Photoshop CS3 for Photographers
Illustration by Bruce Heavin

Photoshop CS3 for Photographers

with Chris Orwig

Video: Crop and Canvas Size

One of the things I want to show here is a pretty cool feature, and it has to do with the Crop tool. Go ahead and select your Crop tool, and then select a color from your Background color picker. Now, you can do that in your toolbox. If you hover over these two colors, you'll see the front one is foreground, the one in the back is background, and I'm going to select, let's say a real dark deep gray there. Click OK. Now that, that is my background color, I'm going to select my Crop tool, then in the Options bar up top, I'm going to press the Clear button, so I have no width or height or resolution dimensions.
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  1. 16m 41s
    1. Welcome
    2. Strategies for success pt. 1: Taking visual snapshots
      2m 17s
    3. Strategies for success pt. 2: The 30-minute blink
      2m 3s
    4. Strategies for success pt. 3: Isolation
      2m 31s
    5. Strategies for success pt. 4: Notebooks
      2m 5s
    6. Strategies for success pt. 5: Left and right brain
      1m 42s
    7. Strategies for success pt. 6: Say it out loud
      2m 9s
    8. Resources and photo links
      3m 3s
  2. 18m 24s
    1. What's new in Photoshop CS3?
      3m 2s
    2. Understanding Photoshop CS3
      3m 33s
    3. The Toolbox
      2m 22s
    4. Panels 101
      2m 48s
    5. Customizing your workspace
      3m 31s
    6. Palette View modes
      3m 8s
  3. 20m 41s
    1. Custom menus
      2m 22s
    2. Custom shortcuts
      1m 55s
    3. Essential general and interface preferences
      2m 57s
    4. Essential file handling and performance preferences
      4m 11s
    5. Other essential preferences
      3m 46s
    6. Color settings
      5m 30s
  4. 26m 14s
    1. Bit depth 101
      5m 26s
    2. Introducing image size
      3m 22s
    3. Image Resize
      5m 31s
    4. Crop and Resize
      3m 24s
    5. Crop and Canvas Size
      3m 22s
    6. Straighten
      2m 14s
    7. Crop Rotation
      2m 55s
  5. 12m 37s
    1. Introducing color management
      2m 24s
    2. Monitor calibration basics
      2m 14s
    3. Advanced monitor calibration
      3m 0s
    4. Creating a neutral work environment
      3m 15s
    5. Creative tip interlude
      1m 44s
  6. 20m 4s
    1. Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom
      4m 24s
    2. What is Bridge?
      1m 38s
    3. Bridge overview
      4m 18s
    4. General Bridge preferences
      3m 28s
    5. Thumbnail Bridge preferences
      3m 13s
    6. Other Bridge preferences
      3m 3s
  7. 42m 40s
    1. The Bridge interface
      4m 1s
    2. Setting up the workspace
      7m 3s
    3. Customizing the workspace
      2m 58s
    4. Using Bridge for rating/sorting
      3m 13s
    5. Sorting with filters
      1m 40s
    6. Previewing multiple files
      3m 55s
    7. Stacking
      3m 47s
    8. Batch renaming
      3m 4s
    9. The new Bridge slideshow
      5m 11s
    10. Bridge slideshow customization
      6m 43s
    11. The new Bridge window
      1m 5s
  8. 10m 16s
    1. Metadata setup
      1m 40s
    2. Keywords
      2m 39s
    3. Metadata templates
      2m 1s
    4. Filtering based on metadata
      3m 56s
  9. 10m 1s
    1. The amazing Image Processor
      3m 6s
    2. Actions and batch processing
      3m 49s
    3. Creative tip interlude
      3m 6s
  10. 10m 34s
    1. What's the big deal with raw files?
      2m 4s
    2. The Adobe Camera Raw interface
      5m 0s
    3. Camera Raw preferences
      3m 30s
  11. 1h 12m
    1. Camera Raw shortcut
      1m 15s
    2. Understanding raw files
      3m 25s
    3. Raw white balancing
      4m 33s
    4. Raw processing workflow
      6m 39s
    5. Understanding the Camera Raw histogram
      3m 49s
    6. Crop and Straighten
      3m 18s
    7. Vertical Straighten
      1m 30s
    8. Tone
      4m 9s
    9. Sharpen
      2m 53s
    10. Noise Reduction
      2m 7s
    11. Introduction to Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity
      2m 25s
    12. Using Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity to modify color
      1m 51s
    13. Using Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity for focus
      2m 32s
    14. Using Hue, Saturation, and Luminosity for exposure
      2m 12s
    15. Split toning
