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Resolving broken links

From: Photoshop for Photographers: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates

Video: Resolving broken links

Before we wrap our conversation about how we can work with linked smart

Resolving broken links

Before we wrap our conversation about how we can work with linked smart objects inside of Photoshop, I want to talk about a few more topics. In particular, I want to take a look at how we can add multiple images to a document, and how we can fix broken links if we run into that particular issue. Now we've already seen that one of things we can do is navigate to the File pull down menu. And then we can select place linked. When we choose that option, we can then choose an image. Here I'll go through this process and perhaps choose another photograph. 01-home.

And then click place. This will launch camera raw. We'll click OK. And that will then allow me to bring over this image, this raw file, as a smart object, a linked smart object, here, inside of The layered Photoshop document. In this case, I'm just going to resize this roughly right around here or so, and then double-click to apply that. So here you can see we have multiple linked files inside of one document, and this might be relevant, perhaps, if you're creating a layout where you have multiple images, and you want to include these images together.

Perhaps you want to have two photographs side by side, like in this scenario here. Yet another way that you can add linked files to your Photoshop documents is by way of a really handy shortcut. Here it is. Let me navigate back to Adobe Bridge. Inside of Adobe Bridge, if you have this hovering over Photoshop, you can select an image like this one here. Hold down option on a Mac Alt on Windows then click and drag this image over to your Photoshop document and let go. Then click OK for camera raw.

What this will do is it will prepare this as a linked smart object. I'll bring this image over double click that in order to apply its position there. Again, you can see that with this particular file now, what we have is this file, which is over inside of our document and its here, as a linked smart object. So far so good, we've looked at how we can bring over multiple images, yet what happens if we get that warning indicator icon in this area of our file? Sometimes this will happen, for example, if we go back to Adobe Bridge and if we rename the file here with this image.

If I click into the file name and I add the number one at the end of it, so that this file has a new file name. When I go back to Photoshop, what will happen here is we can see we have this red question mark. You also will find this over in the property inspector region as well telling you that something has gone wrong to re-link this file or fix the problem you can click here or here. We can then choose to resolve that broken link.

We'll navigate to the folder, find the file which has been renamed, click Place. And what that will do is it will update this file or it will fix that broken link, which we had. We'll click OK for Cameraeyes, we've done before. And you can see the that question mark is now gone. So whenever you're working with this process, if you encounter that question mark What typically has happened is that somehow a file has been moved or renamed and you'll need to recreate the link that's been broken. And to do that, it's as easy as simply clicking on the icon and then going and searching for the file so that it can then be included in your layered Photoshop document.

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    1. Welcome
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    5. Changing image size and resolution with the Crop tool
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    1. Modifying still images with the Blur Gallery and Smart Filters
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    2. Adding a creative blur effect to video clips
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    1. A new way to leverage the power of Adobe Camera Raw
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    2. Using Adobe Camera Raw as a Smart Filter
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    3. Using the Radial Filter to selectively brighten a photograph
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    4. Making multiple Radial Filter adjustments
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    5. Automatic perspective enhancements with Upright
      6m 50s
    6. Using Upright in advanced ways
      4m 39s
    7. Improved retouching with the Spot Removal tool
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    8. Removing larger distractions with the Spot Removal tool
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    9. Making linear retouching adjustments
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  6. 9m 39s
    1. Combining elements from multiple tabbed documents
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    2. Improving masks with Minimum
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    3. Filtering isolation layers
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    4. Improved saving to network file shares
      1m 26s
  7. 37m 14s
    1. Correcting architecture with Perspective Warp
      5m 46s
    2. Making automatic corrections with Perspective Warp
      4m 38s
    3. Using Perspective Warp as a Smart Object
      6m 53s
    4. Making dramatic changes with Perspective Warp
      6m 22s
    5. Linking external files as linked Smart Objects
      2m 6s
    6. Updating linked files using the menus
      4m 36s
    7. Replacing or swapping out linked files
      3m 22s
    8. Resolving broken links
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