Audio Plug-Ins

Learn about audio plugins like Ultrabeat, virtual instruments, such as vocoders and drum synthesizers, and pitch correction programs like Melodyne and Auto-Tune.

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  • view course page for Music Production Secrets

    A weekly series with Tape Op magazine founder and Jackpot! Recording Studio owner Larry Crane. Every Friday, get a new technique for tailoring effects, gaining sonic control, and opening new creative doors in your recordings.

    24m 52s
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Advanced EDM Mixing Principles

    Learn advanced mixing techniques specifically suited to the EDM environment, to make your tracks sound fat, wide, and full.

    1h 50m

  • view course page for Foundations of Audio: Reverb

    Explains one of the most essential ingredients in audio mixing, reverb—the time it takes for sound to bounce, echo, and decay during a live performance or recording.

    3h 5m
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Audio Mastering Techniques

    Audio Mastering Techniques with Bobby Owsinski

    Explore essential mastering concepts and techniques used by experienced audio engineers to create a cohesive album from a set of mixed tracks.

    2h 0m
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Mixing a Hip-Hop and R&B Song in Pro Tools

    Take a peek over Brian Lee White's shoulder as he sequentially moves through the mixing process for a hip-hop track, from layering the drums to processing the vocals.

    4h 9m

  • view course page for Mastering for iTunes

    Mastering for iTunes with Bobby Owsinski

    Author and recording engineer Bobby Owsinski demonstrates best practices for mastering music and audio destined for sale on Apple iTunes with their new Mastered for iTunes high-resolution audio program.

    18m 4s
    Appropriate for all

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