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Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS

with Chris Orwig

Video: welcome

Increases digital imaging skills and creativity for professional photographers, imaging professionals, and enthusiasts.
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  1. 56s
    1. welcome
  2. 9m 54s
    1. overview
      2m 14s
    2. interface
      2m 28s
    3. preferences
      4m 16s
    4. workspace
  3. 20m 7s
    1. intro to color management
      4m 20s
    2. hardware considerations
      5m 59s
    3. monitor calibration
      4m 27s
    4. color settings
      5m 21s
  4. 29m 42s
    1. file browser
      4m 33s
    2. revolutionary image editing
      6m 37s
    3. adding meta-data
      4m 12s
    4. file browser details 1
      3m 57s
    5. file browser details 2
    6. file browser details 3
      1m 27s
    7. exporting the cache
      1m 14s
    8. contact sheet
      2m 43s
    9. fast file conversion
      4m 31s
  5. 33m 9s
    1. raw overview
      3m 33s
    2. camera raw plug-in 1
      5m 48s
    3. camera raw plug-in 2
      7m 26s
    4. camera raw plug-in 3
      1m 42s
    5. raw batch processing
      6m 47s
    6. camera raw creativity 1
      4m 52s
    7. camera raw creativity 2
      3m 1s
  6. 29m 6s
    1. bit depth 1
      3m 51s
    2. bit depth 2
      1m 15s
    3. bit depth 3
      2m 55s
    4. image resizing 1
      8m 9s
    5. image resizing 2
      8m 35s
    6. increasing image size
      2m 36s
    7. image size actions
      1m 45s
  7. 29m 29s
    1. layers 1
      9m 32s
    2. layers 2
      6m 58s
    3. layers 3
      7m 42s
    4. layers and history
      5m 17s
  8. 21m 49s
    1. select and correct
      6m 46s
    2. more on selections
      4m 8s
    3. path selection 1
      6m 53s
    4. path selection 2
      4m 2s
  9. 12m 48s
    1. dust and scratches filter
      3m 30s
    2. dusting 1 - S.F. Bay Bridge
      2m 38s
    3. dusting 2 - S.F. Bay Bridge
      3m 56s
    4. dust in large area
      2m 44s
  10. 6m 40s
    1. understanding levels
      4m 28s
    2. enhancing with levels
      2m 12s
  11. 24m 9s
    1. getting to know curves 1
      3m 49s
    2. getting to know curves 2
      4m 17s
    3. curves color and tone 1
      3m 59s
    4. curves color and tone 2
      4m 18s
    5. fixing color with curves
      6m 10s
    6. creative tip 1
      1m 36s
  12. 24m 1s
    1. intro to masking
      2m 13s
    2. using masking - wave
      5m 46s
    3. using masking - shovel
      6m 42s
    4. using masking - eyes
      5m 25s
    5. quick mask - eyes
      3m 55s
  13. 16m 33s
    1. revealing the lens blur
      6m 6s
    2. lens blur and masking
      5m 42s
    3. lens blur in action
      4m 45s
  14. 29m 5s
    1. understanding blend modes
      7m 42s
    2. blending 1 - barn roof
      4m 33s
    3. blending 2 - El Capitan
      6m 45s
    4. blending and curves
      4m 44s
    5. blending actions
      5m 21s
  15. 25m 12s
    1. burn and dodge 1
      4m 51s
    2. burn and dodge 2
      6m 28s
    3. burn and dodge 3
      6m 4s
    4. burn and dodge 4
      2m 40s
    5. burn and dodge 5
      5m 9s
  16. 33m 46s
    1. BW with channels and lab
      3m 55s
    2. BW with channel mixer
      4m 15s
    3. advanced BW with hue/sat 1
      4m 21s
    4. advanced BW with hue/sat 2
      3m 46s
    5. enhancing BW
      4m 45s
    6. BW camera raw 1
      4m 30s
    7. BW camera raw 2
      3m 34s
    8. BW camera raw 3
      4m 40s
  17. 15m 49s
    1. thoughts on color
      4m 23s
    2. enhancing color 1
      3m 41s
    3. enhancing color 2
      1m 54s
    4. enhancing color 3
      5m 51s
  18. 35m 23s
    1. changing color 1
      6m 28s
    2. changing color 2
      3m 34s
    3. changing color 3
      4m 17s
    4. changing color 4
      7m 42s
    5. changing color 5
      4m 25s
    6. changing color 6
      4m 8s
    7. changing color 7
      4m 49s
  19. 10m 33s
    1. saturation with lab 1
      5m 26s
    2. saturation with lab 2
      5m 7s
  20. 7m 14s
    1. cross processing 1
      3m 43s
    2. cross processing 2
      3m 31s
  21. 22m 42s
    1. vintage style 1
      6m 54s
    2. vintage style 2
      10m 47s
    3. vintage style 3
      3m 42s
    4. creative tip 2
      1m 19s
  22. 20m 3s
    1. curves by the numbers 1
      2m 55s
    2. curves by the numbers 2
      2m 7s
    3. curves and a QP card
      3m 9s
    4. skin by the numbers 1
      1m 39s
    5. skin by the numbers 2
      5m 12s
    6. skin by the numbers 3
      5m 1s
  23. 2h 51m
    1. photo restoration 1
      4m 32s
    2. photo restoration 2
      3m 25s
    3. photo restoration 3
      3m 42s
    4. photo restoration 4
      2m 46s
    5. photo restoration 5
      1m 10s
    6. people - tone
      6m 14s
    7. people - teeth, eyes
      3m 49s
    8. people - BW 1
      4m 36s
    9. people - BW 2
      2m 42s
    10. people - teeth, skin, sharp
      7m 29s
    11. people - red eye
      8m 7s
    12. people - blemish
      7m 33s
    13. people - teeth, hair
      5m 24s
    14. people - improving eyes
      7m 50s
    15. people - softening skin 1
      7m 45s
    16. people - softening skin 2
      4m 27s
    17. people - darkening eyebrows
      3m 16s
    18. people - eyes, lips
      7m 36s
    19. people - color
      7m 49s
    20. people - skin, hair flyaways
      4m 43s
    21. people - eyes, nose, lips
      4m 13s
    22. people - burning, sharpening
      3m 17s
    23. people - fashion 1
      7m 20s
    24. people - fashion 2
      7m 40s
    25. people - fashion 3
      2m 27s
    26. people - fashion 4
      2m 29s
    27. people - fashion 5
      4m 3s
    28. people - fashion 6
      6m 23s
    29. people - tips
      1m 47s
    30. nature 1
      9m 18s
    31. nature 2
      6m 50s
    32. nature 3
      6m 11s
    33. nature 4
      4m 45s
  24. 12m 29s
    1. motion mountain bike
      5m 42s
    2. motion road bike
      6m 47s
  25. 24m 4s
    1. unveiling the mystery
      6m 14s
    2. shadow highlights 1
      6m 50s
    3. shadow highlights 2
      2m 50s
    4. shadow highlights 3
      3m 28s
    5. shadow highlights 4
      4m 42s
  26. 7m 2s
    1. multiple exposures in the wild
      7m 2s
  27. 24m 19s
    1. intro to the boat
      1m 31s
    2. multiple exposures 1
      1m 52s
    3. multiple exposures 2
      3m 6s
    4. multiple exposures 3
      6m 7s
    5. multiple exposures 4
      3m 25s
    6. multiple exposures 5
      2m 45s
    7. multiple exposures 6
      1m 11s
    8. multiple exposures 7
      4m 22s
  28. 10m 34s
    1. pano 1 - sequoia
      2m 34s
    2. pano 2 - sequoia
      8m 0s
  29. 10m 10s
    1. San Francisco
      3m 40s
    2. Golden Gate
      3m 20s
    3. Blackstone Apartments
      3m 10s
  30. 29m 44s
    1. intro to sharpening
      5m 21s
    2. unsharp mask 1
      4m 37s
    3. unsharp mask 2
      7m 5s
    4. advanced sharpening 1
      3m 24s
    5. advanced sharpening 2
      6m 0s
    6. nik sharpener pro
      3m 17s
  31. 5m 11s
    1. printing 101
      5m 11s
  32. 36m 30s
    1. saving web images 1
      6m 55s
    2. saving web images 2
      4m 35s
    3. PDF
      3m 51s
    4. picture package
      1m 26s
    5. web gallery
      3m 27s
    6. promo card 1
      3m 56s
    7. promo card 2
      5m 16s
    8. promo card 3
      4m 19s
    9. promo card 4
      2m 45s
  33. 1m 22s
    1. goodbye
      1m 22s

