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The secrets of the dark interface


Photoshop CS6 New Features

with Deke McClelland

Video: The secrets of the dark interface

The secrets of the dark interface provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Deke McClelland as part of the Photoshop CS6 New Features
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  1. 1m 37s
    1. Welcome
      1m 37s
  2. 2h 27m
    1. The secrets of the dark interface
      3m 55s
    2. Background and Auto-Save
      3m 22s
    3. The altogether revamped Crop tool
      4m 0s
    4. The consolidated Properties panel
      3m 58s
    5. The searchable Layers panel
      5m 2s
    6. Modifying multiple layers at a time
      4m 50s
    7. The wide world of layer enhancements
      6m 48s
    8. Content-Aware Move and Extend
      6m 16s
    9. Content-Aware Patch
      3m 14s
    10. Auto-Power color adjustments
      6m 3s
    11. The brave new world of Camera Raw 7
      6m 16s
    12. The new three-part Blur Gallery
      8m 9s
    13. The Adaptive Wide-Angle filter
      7m 7s
    14. Correcting wide-angle panoramas
      7m 14s
    15. Text enhancements & styles
      4m 48s
    16. Filling & stroking shape layers
      4m 37s
    17. Aligning and stacking vector-based shapes
      4m 17s
    18. Working with the Scripted Patterns
      3m 32s
    19. Erodible brush tips & airbrushes
      5m 44s
    20. The enhanced Liquify filter
      4m 20s
    21. The new Oil Paint filter
      4m 10s
    22. Selecting skin tones and faces
      5m 11s
    23. The new Lighting Effects filter
      6m 29s
    24. Editing videos in the Timeline panel
      10m 16s
    25. Making editable 3D type
      8m 8s
    26. 3D shadows and reflections
      6m 35s
    27. Aligning and distributing meshes in 3D
      3m 0s
  3. 50m 34s
    1. Introducing the first Photoshop Creative Cloud update
      1m 36s
    2. Liquify and Blur Gallery support Smart Objects
      8m 42s
    3. Creating conditional actions
      9m 51s
    4. Moving a point with the Pen tool on the fly
      3m 32s
    5. Autonaming merged layers
      4m 42s
    6. Creating global default type styles
      4m 57s
    7. Copying CSS code from specialty layers
      4m 54s
    8. Enhanced 3D lighting with 32-bit bit color
      6m 42s
    9. The new default 3D image-based light
      5m 38s
  4. 29s
    1. Goodbye

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Watch the Online Video Course Photoshop CS6 New Features
Video Duration: 3m 55s3h 20m Appropriate for all Mar 21, 2012 Updated Jan 15, 2013

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In this course, Deke McClelland offers a sneak peek at the new features in Photoshop CS6. He reveals the secrets behind the new dark interface, searchable layers, the powerful Blur Gallery, Camera Raw 7, video editing, and the Adaptive Wide Angle filter, which removes distortion from extreme wide-angle photographs and panoramas. Deke also covers the new nondestructive Crop tool, dashed strokes, paragraph and character styles, editable 3D type, and the exciting Content-Aware Move tool, which moves selections and automatically heals the backgrounds.

Topics include:
  • Enabling auto recovery and background saving
  • Filtering layers in the Layers panel
  • Modifying multiple layers at once
  • Applying layer effects to groups
  • Working with the Content-Aware tools
  • Redeveloping photos in Camera Raw 7
  • Creating depth of field with the Blur Gallery
  • Correcting wide-angle panoramas
  • Filling and stroking shape layers
  • Editing videos in the Timeline panel
  • Previewing 3D shadows and reflections
Design Photography
Deke McClelland

The secrets of the dark interface

So very likely the first thing you're going to notice about Photoshop CS6 is its Dark Interface, but it doesn't have to be that way if you don't want it. Now, I like the dark interface quite a bit because I think it allows me to focus on the image independently of the interface, but if you want to change things back to the way they were. you can go to the Preferences dialog box--it's one option. Another thing you can do: top secret, hidden keyboard shortcut here. You can press Shift+F2 to incrementally lighten the interface as you see me doing here.

On the Mac, depending on your System Preferences, you may need to press Shift along with the fn key, the Function key, and the F2 key. And then you can press Shift+F1 to incrementally darken the interface. Again on the Mac, you may need to press Shift along with the Function key and F1. And you can even go darker than the default interface. So you have one of four different shades to choose from. All right, I'm going to set it back to the way it was. Now, you also have the option of changing the Pasteboard around the image if it's visible.

So if you're zoomed out enough that you can see this dark area around the image, then you can right-click in it, and notice that you have essentially four shades of gray to choose from. So you've got Black if you want that. You can right-click inside here and choose Light Gray as well. So it's up to you, but by default it's this Dark Gray. You also have the option of selecting a custom color, and if you do so, it's going to show you the color that you last chose. So in other words, it's not going to give you that default blue that it used to give you. It's going to show me, in my case, 75% Brightness with zero Saturation, so it's a gray, which is the current pasteboard color. All right, I'm going to go ahead and cancel out and I'll right-click inside the background and switch it back to Dark Gray.

Couple of other interface items to be aware of... Notice down here at the bottom of the screen, they have moved the Mini Bridge, and if you go ahead and click on its tab you'll see that it's by default set up in a filmstrip mode and you can change the size of your thumbnails just by increasing the size of the Mini Bridge, for example, to get bigger thumbnails. or if you decrease the size of the Mini Bridge then that will ultimately reduce the size of the thumbnails. If you want to hide the Mini Bridge after taking a look at your images here, then you double-click on the tab in order to make it go away. All right, here's something else to note and this is great.

We have this HUD feedback now for just about every cursor. So, if I switch to the Move tool, for example, and I go ahead and drag this text around, notice that I'm seeing the coordinate position of my text. So, notice that I'm seeing the first value is let's say 28 pixels, and the second value is 14 pixels. That's the distance that I've moved this object, which can be incredibly helpful. This also comes into play when you go up to the Edit menu and choose Free Transform. Because I'm working with the Smart Filter, I get this alert message.

I'll just go ahead and click OK. And now notice I'll zoom-out just a little bit and notice if I scale the image, in addition to seeing the percentage values up there at the top of the screen in the Options Bar, the W and H values there, I also see the width and height of my object in pixels. So, I get two insights into my transformation. You also see if you drag outside the transformation boundary, you'll see the angle of your rotation there, and you get all kinds of other feedback as well. For example, I'll show you one more thing.

If I press the Ctrl and Alt keys, or the Command and Option keys on a Mac, so that I can skew my text, it shows me the angle of my skew as well. So, you get all sorts of feedback as you're transforming a layer. All right, I'm going to press the Enter key or the Return key on the Mac in order to accept that modification. Go ahead and move this guy over a little. So we've got the Dark Interface; that's obvious and that's a really great thing. But there are all sorts of other welcome interface enhancements at work here inside Photoshop CS6.

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Q: This course was updated on 1/15/2013. What changed?
A: The course was revised to address the new Photoshop features and enhancements bundled with the Creative Cloud update released in December 2012. We added a second chapter to the course, detailing the new enhancements. We cover the Liquify and Blur Galleries, which now support Smart Objects; creating conditional actions; auto-naming merged layers; moving a point with the Pen tool on the fly; creating global default type styles; and copying CSS code from specialty layers. We also cover two improvements to the 3D package included with Photoshop Extended: enhanced 3D lighting with 32-bit color and the new default 3D image-based light. We also updated the exercise files with new files for Chapter 2 and added an introductory video to the beginning of Chapter 2 that outlines the improvements.
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