Audio Plug-Ins

Learn about audio plugins like Ultrabeat, virtual instruments, such as vocoders and drum synthesizers, and pitch correction programs like Melodyne and Auto-Tune.

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  • view course page for EDM Production Techniques: Drums

    EDM Production Techniques: Drums with J. Scott Giaquinta

    Learn how to create super-pro drum sounds for electronic dance music (EDM) productions.

    1h 47m

  • view course page for Remixing Techniques: Arranging and Song Form

    Arrange songs for radio play and club remixes using four different digital audio workstations: Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic, and Reason.

    2h 44m

  • view course page for Up and Running with Reason 6.5

    Get a jumpstart on Reason, the virtual music studio used by some of the world's most popular musicians and DJs.

    2h 46m

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