      1m 13s
    16. Lens Vignette
      1m 37s
    17. Using Lens Vignette for a weathered look
      1m 44s
    18. Saturation
      3m 7s
    19. Vibrance
      2m 42s
    20. Fixing chromatic aberrations
      2m 18s
    21. Import from Camera
      3m 58s
    22. Raw retouching
      4m 25s
    23. Apply Settings to Multiple Images
      4m 19s
    24. Save from Camera Raw
      1m 26s
    25. Open in Photoshop
      1m 25s
    26. Resize Raw in Camera Raw
      1m 40s
  12. 7m 9s
    1. What is the DNG?
      1m 48s
    2. Understanding DNG conversion
      1m 37s
    3. DNG in Camera Raw
      3m 44s
  13. 12m 38s
    1. Introducing black-and-white conversion
      1m 52s
    2. Black-and-white Magic
      3m 48s
    3. Digging deeper into raw black and white
      2m 55s
    4. Black and white and split toning
      4m 3s
  14. 28m 18s
    1. Creative color pt. 1: Nostalgia
      2m 45s
    2. Copy and pasting Camera Raw settings
      1m 42s
    3. Creative color pt. 2: Soft and gold
      4m 39s
    4. Color emphasis through reduction
      2m 31s
    5. Cross-processing
      2m 44s
    6. Graphic effect
      3m 39s
    7. Rock star style
      2m 20s
    8. Contrast, edginess, and light
      2m 56s
    9. Creative tip interlude
      5m 2s
  15. 36m 37s
    1. Introducing layers
      1m 51s
    2. Lock Transparency
      4m 17s
    3. Organizing layers
      3m 6s
    4. Understanding your History
      3m 42s
    5. Using the History brush
      2m 9s
    6. Initial layer organization
      2m 38s
    7. Shortcut to copy a layer
      3m 24s
    8. Layer style effects
      2m 11s
    9. Creating a clipping mask
      2m 37s
    10. Aligning layers
      2m 19s
    11. Creating a new layer
      2m 36s
    12. Shortcut to target and move layers
      1m 32s
    13. Creative shortcut 1: Creating a new layer below
      1m 7s
    14. Creative shortcut 2: Layers
      3m 8s
  16. 31m 1s
    1. Introducing masking
      2m 39s
    2. Using masking
      3m 9s
    3. Masking and color
      2m 50s
    4. Masking and desaturation
      3m 29s
    5. Masking shortcuts
      3m 4s
    6. Modifying color
      3m 47s
    7. Masking and sharpening
      3m 46s
    8. Masking and brightening
      4m 29s
    9. Making quick mask selections
      3m 48s
  17. 8m 46s
    1. Creating a custom border using masking
      2m 40s
    2. Using pre-built borders
      3m 27s
    3. Resources and frames file
      2m 39s
  18. 36m 43s
    1. The all-new Quick Select tool
      2m 2s
    2. Refine Edges
      2m 48s
    3. Marquee selections
      4m 28s
    4. The Magic Wand
      2m 27s
    5. The Lasso tool
      2m 18s
    6. Color range selections
      5m 52s
    7. Advanced selections using paths
      1m 28s
    8. Selections and paths
      6m 52s
    9. Paths and masking
      2m 21s
    10. The Magnetic Lasso tool and paths
      3m 47s
    11. Paths and advanced masking
      2m 20s
  19. 13m 13s
    1. Introducing levels
      2m 7s
    2. Enhancing color and tone
      2m 18s
    3. Modifying color
      3m 4s
    4. Levels and masking
      2m 22s
    5. Advanced levels and masking
      3m 22s
  20. 40m 47s
    1. Demystifying curves
      3m 25s
    2. Curves and the Color Wheel
      4m 32s
    3. Cool demo with curves
      1m 34s
    4. Curves presets
      2m 26s
    5. Curves for contrast and tone
      4m 8s
    6. Midtone and advanced blending
      2m 14s
    7. Curves and general Hue/Saturation
      1m 52s
    8. Curves and advanced Hue/Saturation
      2m 22s
    9. Enhancing color
      2m 18s
    10. Curves and masking
      3m 50s
    11. Curves, masking, and tone
      3m 38s
    12. Creative inspiration pt. 1: Curves, masking, and tone
      4m 12s
    13. Creative inspiration pt. 2: Using curves for publication
      4m 16s
  21. 16m 7s
    1. Introducing blend modes
      2m 50s
    2. Understanding blend modes
      1m 34s
    3. Blend modes visualized
      4m 32s
    4. Blending multiple images
      5m 7s
    5. Creative tip interlude
      2m 4s
  22. 39m 56s
    1. Introducing color correction with eyedroppers
      2m 46s
    2. Advanced color correction with eyedroppers
      2m 39s
    3. Color correction and midtones
      1m 50s
    4. Color correction with a color chart
      2m 34s
    5. Combining multiple images and using a color chart
      2m 45s
