera Match Frame
      1m 12s
    8. Multicamera effects
    9. Flattening multicamera sequences
      1m 14s
  22. 7m 59s
    1. Importing a caption file
      1m 27s
    2. The Captions panel
      3m 6s
    3. Adjusting the caption display
      2m 5s
    4. Exporting with captions
      1m 21s
  23. 18m 24s
    1. 32-channel audio sequences
      2m 28s
    2. 16-channel QuickTime export
      1m 28s
    3. Export Frame improvements
      1m 35s
    4. Streamlining H.264 and MPEG2 encoding with matched encoding settings
      1m 9s
    5. New device presets
    6. Track layout for QuickTime export
      1m 34s
    7. 64-bit QuickTime writing
      1m 0s
    8. Export multiple clips or sequences
      1m 53s
    9. Export with a LUT
      1m 27s
    10. Export with a timecode overlay
      1m 42s
    11. Export with clip names
    12. Export with a watermark
      2m 25s
  24. 57s
    1. Conclusion (October 2014.1 Update)

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Premiere Pro: Creative Cloud Updates
Video Duration: 0s 6h 44m Appropriate for all Updated Jan 26, 2015


View Course Description

Stay on top of the newest features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. This course is dedicated to the video producers and editors who need to leverage the latest Premiere Pro tools and techniques fast. Author Rich Harrington covers the ever-changing and customizable user interface, quality and format improvements like the enhanced Mercury Playback Engine, timeline tricks, and media management techniques, and the best audio, multicamera, and closed captioning workflows.

This course was created and produced by Rich Harrington. Bookmark this course and check back for updates as Premiere Pro CC evolves.

Topics include:
  • Switching between audio waveforms and video
  • Creating a new sequence
  • Integrating scripting with the Story panel
  • Working with different camera formats
  • Selecting and nudging clips
  • Using dupe-detection markers
  • Copying and pasting ranges
  • Nesting sequences
  • Relinking offline sequences
  • Color grading with the Lumetri Deep Color Engine
  • Adjusting clip volume
  • Automatic syncing with audio waveforms
  • Recording multicamera edits
  • Adjusting timing and display of captions
  • Exporting multiple clips/sequences
Premiere Pro

Welcome to Premiere Pro 8.2 updates January 2015

- Hi, my name's Rich Harrington, and today, we're gonna be taking a look at the updates that were shipped with Premiere Pro 2014.2. Now this was an update that dropped in the middle of December 2014, and it also goes by the name of Premiere Pro 8.2. Essentially this was a bug fix, or maintenance release. But there are a few features that were added that are worth talking about. Remember, you can add the support for the new version of Premiere Pro by launching your Creative Cloud Application Manager.

You'll see there is a new version available. All I did was brought up the Creative Cloud Application Manager. You can also find that under the Help menu, you can check for Updates, and this will bring that up. This will launch the older, Adobe Application Manager. Which is fine, it will check for updates. Or, I prefer to use the more robust Adobe Creative Cloud app which will show you if there are updates available. You see, both of these worked fine.

Now, let's just close this one. And for right now, I'll update Premiere Pro, but later on, I need to bring the rest of this machine up to date, and install the other apps too. Give it permission, and it begins to install. And because it works closely hand in hand, let's pull in the Adobe Media Encoder app. Remember, these updates are free, but I would encourage you to make sure that you finish out any current projects if possible. I haven't found any major issues with compatibility in moving between the two versions, but you might recall that there was a substantial change in project file format with the 2014.1 update compared to the initial 2014 release.

In this case, the projects were not backwards compatible. Now, I haven't run into that issue with 2014, but if you work in a multi-user facility, consider the upgrade all at once or as a synchronized effort between all of the editors. It's a good idea to try to keep your facility on the same version so you have standardization across your rooms. Remember, with Creative Cloud, you get all of those updates included, and as we discuss later on today, you may want to still keep an older version around for some features, such as speech analysis.

Alright, let's start to take a look at some of the new features that have been added.

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Q: This course was updated on 11/21/2013. What changed?
A: We updated or added 59 videos in the course, covering interface and workflow changes, as well as new tools added to the Creative Cloud version of Premiere Pro since this course was originally published. If you have already watched this course, we recommend reviewing the movies marked "new."
Q: This course was updated on 11/05/2014. What changed?
A: We added five new chapters: "October 2014.1 Update," "New Look and Formats," "Project Management," "Editing Improvements," and "Improved Effects." The movies in these chapters describe new and enhanced features in the 2014.1 version of Premiere Pro CC. For an overview of the changes, watch the new "Welcome" movie in the "October 2014.1 Update" chapter.
Q: This course was updated on 01/26/2015. What changed?
A: We added seven new movies addressing changes in the latest release of Premiere Pro CC (8.2). Watch "Welcome to Premiere Pro 8.2 Updates January 2015" for an overview of the changes.
Q: This courses was updated on 1/26/2015. What changed?
A: We added seven new movies addressing changes in the latest release of Premiere Pro CC (8.2). Watch "Welcome to Premiere Pro 8.2 Updates January 2015" for an overview of the changes.





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