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Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Type Effects

with Deke McClelland

Video: Welcome

Shows how to design a variety of vibrant 3D type effects in Photoshop Extended.
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  1. 2m 25s
    1. Welcome
      2m 25s
  2. 47m 32s
    1. Making thriller/chiller type
      4m 14s
    2. Creating a slanted incline
      2m 54s
    3. Smearing colors across letters
      5m 21s
    4. Casting and catching light
      4m 9s
    5. Masking away shadow errors
      4m 35s
    6. Creating drop-and-splatter effects
      6m 16s
    7. Color-correcting 3D in Camera Raw
      4m 11s
    8. Placing Camera Raw and raster art
      5m 56s
    9. Mastering register and knockout
      7m 8s
    10. Combining layer mask and density
      2m 48s
  3. 41m 44s
    1. Making hand-drawn type in 3D
      3m 44s
    2. Tracing letters with filters
      3m 55s
    3. Restoring missing outlines
      3m 46s
    4. Tracing a photographic background
      4m 32s
    5. Separating letters from the extruded sides
      4m 28s
    6. Turning a cartoon into "glory type"
      3m 25s
    7. Making a hand-drawn neon effect
      5m 1s
    8. Changing glow, mask, and color
      3m 35s
    9. Modifying your hand-drawn 3D text
      6m 6s
    10. Updating static layers and masks
      3m 12s
  4. 54m 24s
    1. Making cable-length I-beam extrusions
      5m 37s
    2. Similarly extruding other type layers
      3m 29s
    3. Rotating, positioning, and scaling words
      6m 33s
    4. Removing one texture and creating another
      6m 47s
    5. Dressing up the cable-length I-beams
      4m 8s
    6. Precisely masking your 3D letters
      4m 32s
    7. Brightening the faces of your letters
      5m 47s
    8. Masking the extruded sides
      5m 56s
    9. Painting in a 3D smoke effect
      6m 55s
    10. Knocking out the excess smoke
      4m 40s
  5. 1h 5m
    1. Establishing a worthy grunge background
      3m 53s
    2. Assigning a bevel with a custom contour
      3m 53s
    3. Matching 3D type to a photographic scene
      6m 22s
    4. Lifting masks from plain 3D letters
      4m 48s
    5. Assigning a rusting grunge-metal material
      5m 26s
    6. Creating matching faux-gold bevels
      5m 36s
    7. Tracing the faces of your letters
      4m 19s
    8. Painting in the back-alley slime trails
      8m 7s
    9. Simulating heavy-duty 3D wires
      4m 50s
    10. Adding a crack to any letter
      7m 1s
    11. Lighting a background to match your type
      5m 23s
    12. Post-processing type in Camera Raw
      6m 15s
  6. 35m 24s
    1. Making a 3D pillow inflation
      3m 59s
    2. "Fluffing up" the letters
      3m 55s
    3. Masking and lighting the 3D type
      4m 1s
    4. Casting colorful ground-plane shadows
      4m 46s
    5. Assigning materials and bump maps
      4m 9s
    6. Removing seams from a bump map
      7m 1s
    7. Simulating worn fabric with Soft Noise
      4m 7s
    8. Resolving last-minute lighting issues
      3m 26s
  7. 55m 41s
    1. Making blocky comic-book-style type
      3m 53s
    2. Scaling depth-map bumps
      3m 19s
    3. Using the built-in shadow catcher
      2m 31s
    4. Opening an ACR image from Photoshop
      5m 19s
    5. Tracing and shading the blocks
      4m 42s
    6. Masking block letters with the Magic Wand
      5m 51s
    7. Adding graphic effects to the background
      4m 11s
    8. Masking the base of the letterforms
      7m 12s
    9. Tracing halos around the letter backs
      5m 57s
    10. Creating a circuit board pattern
      5m 7s
    11. Making a complex pattern glow
      4m 49s
    12. Adding bright 2D shadow type
      2m 50s
  8. 47m 38s
    1. Prepping ACR and Illustrator objects
      3m 55s
    2. Reconciling multiple vector constraints
      5m 19s
    3. Fixing the type onto the tree
      2m 42s
    4. Creating a sunken extrusion
      5m 39s
    5. Combining blending modes and diffuse texture
      3m 59s
    6. Bending 3D text as a Smart Object
      4m 25s
    7. Enhancing carved type with Smart Filters
      3m 6s
    8. Masking away the forward extrusions
      3m 54s
    9. Duplicating the carving up the tree
      6m 45s
    10. Masking the many bits of exposed wood
      4m 21s
    11. Dyeing the inside of the hearts red
      3m 33s
  9. 40s
    1. See ya

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Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One: 3D Type Effects
Video duration: 0s 5h 51m Intermediate


In this final installment of Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One, Deke McClelland creates a total of seven 3D type effects from scratch. This project-based course shows how to create and modify 3D type, craft hand-drawn effects, and design complex character extrusions. The course also explains how to color-correct and post-process 3D type in Camera RAW.

Topics include:
  • Smearing colors across letters
  • Creating drop-and-splatter effects
  • Tracing character outlines with smart filters
  • Rotating, positioning, and scaling words
  • Quickly (and accurately) masking 3D letters
  • Assigning complex, high-quality bevels
  • Matching 3D type to a photographic scene
  • Adding a crack to a grunge letter
  • Making a 3D pillow inflation
  • Simulating worn fabric with soft noise
  • Making blocky type using depth maps
  • Carving recessed type in a tree
  • Creating a sunken extrusion
  • Bending 3D text as a Smart Object
3D + Animation Design


Hi I am Deke McClelland. Hello, and welcome to Photoshop CS5 Extended One-on-One 3D Type Effects; the final installment in my four-part series on 3D and Photoshop. In this course, I'll share with you a variety of recipes for creating 3D-type effects in Photoshop extended. We start with this standard text layer inside of Photoshop, and then we extrude and slant the type in 3D space. I go ahead and add what's known as a diffused texture to create these trails of blood, and then I add some bevels and some lights in order to get this effect here.

Now, it wouldn't be Photoshop if you can merge the 3D along with a 2D photograph, and then we go ahead and develop this image in none other than Camera Raw. Next, add the movie poster text. Next comes a Hand Drawn effect. I go ahead and take these letters, rotate them in 3D space, add those wiggly, faux hand-drawn lines. Then, why not just make this text sing? Why not go for something quite the opposite? Wouldn't it be great if you could extract masks of every single surface inside of a 3D graphic? Well it turns out you can, which allows me to brighten up those letters, and then finally add some smoke.

Now, no 3D type course would be complete without grunge type. I go ahead and dress up the letters, add a few 2D elements in order to finish off the scene, and then finally, develop the image inside Camera Raw. What's the opposite of grunge type? Something soft and squishy. I go ahead and turn these letters into pillow inflations, and then wrap them up; add some shadows as well. Math certainly does rock, but it rocks even harder when it's expressed as a depth map. I go ahead and set that text down, light it, project some shadows, integrate it with the photographic texture.

Wouldn't it be great if we could trace each and every block with an outline, and come up with this here? Finally, we've got this tree. Doesn't it just make you want to carve a heart that was created inside Adobe Illustrator? It's projected outward, but ultimately we get this effect here. And of course, since we're using Photoshop, we can repeat this carving over and over again. And that's it my friends. We've got seven different type effects brought to you by Photoshop Extended, and

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