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Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals

with Deke McClelland

Video: Welcome to One-on-One

Deke examines the essential capabilities of the application, from correcting color to retouching portraits.
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  1. 47m 44s
    1. Welcome to One-on-One
      1m 50s
    2. Introducing Photoshop
      3m 47s
    3. Combining one image with another
      4m 24s
    4. Adjusting brightness and contrast
      2m 35s
    5. Adjusting color and tone
      4m 14s
    6. Cloning away unwanted details
      8m 5s
    7. Adding an entire composition
      3m 55s
    8. Creating a dark and stormy sky
      4m 3s
    9. Reducing the noise in the sky
      5m 3s
    10. Sharpening the detail
      2m 37s
    11. Cropping the artwork
      1m 48s
    12. Working with text layers
      5m 23s
  2. 1h 34m
    1. The Adobe Bridge
      1m 19s
    2. Opening an image
      4m 3s
    3. Opening multiple images
      4m 36s
    4. Adding file information
      6m 19s
    5. Introducing Bridge
      3m 21s
    6. A whirlwind tour of Bridge CS4
      7m 6s
    7. Adjusting the interface and thumbnails
      7m 48s
    8. Full-screen preview and rotating
      7m 54s
    9. Ratings and labels
      6m 9s
    10. Filtering thumbnails in the Contents panel
      6m 0s
    11. Moving, copying, and deleting files
      4m 46s
    12. Creating and assigning keywords
      4m 38s
    13. Searches and collections
      5m 30s
    14. Batch renaming
      4m 40s
    15. Grouping images into stacks
      5m 32s
    16. Comparing images in Review mode
      5m 59s
    17. Playing images in a slideshow
      3m 41s
    18. Customizing and saving the workspace
      5m 30s
  3. 46m 32s
    1. Preferences, color settings, and shortcuts
    2. Setting general preferences
      5m 10s
    3. Setting interface preferences
      4m 44s
    4. Changing the color of the pasteboard
      4m 6s
    5. Other preferences
      5m 44s
    6. Installing the CS4 color settings
      5m 4s
    7. Applying color settings in Photoshop and CS4
      4m 2s
    8. Installing the dekeKeys keyboard shortcuts
      4m 49s
    9. Organizing the palettes
      6m 51s
    10. Saving your workspace
      5m 27s
  4. 58m 27s
    1. Getting around with OpenGL
    2. The tabbed-window interface
      4m 20s
    3. Arranging image windows
      5m 31s
    4. Scrolling (aka panning) images
      4m 50s
    5. Common ways to zoom
      3m 38s
    6. The smooth, continuous Zoom tool
      6m 21s
    7. Zooming inside free-floating windows
      4m 16s
    8. Viewing the image at print size
      4m 54s
    9. Contextualized (bird's-eye) scrolling
      3m 56s
    10. Nudging the screen image
      2m 7s
    11. Scroll wheel tricks
      2m 23s
    12. Using the numerical zoom value
      4m 7s
    13. The new Rotate View tool
      6m 12s
    14. Cycling between screen modes
      5m 1s
  5. 1h 27m
    1. Making drab colors look better
      1m 20s
    2. Brightness and contrast
      5m 45s
    3. Adjusting numerical values in Photoshop
      3m 49s
    4. Introducing adjustment layers
      3m 51s
    5. Editing and saving adjustment layers
      4m 34s
    6. Introducing the Histogram
      5m 17s
    7. Using the Histogram palette
      5m 21s
    8. Restoring details with the History brush
      3m 52s
    9. Using the Color Balance feature
      4m 38s
    10. Introducing the Variations command
      3m 53s
    11. Color primaries and complements
      4m 27s
    12. Correcting the color cast
      6m 12s
    13. Fading a static adjustment
      5m 42s
    14. Revert and Undo (for before and after)
      2m 21s
    15. Hue and saturation
      5m 18s
    16. Changing the color of paint
      4m 29s
    17. Adjusting hues selectively
      3m 23s
    18. Refining your color range
      4m 5s
    19. Enhancing a low-saturation image
      1m 59s
    20. The new Target Adjustment tool
      3m 46s
    21. Boosting colors with Vibrance
      3m 12s
  6. 45m 35s
    1. Imaging fundamentals
      1m 4s
    2. What is image size?
      6m 16s
    3. The Image Size command
      5m 20s
    4. Selecting an interpolation option
      3m 43s
    5. Upsampling vs. "real" pixels
      4m 22s
    6. Changing the print resolution
      6m 7s
    7. Downsampling your artwork
      4m 34s
    8. The mythology of upsampling
      7m 40s
    9. Better ways to make an image big
      6m 29s
  7. 44m 51s
    1. Frame wide, crop tight
      1m 4s
    2. Using the Crop tool
      6m 7s
    3. Crop tool presets
      4m 53s
    4. Previewing the crop angle
      4m 32s
    5. The Crop command
      4m 57s
    6. Auto Crop & Straighten
      3m 43s
