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New presentation themes


PowerPoint 2010 New Features

with David Diskin

Video: New presentation themes

New presentation themes provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by David Diskin as part of the PowerPoint 2010 New Features
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Video Duration: 2m 15s1h 7m Appropriate for all May 20, 2010

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In PowerPoint 2010 New Features, David Diskin explores the latest version of Microsoft's presentation software. This course covers themes and transitions, the ability to add equations and over forty new SmartArt diagrams to presentations, new photo retouching and video editing features, and new ways to collaborate and share presentations across the Internet. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the Ribbon interface
  • Using the new Backstage View
  • Saving time with the Animation Painter
  • Styling a presentation with themes and transitions
  • Introducing new ways to work with video
  • Using the enhanced photo editing features such as cropping, removing backgrounds, and artistic effects
  • Broadcasting a presentation on the Web
  • Merging, comparing, and collaborating on presentations
David Diskin

New presentation themes

With each new release of PowerPoint, I always look forward to exploring the new presentation designs Microsoft has included. PowerPoint 2010 includes all of the 2007 design themes, plus about two dozen more. And that doesn't include all the others available from Office Online. Here we have a presentation that despite having some graphics, some SmartArt, and a few other illustrations, is pretty boring. There is no background, the font is the standard default font, and there is absolutely no color. If were to show this to the audience, they'd be asleep pretty quickly, unless I was a very dynamic speaker.

We're going to go ahead and use some the new themes available in PowerPoint 2010 to make this presentation a little bit more exciting. On the Ribbon, from the Design Tab, you'll see that we have an entire gallery of themes available to us. As I hover over any of these, you'll see that the background, bullets, fonts, and colors change on the slide behind me. If I want to apply it, I simply give it a click. As you can see on the left, on the thumbnails, every single slide is now changed. Let's go ahead and try a few more, just to see what they look like.

We'll go ahead and run this one fullscreen. Obviously, a few things may be moving around. And there is our new presentation. Now if we are not satisfied with the colors, don't forget that we could also pull down the Colors Gallery, and as we hover over, we'll see the colors change. Notice that it affects the SmartArt as well as the font and the background and apply new color. Likewise, we can change the Fonts used. And if we're using SmartArt, we can even change the effects.

If you happen to be using sections, don't forget that applying a theme to a section is just easy as clicking on the section header and then choosing a new theme just like that. As I advanced down through, you'll see that only that one section was affected. Now that I've shown you some of the brand- new themes available in Office 2010, I encourage you to go and fire up some of your old PowerPoint presentations and give them a new spark of life by applying some new themes. Try out some new colors and see what you can do to impress your audience.

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