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High dynamic range

High dynamic range provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Rufus Deuchler as part o… Show More

Photoshop CS5 New Features Overview

with Rufus Deuchler

Video: High dynamic range

High dynamic range provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Rufus Deuchler as part of the Photoshop CS5 New Features Overview
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High dynamic range
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High dynamic range provides you with in-depth training on Design. Taught by Rufus Deuchler as part of the Photoshop CS5 New Features Overview

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There are so many new features in Adobe Photoshop CS5 that you can easily get overwhelmed. In this course, Rufus Deuchler is at your disposal. Want to learn about the new Workspace Switcher? Mini Bridge? Content-Aware Fill, Puppet Warp, Bristle Brushes? Rufus's productivity-focused, no-nonsense approach will help you quickly learn what you need to know to get the most out of the new and enhanced features in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Topics include:
  • Photoshop CS5 workspace improvements
  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Complex selections
  • Bristle Brushes and the new Mixer Brush
  • Adobe Camera Raw 6
  • CS Review online commenting
  • Adobe Repoussé
  • Working with 3D
Design Photography video2brain

High dynamic range

In Photoshop CS5, there has been a lot of improvement as far as HDR, High Dynamic Range is concerned. We have an improved user interface, we have faster algorithms. So, everything is much faster, when you actually create the HDR. And the cool thing is that we can now access our images from the Mini Bridge. And this is an example of, what I would use to create an HDR image. These are images that are taken at different shutter speeds to capture a variety of details.

Let's go into review mode very quickly to show you what I mean. This first picture here had a longer exposure time, and therefore, burning out all the sky, where the most light is, but giving us detail here in the foreground. This was a picture taken with a normal shutter speed, where we have detail both in the sky and in the foreground. But the whole image is pretty dull, because we have this uniformity of tone. And then this third image was taken at a fast shutter speed where we could capture the clouds and the sky, but we've lost everything here in the foreground. So, let's go back to Mini Bridge and from within my tools, I can now tell Photoshop to actually merge those three images to HDR Pro. So, let's click on here.

And what Photoshop does is it takes all of these images and places them on top of each other. And then, we'll open the HDR Pro window. Here we are, let's resize the window slightly and look at the result. To begin with, we have a picture that shows us all of the elements that we can actually play with. We have the sky, we have the foreground and everything still looks pretty dull. But the first thing we can do is actually work in the Tone and Detail area here. And maybe lower the gamma a little bit to get a different type of image here or a bit like this.

We can change the exposure so to get a little bit more light, but we're losing the sky again. So, let's do something like this. Maybe you want more detail. So, we can pump up the detail percentage here. And you can see that everything becomes crisper and sharper. And we can also change the highlights. So, to give a little bit of light up here in the sky. But, as you can see, we're actually starting to get more information inside of that image.

Information that we had in none of these single images. And then, we can also change the Edge Glow. For example, the radius of that Edge Glow and you will see what I mean in a second as soon as I start sliding the slider here. You can see that in the image, the difference between the darker parts and the lighter parts actually have an edge and we can make that Edge Glow. We can also change the strength of that glow and really get that HDR effect into our image. We can also change the color vibrance and saturation.

So, if I up that percentage, you will see that I get more vibrance in my colors. And sometimes, I would like also to saturate the colors more, to maybe get the green back here in the pastures. And you can see that as we go along, this image becomes more and more interesting. And we can get more elements out of this image. We get the sky, we get the foreground, we get everything. We can also use the curve here to do the same kind of job by moving the curve around on that histogram. But let's move back to the color and show you some of the presets because everything you can do in here, you can actually save as a preset and reuse in the future.

So, let's look at some of these presets. We have presets for more saturated pictures. Just so if we select this, this picture will be more saturated. So, we have a lot of saturation here. And this is actually a good way also to learn how to use Edge Glow, Tone and Detail, to see how these were used to get certain effects here, up here in the presets. Other things I like are the surrealistic presets, for example, high contrast, this gives a pretty interesting image here. Or surrealistic low contrast, where we have a little bit of, of fuzziness and it gives this kind of eerie feeling.

Let's look at the last one. Maybe photo realistic high contrast, something like that. Okay? And then, we can go back in and change the saturation and get exactly the picture that we need. Once we're done, we would press the Enter key and the image will then go back to Photoshop and we can continue working on it. But there's another thing that I wanted to show you inside of Photoshop and And that is HDR toning. because if you don't have three pictures with three different exposure times, you can also create that sort of picture on a single one. So, let's go back into my demo files here and take a picture, for example, let's see, if I can find it here.

Let's see. It should be here somewhere. Let's take this one here. Double click in Mini Bridge, it opens in Photoshop. And then, under image adjustments, I can choose HDR toning now, to make a full HDR on that picture. And again, we can change the Edge Glow, Tone and Detail and the Color. And we even have, let me make that slightly smaller, the Toning Curve and Histogram.

Exactly like we have inside of the HDR Pro window. Again, here we have a whole bunch of presets. The same as that we find in the HDR Pro window. And this allows me to, choose very quickly Surrealistic High Contrast, and change that single image to something that looks like an HDR image. Pretty cool. Let's try some other, Monochromatic. Okay, more saturated, okay. So, very, very quickly I can get that HDR look and feel. So, I can either use the normal way of doing HDR which is taking several pictures at different shutter speeds or I can take a single picture and apply the HDR Toning Effect to it.

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