    7. Straightening an image with the Ruler tool
      5m 40s
    8. Precisely cropping the "wedges"
      5m 4s
    9. Crop without cropping
      4m 46s
    10. Perspective cropping
      4m 5s
  8. 1h 27m
    1. Photoshop versus the real world
      1m 18s
    2. Meet the Selection tools
      5m 14s
    3. Drawing a geometric selection outline
      4m 34s
    4. Blurring a selection outline with Feather
      3m 38s
    5. Dragging and dropping a selection
      3m 36s
    6. Creating a graduated selection
      2m 42s
    7. Aligning one image to another
      2m 40s
    8. Inverting and matching colors
      3m 23s
    9. Matching colors with more control
      4m 54s
    10. Filling and fading a selection
      5m 7s
    11. The fantastical image rotation trick
      2m 25s
    12. The Magic Wand tool
      3m 29s
    13. Tolerance and other options
      6m 58s
    14. Grow, Similar, and Inverse
      4m 17s
    15. The Quick Selection tool
      8m 14s
    16. Deselect and intersect
      2m 57s
    17. Previewing a selection in Quick Mask mode
      5m 58s
    18. Using the Refine Edge command
      5m 21s
    19. The Polygonal Lasso tool
      2m 47s
    20. Saving a selection
      3m 34s
    21. Accessing the Move tool on the fly
      4m 27s
  9. 2h 45m
    1. The benefits of brushing
      1m 4s
    2. Don't be a slave to the brush
      7m 22s
    3. Changing size and hardness
      3m 59s
    4. CS4's size-and-hardness preview trick
      5m 11s
    5. Adjusting roundness and angle
      5m 1s
    6. Brush shape, jitter, and other dynamics
      4m 39s
    7. Miscellaneous Brush palette settings
      2m 27s
    8. Opacity, flow, and the Airbrush option
      5m 25s
    9. Switching blend modes
      6m 54s
    10. Painting with the help of the Rotate view
      5m 3s
    11. Painting with imagery
      5m 21s
    12. Creating photographic artwork
      7m 15s
    13. The new and improved Dodge tool
      4m 56s
    14. Dodging (brightening) shadow detail
      3m 12s
    15. Erasing with the History brush
      6m 28s
    16. The new and improved Burn tool
      5m 14s
    17. Erasing to a snapshot
      3m 18s
    18. Balancing saturation with the Sponge tool
      4m 25s
    19. Brightening yellow or dingy teeth
      4m 42s
    20. Recoloring inaccurate hues
      4m 52s
    21. Why red-eye happens
      3m 58s
    22. Using the Red Eye tool
      4m 36s
    23. Copying areas with the Clone Stamp tool
      4m 7s
    24. Meet the Healing brush tools
      5m 29s
    25. Healing away scratches
      4m 42s
    26. Detail matching
      5m 0s
    27. Fixing a problem edit
      3m 34s
    28. Straight lines and the Fade healing brush
      5m 18s
    29. Rebuilding fine details
      6m 3s
    30. Using the Patch tool
      6m 16s
    31. Combining Magic Wand and Patch
      5m 22s
    32. The Transparent checkbox
      3m 44s
    33. Flipping and rotating with Clone Source
      10m 8s
  10. 1h 1m
    1. The layered composition
      1m 7s
    2. Introducing the Layers palette
      3m 6s
    3. "Jumping" a selection to a layer
      5m 21s
    4. Enlarging with the Spherize filter
      4m 34s
    5. Erasing with a layer mask
      5m 30s
    6. Exploiting the visibility of a layer mask
      5m 41s
    7. Moving a layer
      3m 21s
    8. Auto-switching between layers
      5m 24s
    9. Combining layers into a clipping mask
      4m 42s
    10. Changing the stacking order
      5m 12s
    11. Customizing the transparency grid
      3m 41s
    12. Expanding the canvas size
      5m 47s
    13. Revealing oversized layers
      2m 47s
    14. Feathering a vector-based vignette
      4m 58s
  11. 54m 10s
    1. Printing from Photoshop and the Bridge
      1m 20s
    2. Meet the subjective color-matching image
      5m 41s
    3. Gauging print size
      3m 27s
    4. Scale, position, and page orientation
      5m 44s
    5. Refreshing the print preview
      2m 24s
    6. Output options
      7m 41s
    7. Color management options
      8m 33s
    8. Outputting PDF contact sheets
      11m 45s
    9. Creating a Flash-based web gallery
      7m 35s
  12. 1h 6m
    1. Rules of the Web
      1m 0s
    2. Introducing web graphics
      6m 34s
    3. Building a figure in miniature
      6m 23s
    4. sRGB: the color space of the world wide web
      5m 6s
    5. Creating a comparative "2-up" figure
      5m 47s
    6. Saving a JPEG photograph
      8m 32s
    7. Copyright, Matte, and Blur
      6m 10s
    8. Comparing alternative compression settings
      7m 27s
    9. Downsampling graphic art
      4m 26s
    10. Saving a GIF
      8m 17s
    11. The antiquated GIF vs. the better PNG
      6m 57s
  13. 1m 30s
    1. Until next time
      1m 30s

