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Photoshop CS Prepress Essentials

with Taz Tally

Video: welcome

Teaches how to create, correct, and prepare Photoshop images for printing at commercial print shops.
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  1. 40s
    1. welcome
  2. 1h 28m
    1. photoshop fundamentals
    2. keyboard shortcuts
      3m 10s
    3. RGB setup
      3m 39s
    4. CMYK setup
      2m 6s
    5. preferences
      18m 9s
    6. scratch disk
      6m 34s
    7. browser intro
      8m 41s
    8. duplicate
      4m 23s
    9. tool configuration
      3m 36s
    10. keyboard navigation
      8m 45s
    11. pixels vs vectors
      7m 24s
    12. pixel fundamentals
      13m 25s
    13. AM vs FM
      7m 49s
  3. 2h 34m
    1. scratch disk
      2m 37s
    2. resolution requirements
      6m 40s
    3. resize and resample
      7m 16s
    4. digital camera
      7m 21s
    5. JPEG posterization
      8m 26s
    6. cropping
      6m 8s
    7. vectors
      16m 4s
    8. calibration concept
      1m 57s
    9. calibration
      10m 44s
    10. descreening
      14m 30s
    11. cleaning scanners and digital cameras
      1m 9s
    12. dust and scratches
      11m 37s
    13. print gradients
      9m 49s
    14. pantone process book
      2m 18s
    15. assign/build process colors
      8m 17s
    16. pantone spot book
      3m 33s
    17. spot colors
      13m 20s
    18. pantone duotone book
      2m 22s
    19. duotones
      9m 49s
    20. matching color names
      4m 10s
    21. rich blacks
      6m 9s
  4. 2h 52m
    1. highlights and shadows
      9m 33s
    2. brightness and contrast
      12m 15s
    3. partial area adjustments
      8m 56s
    4. HL - SH for newsprint
      4m 1s
    5. dot gain demo
      2m 12s
    6. dot gain
      7m 38s
    7. color correction
      21m 38s
    8. GS sharpening
      11m 19s
    9. RGB sharpening
      10m 26s
    10. noisy image sharpening
      4m 22s
    11. working in lab
      4m 30s
    12. vignettes
      5m 55s
    13. soft silhouettes
      5m 50s
    14. hard silhouettes - export
      12m 14s
    15. hard silhouettes - path
      11m 41s
    16. type
      20m 37s
    17. type 2
      11m 45s
    18. simplifying
      7m 34s
  5. 2h 25m
    1. RGB-GS
      13m 4s
    2. RGB vs CMYK
      4m 35s
    3. RGB vs CMYK workflow
      3m 54s
    4. RGB to CMYK basics
      8m 34s
    5. RGB-CMYK advanced
      25m 55s
    6. soft proofs
      5m 52s
    7. matching colors
      4m 14s
    8. trapping contones
      4m 58s
    9. spot color traps
      5m 51s
    10. contents vs. containers
      5m 45s
    11. file formats 1
      19m 10s
    12. file formats 2
      5m 9s
    13. placing
      2m 39s
    14. scatter proofs
      5m 58s
    15. actions
      11m 28s
    16. file info
      4m 49s
    17. key questions
      6m 17s
    18. avoiding problems
      7m 14s

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Photoshop CS Prepress Essentials
Video duration: 0s 9h 21m Intermediate


Photoshop CS Prepress Essentials with Taz Tally, Ph.D., is a movie-based tutorial designed to teach both graphics professionals and newcomers how to create, correct, and prepare Photoshop images for printing at commercial print shops. Following Taz's prepress tips allows Photoshop users to achieve predictable, consistent, top-quality printing results. The tutorial begins with digital image creation and handling fundamentals, including topics such as image resolution, scaling and simplification, and file format selection and configuration. Next, Taz covers more complex topics such as setting prepress-specific highlights and shadows, color correction for prepress, RGB to CMYK conversion, creating and printing duotones and spot colors, applying sharpening for printing, and trapping in Photoshop. Techniques for working faster and enhancing prepress workflow are also demonstrated. The tutorial's step-by-step instructions allow users to follow along using their own images, learning at their own pace.

Topics include:
  • Fundamental image adjustments
  • Resolution requirements
  • Calibration concepts
  • Process and spot colors
  • Highlight and shadows
  • Dot gain
  • Color correction
  • Image sharpening
  • Trapping
  • Avoiding problems


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