    6. Color correction with the Macbeth color chart
      2m 43s
    7. Introduction to color correction by the numbers
      3m 34s
    8. Details of color correction by the numbers
      3m 38s
    9. Color correction pt. 1: Light skin tone
      2m 55s
    10. Color correction pt. 2: Light skin tone
      3m 27s
    11. Color correction pt. 3: Dark Skin Tone
      3m 45s
    12. Color correction pt. 4: Medium Skin Tone
      3m 18s
    13. Advanced color correction: Multiple skin tones
      4m 2s
  23. 22m 56s
    1. Replacing color with Hue/Saturation
      2m 6s
    2. Image adjustment: Replace Color
      2m 30s
    3. Selective Color
      1m 40s
    4. Color Focus
      2m 35s
    5. Adding color and blend modes
      1m 53s
    6. Enhancing a portrait with sunset colors
      3m 59s
    7. Enhancing a landscape with sunrise colors
      3m 26s
    8. Enhancing color in a group shot
      2m 5s
    9. Using photo filters
      2m 42s
  24. 22m 54s
    1. Introducing to Burn and Dodge
      4m 1s
    2. Burning in the corners
      4m 37s
    3. Bringing down highlights
      3m 16s
    4. Improving composition with burning
      4m 5s
    5. Reducing highlights
      3m 15s
    6. Bonus color modifications
      3m 40s
  25. 19m 20s
    1. Introducing black-and-white conversion
      2m 45s
    2. New CS3 black-and-white conversions
      2m 31s
    3. Black-and-white presets
      5m 57s
    4. Advanced black-and-white and color conversions
      4m 14s
    5. Creative tip interlude
      3m 53s
  26. 8m 34s
    1. The all-new CS3 Smart Filters
      2m 36s
    2. Applying Smart Filters
      2m 49s
    3. A photographic approach to filters
      3m 9s
  27. 16m 6s
    1. The Noise Reduction filter
      5m 20s
    2. Noise reduction and color range
      5m 18s
    3. Advanced noise reduction
      1m 35s
    4. Advanced noise reduction using channels
      3m 53s
  28. 27m 39s
    1. The Dust and Scratches filter
      4m 30s
    2. The Dust and Scratches filter and masking
      3m 14s
    3. Dust removal with advanced cloning and blending
      4m 3s
    4. Introducing the trio of healing tools
      5m 35s
    5. Clean up with the healing tools
      6m 14s
    6. Image cleanup with what's there
      2m 9s
    7. Removing red-eye
      1m 54s
  29. 56m 54s
    1. Gallery: Removing an extension cord
      3m 56s
    2. Family portrait: Cleaning up the background
      2m 50s
    3. Architecture: Reducing and simplifying
      7m 30s
    4. Surfing: Removing a person
      5m 55s
    5. Retouching by merging layers
      5m 1s
    6. Fashion pt. 1: Removing flyaways
      5m 25s
    7. Fashion pt. 2: Reducing highlights
      7m 33s
    8. Fashion pt. 3: General cleanup
      5m 16s
    9. Wrinkle reductions
      3m 56s
    10. Eye brightening
      3m 44s
    11. Eye color modification
      2m 21s
    12. Teeth whitening
      3m 27s
  30. 27m 37s
    1. Introducing Smart Sharpen
      2m 8s
    2. Smart Sharpen demystified
      5m 3s
    3. Smart Sharpen and masking
      6m 24s
    4. High Pass sharpening
      7m 31s
    5. Advanced High Pass sharpening
      3m 30s
    6. High Pass small detail sharpening
      3m 1s
  31. 23m 26s
    1. Resizing for the web and email
      3m 34s
    2. Image size considerations
      2m 46s
    3. Preparing files for the web
      1m 24s
    4. Sharpening and curves for the web
      2m 16s
    5. Color space conversion: The most important step
      2m 26s
    6. Optimizing images with Save for Web
      2m 49s
    7. New Save for Web and sRGB functions
      1m 22s
    8. Creating a web gallery
      5m 35s
    9. Online photo-sharing sites
      1m 14s
  32. 40m 5s
    1. Creating contact sheets
      3m 15s
    2. Contact sheet creativity
      3m 4s
    3. Saving time and resources with Picture Package
      3m 37s
    4. Multi-page web PDFs
      5m 18s
    5. High resolution, full-screen PDF presentation
      3m 1s
    6. Ordering prints through Bridge
      2m 7s
    7. Desktop printing recommendations
      2m 30s
    8. Printing preparation
      4m 32s
    9. Soft-proofing to previsualize prints
      3m 1s
    10. New CS3 print dialog pt. 1: Introduction
      3m 9s
    11. New CS3 print dialog pt. 2: Color management
      2m 29s
    12. New CS3 print dialog pt. 3: Output settings
      1m 46s
    13. Print settings
      2m 16s
  33. 37s
    1. Goodbye

