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Photorealism with Bert Monroy: Volume 1

with Bert Monroy

Video: an underwater scene

(Speaker) What we're going to create here is an underwater scene and I'm going to start off with this garden scene right here and the reason I'm using this scene is because all I really need is this gravel area in the lower part of the image. All the areas above that area are going to be eliminated we're just going to concentrate on this area here. Now, the first thing we have to do is to change the color of this image. So, I go under image adjustments and I'll go to hue saturation and what I'm going to do is I'm going to just push the hue slider all the way over to the left because that's going to turn all my warm colors that we see indicated in this bar here into cooler colors as the lower bar is indicating.
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  1. 18m 30s
    1. welcome
    2. introduction
      2m 51s
    3. an underwater scene
      15m 21s
  2. 1h 8m
    1. introduction to layers
      2m 7s
    2. making a bowl using layers
      3m 55s
    3. window in snow
      9m 31s
    4. introduction to layer channels
      6m 2s
    5. effects with layer styles
      9m 31s
    6. layerstyle for stone detail
      5m 54s
    7. stop sign
      10m 7s
    8. shadow with alpha channels
      7m 7s
    9. more on shadows
      5m 16s
    10. more on using alpha channels
      8m 35s
  3. 21m 48s
    1. creating a reflection
      8m 33s
    2. wet sidewalk reflection
      5m 11s
    3. reflection in the distance
      4m 53s
    4. marble reflection
      3m 11s
  4. 24m 12s
    1. introduction to textures
      6m 37s
    2. wood texture
      7m 20s
    3. stone texture
      6m 48s
    4. another stone texture
      3m 27s
  5. 32m 26s
    1. creating a brush
      4m 25s
    2. grass brush
      6m 43s
    3. damage brush
      3m 29s
    4. mold brush
      2m 12s
    5. final brushes demonstration
      15m 37s
  6. 15m 41s
    1. perspective
      9m 58s
    2. perspective part two
      5m 43s
  7. 14m 47s
    1. intro to displace filter
      4m 35s
    2. waving flag
      4m 56s
    3. turning book pages
      5m 16s
  8. 20m 57s
    1. 3D lettering elements
      7m 25s
    2. 3D bulbs
      6m 34s
    3. 3D CD
      6m 58s
  9. 20m 43s
    1. using patterns
      10m 10s
    2. brick wall pattern
      6m 20s
    3. beans pattern
      4m 13s
  10. 1h 46m
    1. rain
      4m 5s
    2. lighting
      5m 7s
    3. fire and smoke
      11m 29s
    4. camera distortion
      2m 6s
    5. fireplace scene
      15m 44s
    6. creating neon
      10m 57s
    7. crop circle
      7m 50s
    8. chain
      10m 11s
    9. time saving technique
      6m 42s
    10. repurposing tip
      1m 12s
    11. resolution
      4m 49s
    12. pen tool
      14m 17s
    13. scissor tool
      2m 35s
    14. firing gun
      8m 13s
    15. multiple shapes tip
  11. 11s
    1. goodbye

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Watch the Online Video Course Photorealism with Bert Monroy: Volume 1
5h 44m Intermediate Nov 14, 2003

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Photorealism with Bert Monroy: Volume 1 (Using Photoshop & Illustrator) will take you inside the creative mind of renowned artist Bert Monroy and show you how to create ultra-realistic images using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These movies showcase Bert Monroy's personal methods for getting realistic details into an image. He demonstrates his techniques for creating lighting, fire, smoke, grass, reflections and even mold. In these movies you will get up close and personal with Bert's paintings as well as learn to make your own photorealistic imagery. Though these movies were created using Photoshop CS and Illustrator CS, the principles and techniques apply to older and newer versions of both programs in addition to other paint or vector-based drawing tools. is very pleased to bring you Bert's work and we hope you will find it as exciting as we do!

Bert Monroy

an underwater scene

Closed captioning isn’t available for this video right now. New videos usually include captioning a few weeks after they’re released.

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