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Exploring the interface

Exploring the interface provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Dane Howard as… Show More

Picasa 3 Essential Training

with Dane Howard

Video: Exploring the interface

Exploring the interface provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Dane Howard as part of the Picasa 3 Essential Training
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  1. 2m 9s
    1. Welcome
      1m 14s
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 6m 40s
    1. What's new in Picasa 3
      3m 2s
    2. Downloading and installing Picasa on the PC
      2m 18s
    3. Downloading and installing Picasa on the Mac
      1m 20s
  3. 34m 6s
    1. Organizational paradigms
      5m 37s
    2. Exploring the interface
      3m 28s
    3. Using the Task tray
      2m 28s
    4. Adding a custom button to the Task tray
      1m 48s
    5. Exploring the Help and Tools pulldown menus
      2m 58s
    6. Importing photos and movies from a camera or card reader
      3m 53s
    7. Searching and archiving your growing library
      5m 25s
    8. Remembering your memories
      6m 17s
    9. Using the new Desktop Photo Viewer
      2m 12s
  4. 29m 23s
    1. Using folders and albums
      4m 0s
    2. Tagging and rating your photos
      6m 58s
    3. Using filters effectively
      2m 51s
    4. Searching for photos
      4m 30s
    5. Deleting, hiding, and removing photos
      2m 46s
    6. Creating and editing a new online album
      5m 37s
    7. Screen captures made easy
      2m 41s
  5. 32m 21s
    1. Using the Basic Fixes palette
      4m 45s
    2. Using the Tuning palette
      1m 59s
    3. Using the Effects palette
      4m 32s
    4. Using the Retouch tool
      1m 32s
    5. Applying red-eye repair
      1m 10s
    6. Flirting with black & white, sepia, and tinting
      2m 55s
    7. Effective cropping and straightening
      6m 32s
    8. Adding captions, text, and watermarks
      3m 8s
    9. Using effects effectively
      3m 39s
    10. Batch-editing for speed
      2m 9s
  6. 1h 15m
    1. Creating and playing a slideshow
      2m 36s
    2. Creating gift CDs
      3m 53s
    3. Uploading photos
      6m 23s
    4. Emailing photos
      4m 50s
    5. Using the Share button to upload and email photos at the same time
      1m 18s
    6. Setting printing controls for local printing
      6m 10s
    7. Exporting photos
      4m 9s
    8. Advanced exporting to HTML galleries and Flash
      3m 19s
    9. Customizing your export templates
      3m 28s
    10. Reordering and customizing your share buttons
      2m 8s
    11. Printing commercially
      1m 57s
    12. Creating a collage
      5m 34s
    13. Creating and editing movies and uploading to YouTube
      6m 56s
    14. Blogging photos quickly using BlogThis!
      2m 43s
    15. Creating a blog post via email
      4m 23s
    16. Sharing via Facebook
      1m 24s
    17. Sharing via Flickr
      2m 9s
    18. Uploading photos to SmugMug
      2m 24s
    19. Posting photos from iPhone to your web album
      1m 39s
    20. Viewing web albums on the iPhone
      1m 8s
    21. Downloading and synchronizing web albums
      5m 7s
    22. Turning a web album into a live RSS feed
      2m 9s
  7. 42m 15s
    1. Getting started
      3m 38s
    2. Creating web albums
      5m 54s
    3. Organizing and reordering albums
      1m 54s
    4. Deleting an album
      1m 0s
    5. Adding locations to albums and images using the Album Map
      1m 57s
    6. Adding captions to albums
      1m 58s
    7. Adding tags in web albums
      1m 46s
    8. Changing General settings
      3m 11s
    9. Changing Email Notification settings
    10. Changing Privacy and Permissions settings
      5m 39s
    11. Changing Storage settings
      2m 9s
    12. Identifying people in photos using face recognition
      3m 21s
    13. Sharing web albums
      3m 16s
    14. Downloading albums and downloading images
      2m 34s
    15. Creating projects using the Download tab
      2m 5s
    16. Ordering prints
      1m 12s
  8. 17s
    1. Goodbye

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Exploring the interface
Video duration: 3m 28s 3h 42m Beginner


Exploring the interface provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Dane Howard as part of the Picasa 3 Essential Training


Exploring the interface

Now it's time to explore the interface. I'm going to do a quick walk-through of the things that you actually see while you're driving the interface itself. On the left-hand side, you'll use the left hand column to navigate between the content itself. By clicking on the individual items, it will redirect the pane on the right-hand side. So you can use this for gross navigation of your photos itself. Along at the top you have some buttons here that will correspond to different types of actions that you want to take. You've got an Import button, which will allow you to import when connected to a particular device or hard drive.

You've got a new album that you can create directly which allows you to create an empty area that you can drag photos directly within it. We've talked a little bit about the Folder Views, and then we've got the Sort methods. Then lastly, if you have a web cam connected, you can use that as an input device directly into Picasa itself. Now one of the things that you'll want to take a note of here is the very powerful tools that are used for searching and for filtering. So you can imagine Picasa is made by Google. Google is fantastic at searching on things.

We'll talk a little bit more about searching in a moment. But one of things that you can start to do is search on everything within the metadata itself. For example, if I was looking for a RAW photo, I know that the file extension is a .nef. So if I just type nef, you can see that all of my RAW photos are immediately presented within the View pane here. Additionally, there are Sort methods. So I can begin to start to look for individual things and just look at movies only. You could see that I have just movies. Or one of the things that's very valuable is the facial recognition within Picasa itself.

Here you can actually click on photos that have detected faces within them. This is new within Picasa 3. Starred photos are those that you've specifically gone through and selected stars or favorites within them. To do this, you can go ahead and select a particular star, directly from the pane below. By selecting the star, you can select photos that aren't something that you like as a favorite photograph. Then when filtering, go ahead and select the star and you can see all the photographs that have the star within them.

So the Search Filter can be used very, very powerfully in terms of navigating and locating photos within your library. Here are some new tools that allow synchronization between the program of Picasa and the web albums themselves. This gives you the ability to save to a specific disc or synchronize with the web. We'll go over to that in more detail. The central area here is very powerful. If I use the navigation pane, I can begin to navigate the entire library.

Notice how it speeds up or slows down, the more I move the progress bar down. I can also use my scroll wheel on my mouse as I'm doing now to quickly navigate through the items. In the lower right, you'll have controls that relate to zooming. Here I can zoom in my photographs directly or zoom them out just by sliding the bar. I can control the view that I have over all of the photographs at once. The last straight at the bottom are specific tasks and actions that you may want to take on the photographs themselves.

Once items are selected, you can group them into a series of tasks.

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