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The new Filter panel


Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials

with Deke McClelland

Video: The new Filter panel

Now let's check out the new Filter panel here inside of the Bridge. If you are familiar with the term filter inside of Photoshop, you know that it means to apply basically a special effect to an image, you go in and sharpen the pixels or smooth them out and/or they create blur effects and so on. That has nothing to do with this Filter right here, instead what we are doing with this Filter Panel is determining which thumbnails we see and don't see inside of the Content panel.
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  1. 39m 31s
    1. Welcome to Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials
      2m 15s
    2. Introducing Photoshop
      3m 51s
    3. Combining one image with another
      3m 53s
    4. Adjusting colors
      5m 18s
    5. Cloning trees
      6m 45s
    6. Adding a couple of adjustment layers
      4m 0s
    7. Creating a dark and stormy sky
      2m 48s
    8. Sharpening the focus of the image
      2m 54s
    9. Cropping artwork
      2m 4s
    10. Adding text
      5m 43s
  2. 1h 15m
    1. Open, navigate, set up
    2. Opening an image
      4m 27s
    3. Opening multiple images
      3m 24s
    4. Adding file info
      5m 11s
    5. Tiling and scrolling
      3m 3s
    6. Zooming shortcuts
      3m 46s
    7. Using the Zoom tool
      3m 12s
    8. The Navigator palette
      4m 31s
    9. Nudging the screen image
      1m 33s
    10. Scroll wheel tricks
      3m 15s
    11. Setting preferences
      5m 45s
    12. Color settings
      5m 44s
    13. Custom keyboard shortcuts
      6m 38s
    14. Remapping keyboard shortcuts
      4m 57s
    15. Organizing the palettes
      8m 15s
    16. Saving your workspace
      2m 47s
    17. Cycling between screen modes
      7m 46s
  3. 1h 0m
    1. The Bridge turns two
      1m 29s
    2. Introducing the Bridge
      3m 47s
    3. Managing image thumbnails
      6m 56s
    4. Rotations, ratings, and labels
      8m 35s
    5. The new Filter panel
      5m 0s
    6. Moving, copying, and deleting images
      5m 31s
    7. Batch renaming
      6m 11s
    8. Customizing and saving the workspace
      6m 45s
    9. Loupe, compare, and stack
      5m 50s
    10. Previewing images in the Slideshow mode
      6m 36s
    11. Color management and cache
      4m 12s
  4. 50m 40s
    1. ''Color Correction'' is so un-P.C.
      1m 15s
    2. Color Balance vs. Variations
      4m 54s
    3. The Variations interface
      3m 33s
    4. Color primaries and complements
      5m 25s
    5. Correcting the color cast
      7m 9s
    6. Fading an adjustment
      3m 1s
    7. Closing the exercise file
      3m 27s
    8. Adjusting hue and saturation
      4m 58s
    9. Changing yellow paint to red
      6m 14s
    10. Selectively adjusting hues
      5m 25s
    11. Refining your color range
      5m 19s
  5. 1h 25m
    1. Brightness and Contrast
      1m 12s
    2. Levels of luminance
      2m 36s
    3. Bad old Brightness/Contrast
      5m 33s
    4. Good new Brightness/Contrast
      2m 35s
    5. The Auto commands
      6m 21s
    6. How the Auto commands work
      6m 56s
    7. A first look at Levels
      5m 27s
    8. Modifying a histogram
      7m 33s
    9. Channel-by-channel adjustments
      6m 17s
    10. Boosting the saturation
      4m 48s
    11. When Levels fail
      4m 10s
    12. A first look at Curves
      6m 20s
    13. Super useful curve-editing tricks
      4m 58s
    14. Correcting the composite image
      5m 1s
    15. Neutralizing the pink pachyderm
      5m 26s
    16. The Shadow/Highlight filter
      4m 10s
    17. Adjusting the Radius and Tonal Width
      6m 3s
  6. 37m 9s
    1. Imaging fundamentals
      1m 17s
    2. The big pixel puzzle
      6m 5s
    3. The Image Size command
      4m 19s
    4. Selecting an interpolation option
      4m 26s
    5. Upsampling versus
      4m 39s
    6. Changing the print resolution
      5m 36s
    7. Downsampling your artwork
      4m 54s
    8. How do you make a small image big?
      5m 53s
  7. 33m 14s
    1. Frame wide, crop tight
      1m 2s
    2. Crop tool presets
      6m 26s
    3. Drawing a freeform crop
      5m 30s
    4. The Crop command
      4m 1s
    5. Auto Crop & Straighten
      4m 10s
    6. Straightening an image with the Ruler tool
      7m 52s
    7. Perspective cropping
      4m 13s
  8. 57m 10s
    1. Flowers and saw blades
      1m 50s
    2. Meet the Selection tools
      3m 49s
    3. The Magic Wand tool
      4m 40s
    4. Tolerance and other options
      5m 0s
    5. Grow, Similar, and Inverse
      4m 26s
    6. The Quick Selection tool
      5m 46s
    7. The Marquee and Lasso tools
      4m 24s
    8. Using Refine Edge to preview a selection
      7m 10s
    9. The Refine Edge slider options
      7m 18s
    10. Saving a selection
      6m 10s
    11. Using the Move tool
      6m 37s
  9. 1h 21m
    1. Toilsome artistic labor
    2. Why red-eye happens
      4m 27s
    3. Using the Red-Eye tool
      4m 35s
    4. The Color Replacement tool
      7m 36s
    5. Replacing colors with lighter shades
      4m 25s
    6. Brightening teeth with the Dodge tool
      6m 50s
    7. Removing plaque with the Sponge tool
      4m 41s
    8. Spot-healing blemishes
      5m 40s
    9. Using the Standard Healing brush
      5m 16s
    10. Healing large areas with the Patch tool
      4m 0s
    11. Viewing the source as an overlay
      4m 23s
    12. Painting straight segments
      1m 25s
    13. Fading a brushstroke
      3m 0s
    14. Aligning multiple brushstrokes
      4m 49s
    15. Painting inside a selection
      4m 34s
    16. The new Clone Source palette
      5m 52s
    17. Adding drama with the Toning tools
      4m 51s
    18. Merging history states
      4m 14s
  10. 1m 16s
    1. See ya for now
      1m 16s

