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Premiere Pro 2 New Features

with Jeff Schell

Video: Welcome

Explore Premiere Pro's improved DVD publishing and new audio handling features, as well as its color correction and special effects options.
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  1. 36s
    1. Welcome
  2. 18m 16s
    1. New panel management and user interface color
      5m 18s
    2. Choosing a task-based workspace
      2m 49s
    3. Saving custom workspaces
      2m 11s
    4. Default display of opacity and volume level graphs
      1m 49s
    5. New keyboard shortcuts
      6m 9s
  3. 7m 49s
    1. Changing to drag and drop behavior in the project panel
    2. Removing unused media from a project
      1m 14s
    3. Saved titles within project files
      5m 41s
  4. 3m 43s
    1. Viewing and managing files and folders
      3m 43s
  5. 12m 43s
    1. Displaying clip timecode in the project's timebase
      1m 6s
    2. Muting input during timeline recording
      1m 37s
    3. Scrolling the timeline during preview
      2m 25s
    4. Minimum time interval thinning
      3m 24s
    5. Scaling clips to the project frame size
      4m 11s
  6. 6m 23s
    1. The timeline and keyframes
      2m 32s
    2. Specifying frames by entering timecode delimiters
      2m 36s
    3. Transition names displayed in the timeline
      1m 15s
  7. 7m 49s
    1. Preview and review
      5m 55s
    2. Pixel aspect ratio conversion on an external monitor
      1m 54s
  8. 14m 37s
    1. Multi-camera editing and synchronizing clips
      8m 15s
    2. Improvements to subclips
      2m 30s
    3. Frame blending enabled by default
      2m 55s
    4. Timecode displayed in monitor during edits
  9. 13m 32s
    1. Fast Color Corrector and the Color Correction Wheel
      8m 4s
    2. The Three-Way Color Corrector
      5m 28s
  10. 15m 33s
    1. Effects
      3m 2s
    2. Lighting effects
      4m 11s
    3. The timecode effect and transparent video clip
      3m 30s
    4. GPU accelerated transitions and effects
      2m 47s
    5. Track matte workflow improvements
      2m 3s
  11. 10m 38s
    1. Source channel mapping and preview
      2m 12s
    2. Less audio conforming
      1m 2s
    3. Extracting audio from a clip
      1m 48s
    4. Linking multiple audio clips
      1m 26s
    5. Filling left, filling right and swapping channel effects in the audio mixer
      1m 5s
    6. Scrubbable hot text in audio filters
      1m 29s
    7. New audio master meters panel
      1m 36s
  12. 19m 0s
    1. HDV support, MPEG import and 24p video options
      5m 20s
    2. Capture handles, device control and auto-detect
      3m 51s
    3. Improvements to AAF importing and exporting
      3m 45s
    4. New UI for the Adobe Media Encoder
      3m 39s
    5. Capturing footage for use in After Effects
      2m 25s
  13. 5m 21s
    1. Creating DVDs directly from Premiere Pro 2
      3m 33s
    2. Exporting to a DVD folder or DVD image
      1m 48s
  14. 4m 49s
    1. Integration with Photoshop and Audition
      2m 14s
    2. Integration with Adobe After Effects
      2m 35s
  15. 27s
    1. Goodbye

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Premiere Pro 2 New Features
Video duration: 0s 2h 21m Intermediate


Are you using an earlier version of Adobe's acclaimed video-editing software, and want to see why you should upgrade to Premiere Pro 2? Or did you already buy the upgrade and want to get up to speed on what's different about it? In this video-based tutorial, Jeff Schell demonstrates each of Premiere Pro's new features, including its new Preference settings, new keyboard shortcuts, advanced editing, synchronizing, and file management capabilities, and much more. You'll explore the program's improved DVD publishing features and new audio handling features, as well as its color correction and special effects options. Jeff also teaches you how to integrate Premiere Pro with After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition.

Special thanks to Digital Juice for providing the stock video footage used in the exercise files.

Topics include:
  • Exploring interface and Preference changes Improvements to project management features Managing files with Adobe Bridge Working with Timelines and keyframes Added editing features New special effects Importing, capturing, and exporting media Improved DVD creation Integrating Premiere Pro 2 with other applications
Premiere Pro


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