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Photoshop: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates

with Deke McClelland

Video: Introducing Photoshop forever

Introduces the latest and greatest features in the ever-evolving Photoshop CC.
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  1. 2m 24s
    1. Introducing Photoshop forever
      2m 24s
  2. 1h 11m
    1. Intelligent upsampling with Preserve Details
      7m 43s
    2. The dynamic, editable Liquify filter
      5m 23s
    3. The altogether rewritten Smart Sharpen filter
      9m 1s
    4. The dynamic, editable Blur Gallery
      8m 35s
    5. Correcting camera shake with Shake Reduction
      8m 49s
    6. Using the Perspective Warp command
      6m 52s
    7. Working with linked Smart Objects
      7m 59s
    8. The shape-based Maximum filter
      6m 23s
    9. Creating conditional multistep actions
      10m 23s
  3. 26m 35s
    1. Applying Camera Raw as a Smart Filter
      8m 59s
    2. Automatic level and perspective correction
      4m 32s
    3. Painting with the Spot Removal tool
      6m 55s
    4. Creating vignettes with the Radial Filter tool
      6m 9s
  4. 25m 32s
    1. Autocorrecting GoPro lens distortion
      3m 34s
    2. Stitching together an aerial panorama
      13m 31s
    3. Developing an HDR shot in Camera Raw
      8m 27s
  5. 36m 19s
    1. Color Range: Highlights, midtones, and shadows
      10m 38s
    2. Isolating and releasing layers
      9m 23s
    3. Copying CSS code from specialty layers
      7m 2s
    4. Autogenerating web image assets
      9m 16s
  6. 41m 1s
    1. Shape properties and independent round corners
      11m 21s
    2. Other shape and path enhancements
      7m 42s
    3. You can now customize script patterns
      10m 13s
    4. Picture Frame and Tree
      11m 45s
  7. 42m 33s
    1. Enhanced 3D lighting with 32-bit color
      8m 27s
    2. The new default 3D image-based light
      8m 16s
    3. Duplicating, deleting, and grouping 3D objects
      7m 57s
    4. Live 3D painting
      8m 18s
    5. 3D printing in Photoshop!
      9m 35s
  8. 58s
    1. Where to go next

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Photoshop: 2013 Creative Cloud Updates
Video duration: 0s 4h 6m Intermediate Updated Jan 16, 2014


Join Adobe expert Deke McClelland as he explains how Photoshop has evolved into the rich toolset that is Photoshop CC. In this course, Deke explains the premise of "Photoshop forever" and introduces you to the latest and greatest features in this continually evolving program. Learn to apply dynamic, editable filters and effects, make perspective corrections in Camera Raw, integrate CSS code on special layers in your document, build multistep actions to automate your work, and work with 3D imaging.

Note: Adobe Creative Cloud is updated on a regular basis. We will add more tutorials as features are added or changed, so check back often.

Topics include:
  • Upsampling intelligently with Preserve Details
  • Working with the improved Liquify and Smart Sharpen filters
  • Applying Camera Raw as a Smart Filter
  • Automating level and perspective correction
  • Creating vignettes with the Radial Filters tool
  • Isolating and releasing layers
  • Painting on 3D objects
Design Photography

Introducing Photoshop forever

(MUSIC). Hi, I'm Deke McClelland. Welcome to the new features in Photoshop. Updating continuously, and one might even say relentlessly thanks to the Creative Cloud. Now since the advent of commercial software, we've gotten in the habit of thinking in terms of version numbers. So where, creative suite is concerned, there was CS6, and before that CS5, and so forth, that is a thing of the past. As a Creative Cloud subscriber, you will now always have the most current, version, of Photoshop. And you will be prompted to update every time a new version, is available. So instead of waiting 18 months, or even, a couple of years between versions of Photoshop.

You will receive updates at least every six months is my understanding from Adobe. Now, this may sound a little overwhelming. Who needs new features every six months? Well, you do of course. And I'm going to be here to tell you exactly how those features work. So, the next time you're prompted to update Photoshop, go ahead and do so. And then come back to this course and I will have new movies for you. Teaching you how those new features work. Three things up front here.

First of all, Photoshop supports high resolution screen displays, such as retina displays in the Mac. Or high dpi screens on a PC and I cannot tell you what a game changer this is. Photoshop is so beautiful, it's near print resolution. 221 ppi in the case of my MacBook Pro 15 inch and it's way better than print because there's no half tone dots. The colors are better and so forth. So great. Second, we've gotten used to thinking in terms of Photoshop standard, which has all of the image editing functions, and then Photoshop Extended, which had 3D.

Again, no more, every version of photoshop has 3D. And finally, if you enjoy using bridge as a file browser and management tool, It doesn't get installed automatically along with Photo Shop, you have to install it manually. However it is available along with the Creative Cloud. And when you install Bridge, you also install Mini-Bridge into Photoshop, otherwise all the new features are documented in the following videos. Please watch and enjoy.

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Q: This course was updated on 01/16/2014. What changed?
A: When Creative Cloud applications are updated, we refresh our training to make sure it covers the latest features and interface changes from Adobe. This update covers Perspective Warp, linked Smart Objects, specialty photography updates for GoPro and HDR images, web asset production, independent round corners, and 3D imaging and printing enhancements.





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