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Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals
Video duration: 0s 14h 21m Beginner


There's no program like Photoshop for editing photographs and creating photorealistic artwork. And there's no Photoshop teacher like industry expert and Photoshop Hall-of-Famer Deke McClelland. In Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals, Deke examines the essential capabilities of the application, from correcting color to retouching portraits. He also covers navigation, resolution, cropping, selecting, printing, and making web graphics. This course goes beyond basic tips and tricks, and provides the in-depth information and real-world context needed by serious students who want to master the software. Exercise files accompany the course.

Download Deke's customized keyboard layouts and color settings for Photoshop from the Exercise Files tab.

Topics include:
  • Previewing a selection with Quick Mask
  • Feathering a vector-based vignette
  • Creating a Flash-based web gallery
  • Understanding image size and the Image Size command
  • Refining color range and adjusting hues
Design Photography

Welcome to One-on-One

(Music playing.) Hi, I am Deke McClelland. Hello and welcome to Photoshop CS4 One-on-One, my cradle-to-grave, everything-you- need-to-know series on Adobe Photoshop. As the name One-on-One implies, I walk you through Photoshop as if I were teaching it to you in a classroom or corporate consulting environment, except that instead of getting lost in the crowd of students, you receive my individualized attention.

It's just you and me one-on-one. Photoshop is a big application and there is a lot to know. I have broken Photoshop CS4 One-on-One into three parts. Coming up in part one, I will introduce you to the essential topics, the stuff that everyone needs to know in the order you need to know it. We will start with the Adobe Bridge, which lets you open and organize images. Then we will see how to navigate inside Photoshop, how to correct colors, how to crop and straighten images, how to retouch a photograph, how to work with layers, and finally how to print and save for the web.

In later parts, I will lead you into the advanced topics, the ones that are most likely to expand your creative range in the shortest amount of time. By the end, you will have seen everything Photoshop has to offer. This is no Tips and Tricks course. I am going to make sure you understand how Photoshop works and how you work with it. One-on-One is your chance to go from zero to 60, one easy-to-digest movie at a time. Let's start things off with a gentle introduction, by taking a look at what Photoshop can do.

It's a spooky little thing I call 'what Photoshop can do.' Why spooky? You'll see.

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Photoshop CS4 One-on-One: Fundamentals .

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Q: After installing Deke McClelland’s custom color settings in Photoshop, images sent via email or printed have an unexpected color cast. Also, when opening JPEG or PSD images, the color profile is listed as Uncalibrated. Are Deke’s preferences the cause of these problems?
A: If properly implemented, Deke McClelland’s custom color settings will cause any new image to be saved with a color profile.
When saving an archived image (one you've created or edited in the past), choose File>Save As and turn on the Embed Color Porfile: Adobe RGB (1998) check box. If the issue remains unresolved, you csan reset the color settings by choosing Edit > Color Settings and then changing Settings to North America General Purpose 2.






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