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Watch the Online Video Course Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials
8h 42m Beginner Apr 16, 2007

Viewers: in countries Watching now:

Photoshop CS3 is the first update to Adobe's flagship image-editing product in more than two years. Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: The Essentials is an introductory course with bestselling author and video trainer Deke McClelland and teaches topics, such as navigation, color correction, resolution, and retouching. Exercise files accompany the tutorial.Ready for more Photoshop CS3 training with Deke McClelland? Check out Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: Beyond the Basics and Photoshop CS3 One-on-One: Advanced Techniques.

Download Deke's customized keyboard layouts for Photoshop on the Exercise Files tab.

Topics include:
  • Understanding what Photoshop CS3 is and what it can do. Zooming, scrolling, and getting around an image. Making the most of the new-and-improved CS3 interface. Using Adobe Bridge to organize and manage images. Saving workspaces for maximum comfort and efficiency. Correcting colors using the Variations and Hue/Saturation commands. Taking on the professional-grade luminance editors, Levels and Curves. Resampling an image and selecting an interpolation setting. Cropping and straightening a photograph. Using the selection tools, including the new Refine Edges command. Retouching and image and healing away blemishes. Understanding masking, layering, and layer comps. Sharpening, blurring, and averaging the details in a photograph. Working with transparency and blend modes. Using Warp and Liquify to reshape a photograph. Cloning and healing in perspective using Vanishing Point 2. Creating and editing text. Using layer effects and styles to correct photographs and achieve special effects. Making the most of adjustment layers, smart objects, and smart filters. Working with the wealth of new features in Camera Raw 4, including its ability to open photos saved in JPEG or TIFF. Stitching multiple photographs seamlessly using the new and improved Auto-Align, Auto-Blend, and Photomerge. Recording actions and printing your images.
Design Photography
Deke McClelland

The new Filter panel

Now let's check out the new Filter panel here inside of the Bridge. If you are familiar with the term filter inside of Photoshop, you know that it means to apply basically a special effect to an image, you go in and sharpen the pixels or smooth them out and/or they create blur effects and so on. That has nothing to do with this Filter right here, instead what we are doing with this Filter Panel is determining which thumbnails we see and don't see inside of the Content panel.