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Watch the Online Video Course Photoshop CS3 for Photographers
13h 20m Beginner Jun 15, 2007

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Photoshop CS3 for Photographers covers all the essential techniques a digital photographer needs to master in order to take advantage of Photoshop's possibilities. Instructor Chris Orwig teaches everything from the key elements to the advanced tools of the application, demonstrating how to apply them for the best photographic results in print or online. He also gets into the nitty-gritty of using Photoshop, from working with Camera Raw to finessing a retouch. Exercise files accompany this training.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the workspace and palettes
  • Determining color settings and preferences
  • Processing and working creatively with Camera Raw
  • Using layers, masking, and blend modes effectively
  • Correcting color at an advanced level
  • Adding effects, sharpening, and removing noise
  • Burning and dodging non-destructively
  • Cleaning up and retouching images
  • Getting images online and in print
  • Increasing the photographic quality of images
Chris Orwig

Crop and Canvas Size

One of the things I want to show here is a pretty cool feature, and it has to do with the Crop tool. Go ahead and select your Crop tool, and then select a color from your Background color picker. Now, you can do that in your toolbox. If you hover over these two colors, you'll see the front one is foreground, the one in the back is background, and I'm going to select, let's say a real dark deep gray there. Click OK. Now that, that is my background color, I'm going to select my Crop tool, then in the Options bar up top, I'm going to press the Clear button, so I have no width or height or resolution dimensions.

Then click and drag to expand the Crop tool and then I'm going to expand it past my image. And what I'm looking to do here is to increase my document size. Because let's say I want to create a print where I have an image, and then possibly something else over here, some copy. Now, I've created a crop that's larger than the image. I'm going to apply that, voila. I have now expanded my document size and that is pretty cool, because I didn't even have to do that by going to my Canvas Size dialog window. I could do it in a real visual way.

Let's undo that, Cmd + Z, and let's say we need to get something a little bit more specific. What I want to do is print this image on an 8 x 10 piece of paper so, I'm going to go 10 x 8, and I'm going to go 240 pixels per inch. Now, here's my Crop tool. Now, this is going to give me the proportions, so that I can print this at 8 x 10 and I double-click the Crop tool. And now we can see that this image, if we open up our Image Size dialog window, is sitting inside of an 8 x 10 document, and that's pretty cool.

It's a nice way to resize our document. Whatever color you choose as your background color, will be the color by default that you see there when you expand your crop. Okay, let's undo that one, Cmd + Z. Let's look at another technique for cropping our images. Of course, we can use the Crop tool. We can also use our Marquee Selection tool. Shortcut, M, or it's the second in the toolbox there. Go ahead and select it, and what I want to do is I just want to get a little bit of a tighter crop on this. I want just the lamppost, and sign down here. So I'm clicking and dragging to create a selection. I can then move that selection around, either with my arrow keys or by picking up with my cursor and moving it around. Now, once I have a really good selection-- I'm going to double-click the Hand tool so I can actually see this. So, yeah, you know that's a pretty good selection for what I want to do. I can then go to Image > Crop and it's going to crop this image based on the selection I made with my Marquee Tool. Go ahead and select Crop. Then I want to deselect by going to Select > Deselect, or the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + D. Double-click the hand tool, so it fits it in view, and that is pretty cool.

And yet, another way to crop our image, and now it has become something that's completely different. One of the things that I like to do when I have taken an image to this point is I like to press Tab to get rid of my toolbox and palettes, and then press F. Go to that full-screen view mode, and just take a look at the image itself without all the clutter of everything else, and it will help you determine if you're going in a good direction. Alright, well, that wraps up this one. I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

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