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Premiere Pro CC Essential Training (2014)

with Ashley Kennedy

Video: Welcome

Learn how to professionally edit video in Premiere Pro with techniques the experts use.
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  1. 35m 29s
    1. Welcome
      1m 26s
    2. Using the exercise files
      6m 32s
    3. Relinking media
      3m 44s
    4. What is the Creative Cloud?
      4m 32s
    5. Which version of Premiere Pro CC does this course cover?
      2m 32s
    6. What's new in Premiere Pro CC 2014.1: Interface, organization, and structure changes
      7m 32s
    7. What's new in Premiere Pro CC 2014.1: Effects changes
      9m 11s
  2. 21m 7s
    1. Launching Premiere Pro and starting a project
      6m 9s
    2. Taking a tour of the Premiere Pro interface
      8m 47s
    3. Going a bit deeper into the editing tools and layouts
      6m 11s
  3. 52m 7s
    1. How to use this fast-track chapter
      2m 47s
    2. Importing and organizing media
      1m 53s
    3. Selecting shots
      8m 7s
    4. Basic editing
      6m 27s
    5. Adding B-roll to supplement your interviews
      7m 38s
    6. Refining the edit
      6m 20s
    7. Performing basic audio adjustments
      7m 38s
    8. Adding titles
      6m 13s
    9. Outputting the project
      5m 4s
  4. 26m 51s
    1. Starting from scratch: Setting up your project
      5m 23s
    2. Importing card-based media
      4m 18s
    3. Importing media from existing Premiere Pro projects
      3m 39s
    4. Identifying and organizing media in the Project pane
      6m 11s
    5. Relinking offline media
      7m 20s
  5. 48m 19s
    1. Playing and marking shots in preparation for editing
      8m 55s
    2. Subclipping shots
      4m 18s
    3. Setting up a sequence
      3m 49s
    4. Performing insert edits
      3m 51s
    5. Moving clips and swapping shots
      5m 21s
    6. Performing overwrite edits and understanding three-point editing
      6m 53s
    7. Performing basic trims
      4m 42s
    8. Splitting clips and removing material
      6m 18s
    9. Reviewing Timeline navigation techniques
      4m 12s
  6. 21m 53s
    1. Trimming shot length using the Ripple tool
      5m 24s
    2. Creating split edits using the Roll tool
      3m 0s
    3. Changing clip content and position: Performing slip and slide edits
      4m 6s
    4. Using the Trim Monitor window
      4m 51s
    5. Trimming tips and shortcuts
      4m 32s
  7. 44m 59s
    1. Performing replace edits
      4m 24s
    2. Performing top and tail edits
      3m 36s
    3. Understanding track monitoring and locking
      3m 37s
    4. Using markers
      6m 32s
    5. Using the History panel to undo and redo actions
      3m 14s
    6. Customizing the keyboard
      4m 6s
    7. Creating buttons
      2m 56s
    8. Using the Sync Settings features in Premiere Pro
      3m 46s
    9. Performing searches and creating search bins (CC 2014.1)
      6m 24s
    10. Working in a multiproject workflow (CC 2014.1)
      6m 24s
  8. 4m 7s
    1. Taking a look at Dynamic Link and round-tripping in the Adobe Creative Suite
      4m 7s
  9. 37m 12s
    1. Making basic audio level adjustments
      10m 49s
    2. Keyframing audio
      5m 41s
    3. Basic audio mixing
      4m 43s
    4. Fixing out-of-sync audio
      3m 21s
    5. Recording voice-over in the Timeline
      3m 19s
    6. Syncing your video to high-quality audio
      2m 49s
    7. Sending your sequence to Audition for audio cleanup
      6m 30s
  10. 19m 32s
    1. Working with stills in a video environment
      9m 18s
    2. Animating stills
      5m 3s
    3. Working with layered Photoshop documents in Premiere Pro and Photoshop
      5m 11s
  11. 1h 10m
    1. Working with basic motion effects
      4m 36s
    2. Adding and modifying transition effects
      5m 27s
    3. Adding, modifying, and saving video filters
      6m 40s
    4. Adding and adjusting audio effects
      5m 20s
    5. Keyframing video and audio effects over time
      7m 21s
    6. Understanding rendering options in Premiere Pro
      5m 6s
    7. Using adjustment layers with effects
      4m 24s
    8. Adding effects to master clips
      4m 47s
    9. Adding effects to master clips (CC 2014.1)
      6m 29s
    10. Masking and tracking effects (CC 2014.1)
      6m 8s
    11. Using the Warp Stabilizer effect
      4m 21s
    12. Chroma keying with the Ultra Keyer
      4m 59s
    13. Using Dynamic Link to work with Premiere Pro clips in After Effects
      4m 35s
  12. 18m 51s
    1. Working with freeze frames
      3m 18s
    2. Using fit-to-fill editing
      3m 24s
    3. Using the Rate Stretch tool to make clips faster or slower
      2m 55s
    4. Working with the Clip Speed/Duration window to make precise speed changes
      4m 46s
    5. Making variable speed changes
      4m 28s
  13. 30m 33s
    1. Color correction: Looking with your eyes
      3m 17s
    2. Taking a brief look at the different color correction tools in Premiere Pro
      7m 46s
    3. Following a proper color correction workflow using the Three-Way Color Corrector
      9m 24s
    4. Color correcting master clips
      3m 8s
    5. Using the Lumetri color filters
      4m 17s
    6. Color correcting your sequence in SpeedGrade
      2m 41s
  14. 21m 42s
    1. Creating a basic lower-third title
      7m 37s
    2. Applying animation to titles
      4m 4s
    3. Creating rolling and crawling titles
      4m 51s
    4. Working with Photoshop titles in Premiere Pro
      5m 10s
  15. 11m 55s
    1. Syncing your multicam group clips
      4m 43s
    2. Performing a multicam edit
      3m 0s
    3. Refining the multicam edit
      4m 12s
  16. 13m 27s
    1. Exporting your project
      7m 2s
    2. Batch exporting with Media Encoder
      3m 10s
    3. Using export enhancements
      3m 15s
  17. 2m 22s
    1. Next steps
      2m 22s