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Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS
Video duration: 0s 13h 11m Beginner


Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS with Chris Orwig will greatly increase the digital imaging skills and creativity of professional photographers, imaging professionals and enthusiasts. After first discussing color management skills, the tutorial advances to cover the features of Photoshop that are most essential to photographers such as the camera raw plug-in, the file browser, dust and scratches, the lens blur, shadows and highlights, advanced saturation, retouching, burning and dodging, curves for color and tone, black and white conversion, cross processing, creating panoramas, advanced sharpening, and much more. Exercise files (JPGs, PSDs and raw files) accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

Topics include:
  • Color management - the foundation
  • Camera Raw
  • Removing dust and scratches
  • Levels & curves
  • Non-destructive burning and dodging
  • Black & white conversion
  • Working in color
  • Retouching
  • Multiple exposures
  • Panoramas
Design Photography


My name is Chris Orwig, and I will be your host and guide throughout this training endeavor. So you can get to know a little bit about me, I am currently on the faculty at the Brooks Studio Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I am also a freelance photographer, freelance educator and consultant. And, you know, I'm passionate about getting up in the mountains or getting out in the ocean, and it is a beautiful morning this morning here on the coast in Santa Barbara. And if someone came up to me and said "Chris, I have a tough question for you. If you could do anything with your career, sky's the limit, what would you do?" I would come back and say "I have an easy answer.

I would do exactly what I'm doing today. I would be shooting, I would be working on my images and teaching." So, you know, it's a unique opportunity to have the chance to partner with you in this training endeavor. We have a lot of ground to cover, so without further delay, let the adventure begin.

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