So it's a way of filtering out the junk, so that you can just focus in on the important images at any given point in time. Now what the Filter panel is going to show you, first of all it gives you the option to sort your images, so you can sort them by file name and a bunch of other parameters. If you decide to drag the thumbnails around, watch this I will just take this showhand1.jpg image and move it to the top of the Content panel here. Then notice that the Bridge automatically changes the sort parameter to sort manually to show you that you have performed a manual sort.

Now what's interesting about this, watch this, as I can change now from sort manually to file name in order to restore the file name sort, so that that puts johane1.jpg back in her proper place there at least in alphabetical order. And then later, I can say you know what I want to switch back to that last manual sort that I applied and it will remember it. The Bridge will remember one manual sort per folder at least that's the way it's supposed to work. Now in the past, this has been a buggy feature.

The CS2 Bridge had a propensity to forget this information every once in a while, but it's supposed to remember it. It does save a little invisible file inside the folder to track this information, so it should. Assuming that things work always, remember the last manual sort. Anyway I am going to switch back to By File Name and of course you can sort things all over the place manually there. I just want to make sure that you are aware, you can go nuts, moving images around on your Virtual Light Table as it were.

Alright but in addition to these sort options, the Filter panel lists everything that's going on, really every parameter that it can that's associated with the images inside of the Content panel. So for example, it's telling you, where the ratings are concerned, that 29 of these thumbnails or it's 35 altogether you can see down here in the lower left corner of the window, there is 35 image files altogether inside this folder. 29 of them have no ratings, 6 of them have 4 stars and if you want to only see the 6 with 4 star ratings, just click a checkmark in front of 4 stars.

If you want to see the "no rating items" instead, you would Alt + Click or Option + Click inside of "no rating" and what that does is it not only puts a checkmark in front of "no rating" but it also takes the checkmark away from in front of 4 stars so that you don't see those anymore. And if you want to see everything, you can either turn on all checkmarks or turn off all checkmarks. Now similarly we are seeing there is a bunch of different file types, one camera image, one Photoshop document that is one PSD document and then 33 jpegs.

You can look Date Created, Date Modified. Notice that I have both of those twirl close and you can't do that, you can twirl items open and close if you want to. You can see exactly which images are landscape images, which are portrait images, what their aspect ratios is and it's only going to show you the aspect ratios that are currently at work in the images inside of this folder. There is all kinds of other aspect ratios that the images could be, but they just don't happen to be. And then finally, notice it's going to tell me all of my copyright notices.

So everything single image that has a copyright notice, it will tell me about as long as I will have to assign those copyright notices of course or somebody else will have inside of the File Info panel. And you can still get to that file info dialog box, by the way. We saw it back in the previous chapter inside Photoshop, but you can get to it here as well by going up to the file menu and choosing the File Info command and it even has the exact same keyboard shortcut. But if you want to check out, golly, I wonder which images were shot by Pascal Genest? You would just click in front of Pascal and you would see and if you think, hmm I wonder about David Politi here. Well he shot this image down here as well as the bronze and beautiful image that we have been mucking around with.

And then finally of course, I go ahead and turn off those checkmarks in order to see all the images. So just bear in mind you do have those filtering options, there are great ways to swift through all of the images inside of a folder, particularly if you have several hundred images inside of a folder, they get a sense of exactly what's going on with the images in your collection.

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Q: When opening an image in Photoshop, the image covers all the toolbars. This does not happen in the training video. What is causing the photos to open in this manner?
A: Photoshop will retain its last-open settings, which can cause problems when the image was saved on a larger display. Zooming in on the image will usually restore the settings.

Press Cmd+Plus (Mac) or Ctrl+Plus (Windows) to zoom in, then Cmd+minus (Ctrl+minus) to zoom out.

If that does not redraw the window, press Cmd+Option+plus (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+plus (Windows) and then Cmd+Option+minus (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+minus (Windows).

Pressing F to cycle through the the screen modes may also reveal the toolbars.

If all else fails, quit the program and restart while pressing all the modifier keys (Cmd+Shift+Option on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+Alt on Windows) to reset preferences.
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