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Adjusting brush shapes


Photoshop CS6 Image Cleanup Workshop

with Tim Grey

Video: Adjusting brush shapes

Adjusting brush shapes provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Tim Grey as part of the Photoshop CS6 Image Cleanup Workshop
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Video Duration: 3m 38s2h 13m Beginner Apr 23, 2012

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No matter how careful you are when capturing your photographic images, there are going to be issues that you find later—whether it's little spots or blemishes, or bigger problems like color casts or chromatic aberration. In this workshop, Tim Grey shares his techniques for cleaning up your images with Adobe Photoshop. After getting an overview of image-cleanup concepts and tools, learn how to remove spots, correct color problems, eliminate noise, fix red eye, and much more. Tim also shares advanced techniques like making gradient adjustments, extending the frame, and using multiple exposures to remove people from an image. This course covers all you need to know to remove distractions in an image that keep your genius from shining through.

Topics include:
  • The ethics of cleanup
  • Reviewing the image
  • Nondestructive cleanup
  • Cleanup tools and techniques
  • Removing strong color casts
  • Gradient adjustments
  • Extending the frame
  • Using multiple exposures to remove subjects from an image
Photography video2brain
Tim Grey

Adjusting brush shapes

There seems to be a little bit of a tendency when using Photoshop to use the tool with the default settings. And not really leverage all of the options that are available when it comes to adjusting the behavior of a given tool. That can make some of your image clean up work a little bit more challenging. For example, if I wanted to clean up this scratch on the hood of a car that goes right in between the flower petals that are painted there. Then I'd have a little bit of a challenge. If I were to use the Clone stamp tool for example, I would need to reduce the size of the brush rather significantly to get down into that small area.

However, if I change the shape of my brush, that work can be a lot easier. And the ability to change the shape of the brush might not be readily apparent. I'll go ahead and create a new layer by clicking on the Create New Layer button at the bottom of the Layers panel. And then I'll double-click on the name of the layer, and type a new name. I'll just call this Cleanup, and I'll press Enter or Return to rename that layer. And then I'll make sure that the settings are as I want them for the Clone Stamp tool in particular making sure that the Sample setting is at All Layers. And that I've turned on the option to ignore the effect of Adjustment Layers.

I can then click the Brush panel button on the Options bar for the Clone Stamp tool and adjust the shape of my brush. In particular I want to adjust the roundness and the angle. I'll go ahead and increase the size of the brush, and then I'm going to reduce the roundness. I'll go ahead and just click my mouse inside the roundness field, and then I'm going to move my mouse back over the image. So that I can see the shape of the brush as I modify it. I'll then use the Up and Down arrow Keys to adjust the roundness value. I'll hold the Shift key, so that I can increase by larger increments. And then I'll use the Down arrow key to reduce by 10% increments at a time until I have the brush tip shaped the way I think I'd like it, in terms of that roundness.

And essentially squishing that circle down into an oval shape. I'll then go to the Angle field, I'll go ahead and click in the Angle field, and once again move the mouse back out over the image. And now I can adjust the angle with the Up and Down Arrow Keys, again using the Shift key as well if I want to adjust in 10% increments. I'll move the brush as I fine tune the shape, rotating the angle and that looks to be a pretty good setting right about there. So, you can see now I have a larger brush that's able to get into that little nook in this particular image. Obviously each image is going to be a little bit different. For example if I was cleaning up over on this side of this little flower, then I would need a completely different angle, you can actually save these settings. I'll go ahead and save this brush.

I'll call it my 15 degree 20% roundness brush. I will go ahead and click on the New Brush Preset option, and I'll type 15 degree 20% roundness. Now, obviously I can reference the direction the brush is pointing, whatever it is that helps me to make a better sense of what that brush looks like. I'll go ahead and click OK. And in the future you will see that I can choose that brush from the bottom of the brush pop up on the Options bar for the Clone Stamp tool. So, I could create several different brushes at different angles, and different roundnesses and then switch between them as needed.

Or of course I could customize the brush every time I need to fine tune the shape. Adjusting the roundness and angle to suit the clean up work that I need to do. I'm in good shape now though. I'll go ahead and close the Brush panel, and then I'll hold the Alt key on Windows or the Option key on Macintosh to choose a source area for my pixels. And then I'll get right down into that nook and click and drag across the blemish here. And you can see I'm able to make much faster work of this clean up task, because I fine tuned the shape of that brush.

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