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Photoshop Sharpening Power Workshop

with Tim Grey

Video: Welcome

Takes a detailed look at the concepts, tools, and techniques involved in achieving optimal sharpness in your images.
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Photoshop Sharpening Power Workshop
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Virtually all digital images need some degree of sharpening to look their best, but it's not always easy to find the right way to go about it. This workshop from leading Adobe Photoshop expert Tim Grey dispels many myths and misunderstandings about sharpening, teaches you the underlying concepts involved in sharpening, shows you a wide variety of methods you can use to apply sharpening, and helps you determine which technique is best for a given image. In addition to Photoshop's native sharpening tools, learn how to make use of the options available in Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, and third-party plugins like Nik Sharpener Pro and PhotoKit Sharpener. The workshop concludes with several projects designed to help reinforce your knowledge of sharpening. See how to apply sharpening and softening to different areas of an image, apply creative sharpening to specific areas, and sharpen a black-and-white image.

Topics include:
  • When to sharpen
  • Zoom settings for sharpening
  • Sharpening RAW captures
  • Preparing a photo for output and sharpening
  • Using Unsharp Mask and Smart Sharpen
  • Creative and targeted sharpening
  • Using advanced blending options
  • Multiple-pass sharpening
  • Using third-party tools
Photography video2brain


(music playing) Hi, I'm Tim Grey, photographer, author, and educator. I've written over a dozen books, taught numerous in-person workshops around the world, and created several video training workshops with Video-to-Brain. A sharp image involves more than just achieving crisp focus when the image is captured. Even with perfect technique at the time an image is captured, a digital photo will almost always require some degree of sharpening to compensate for a variety of factors that contribute to softness. These factors range from the very nature of digital capture, to the way images are printed to paper, and everything in between.

We'll get started exploring the concepts related to sharpening, and get an overview of the various general methods that are available for sharpening. We'll then take a look at one of the first opportunities for sharpening your image, processing the raw capture. Next, we'll take a look at some of the basic and advanced methods of sharpening your images in Photoshop. This involves the use of several different filters, as well as special techniques you can employ, when applying sharpening to an image. I'll also guide you through some techniques that offer more of a creative approach to sharpening your images. In addition to Photoshop's various tools and techniques for sharpening your images, I'll also introduce you to several third party tools that can be used to sharpen your photos.

To help you gain a better understanding of the approach you might take in a given situation, we'll then explore a variety of real-world sharpening projects. These projects will blend several of the concepts and techniques covered in other lessons, showing you how those techniques can be used together to produce the best results possible. The images I use in each lesson are included in a project files folder, organized into folders by chapter name with file names that reflect the content of the photo. I encourage you to use these images to follow along as you go and practice the techniques you'll learn. Sharpening is a surprisingly complex subject, but after completing this workshop, I think you'll have a very strong understanding of sharpening, and will have determined the techniques that make the most sense for your workflow and your style of photography.

I've had fun creating this course and I hope you find it both informative and entertaining. Enjoy (music playing)

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