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Premiere Pro CC Essential Training (2014)
Video duration: 0s 8h 0m Appropriate for all Updated Oct 10, 2014


New to Premiere Pro? Start here and learn how to professionally edit video with techniques the experts use. Ashley Kennedy introduces a fast-track approach that breaks down the entire import-to-output process into eight quick steps—ideal as an overview for new editors, and a good crash course in Premiere Pro for editors migrating from other platforms. Then she transitions to an expanded workflow, showing how to import media, create a basic rough edit, and refine the cut with music, sound effects, transitions, visual effects, and titles. Along the way, she demonstrates how Premiere Pro integrates with other CC applications, and offers keyboard shortcuts and other workflow-enhancing tricks to help you become more efficient in Premiere Pro. The course wraps up with tutorials on color correction, multicam editing, and the export process.

Topics include:
  • Editing in Premiere Pro in eight steps
  • Setting up a project and a sequence
  • Importing and organizing media
  • Marking and selecting the best takes from clips
  • Performing insert, overwrite, and replace edits
  • Trimming, splitting, moving, and deleting clips
  • Performing intermediate editing and trimming techniques
  • Customizing your workspace and using creative tools
  • A brief look at Creative Suite integration
  • Making audio level adjustments and mixing audio
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Applying transitions, effects, and filters
  • Changing clip speed
  • Color correction techniques
  • Creating titles, credit rolls, and lower thirds
  • Multicam editing techniques
  • Exporting your final project
Premiere Pro


Hi, I'm Ashley Kennedy. Welcome to the Adobe Premiere Pro, Creative Cloud Essential Training. Premiere Pro is just one of the very powerful and versatile applications within the Adobe Creative Suite. And now, with the Creative Cloud model, you can look forward to an even more integrative and intuitive experience as you work between Premiere Pro and its sister programs. This course starts with a get up and running chapter which takes you through a quick start to finish work flow to finish a short piece.

Then we spend the rest of the course diving deeply into each technique. I'll show you how to import and organize your media. I'll show you many basic and intermediate editing techniques as we construct a documentary style promo piece from start to finish. We'll take a look at Premiere Pro's integrated audio editing tools as we focus on our project's soundtrack. We'll explore how to integrate all types of effects to fix, enhance, stylize, and retime your footage.

We'll look at how to color correct your sequence clips and your master clips. You'll learn how multicam editing can be a tremendous time saver. And I'll show you how to export your project in various formats so you can share your work with the world. So, let's have fun as we begin to take a look at the many exciting possibilities inside Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Premiere Pro CC Essential Training (2014) .

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Q: This course was updated on 10/10/2014. What changed?
A: We added tutorials to cover the most recent changes to Premiere Pro CC. The "What's new" movies provide an overview of the UI and effects changes, and the four movies indicated by the "(CC 2014.1)" tag give you a deeper dive into these features.  Additionally, the "Using the Exercise Files" and "What version of Premiere Pro CC does this course cover?" movies will help you become fully acquainted with how this course is structured.
Q: How do I open the exercise files in Premiere Pro? I can't open any of the files in the Hot Glass or Creative Letterpress folders.
A: You have to open the project file (the .prproj). You will see the rest of the exercise file structure when you open the project in Premiere Pro. (The only folders you see at the operating system level—through the Finder or Windows Explorer—are the media folders, which the project file links to.)
You can double-click on the Hot Glass project file to load the project in Premiere Pro. Once that project opens, you will find the rest of the exercise files.
Exercise file directory for Premiere Pro CC Essential Training
Double-click on the Creative Letterpress project file to load the second project.
Exercise file directory 2 for Premiere Pro CC Essential Training
If you need further assistance, please watch the "Using the Exercise Files" movie.
Q: After loading a project from the exercise files for this course, the media appears "offline" and cannot be used. How do I fix this?
A: This issue occurs because the project was not created in your copy of Premiere Pro, so your copy does not know where to look for the asset files. To fix this, please see the video "Relinking offline media."
Q: Premiere Pro keeps saying, "Project contains a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset or codec could be associated with this sequence type." What do I do?
A:  Please read this post, which addresses this issue, and then try the suggestion in the order provided:





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