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Photoshop CS3 Creative Photographic Techniques

with Chris Orwig

Video: Welcome

A professional photographer explores how to use Photoshop to create beautiful and inspiring images.
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  1. 14m 8s
    1. Welcome
    2. Overview
      2m 21s
    3. Screengrab strategies
      2m 15s
    4. Stretching and shortcuts
      2m 43s
    5. Memorization techniques
      2m 13s
    6. Hardware considerations
      2m 21s
    7. Resources
      1m 23s
  2. 47m 51s
    1. Creative color with Curves
      3m 30s
    2. Curves and blend modes
      1m 49s
    3. The Replace Color tool
      4m 11s
    4. Warming photo filters
      4m 50s
    5. Photo filters and blend modes
      2m 23s
    6. Sepia tone
      9m 24s
    7. Color correction and multiple images
      2m 5s
    8. Color correction - Wind turbine
      8m 46s
    9. Deepening color with Curves and blending
      2m 51s
    10. Masking and Hue/saturation
      4m 4s
    11. Enhancing long exposures
      3m 58s
  3. 19m 13s
    1. Advanced color saturation
      4m 20s
    2. Advanced saturation with Lab
      3m 21s
    3. Lab saturation and Hue/Saturation
      3m 58s
    4. Saturation, color, masking, and tone
      4m 11s
    5. Creative color with Lab
      3m 23s
  4. 23m 24s
    1. Removing reflective color
      2m 11s
    2. Retouching cleanup
      3m 35s
    3. Color correcting and RGB values
      1m 43s
    4. Introduction to skin tone color correction
      2m 1s
    5. Skin tone color correction by the numbers
      2m 34s
    6. Studio color correction - Curves
      3m 12s
    7. Studio color correction - Hue and Selective Color
      3m 38s
    8. Studio color correction - Finishing details
      4m 30s
  5. 22m 6s
    1. Introduction to cross-processing with Curves
      1m 57s
    2. Cross-processing demo
      2m 48s
    3. Applying cross-processing Curves to multiple images
      2m 41s
    4. Saving and applying a cross-process Curve preset
      1m 55s
    5. Custom cross-processing
      3m 57s
    6. Advanced tone and cross-processing effect
      8m 48s
  6. 49m 57s
    1. High-fashion muted tone
      4m 23s
    2. Nostalgic still life
      5m 42s
    3. Back alley edge
      5m 26s
    4. Metal wall and vines
      7m 55s
    5. Pro athlete in a warehouse part 1 - Color and tone
      5m 18s
    6. Pro athlete in a warehouse part 2 - Dodging and type
      6m 55s
    7. Custom brush resources
      2m 35s
    8. Font resources
      2m 10s
    9. Emotive color and tone
      1m 52s
    10. Edgy typography
      2m 3s
    11. Cool custom brushes
      5m 38s
  7. 6m 4s
    1. Lens soft focus - Wind shelter
      1m 52s
    2. Diffuse printing effect - English theatre
      1m 38s
    3. Lens soft focus - My Sophia
      1m 23s
    4. Interlude - Creative Tip - "Artist Statement"
      1m 11s
  8. 8m 38s
    1. Introduction to infrared
      2m 23s
    2. Infrared and tone
      3m 48s
    3. Infrared and foliage
      2m 27s
  9. 5m 5s
    1. Introduction to solarization
      2m 33s
    2. Solarization and creative color
      2m 32s
  10. 34m 56s
    1. Adding light to a backlit subject part 1 - Adding light
      5m 37s
    2. Adding light to a backlit subject part 2 - Masking
      4m 17s
    3. Adding directional light part 1 - Adding copy
      3m 15s
    4. Adding directional light part 2 - San Francisco sign
      6m 8s
    5. Adding light for emphasis - Seattle
      4m 39s
    6. Adding light for drama - Product
      6m 16s
    7. Illumination - San Francisco Bay Bridge
      4m 44s
  11. 11m 53s
    1. Radial motion blur
      2m 1s
    2. Panning motion blur
      3m 50s
    3. Extreme motion blur
      5m 4s
    4. Interlude - Creative Tip - "Just Because"
  12. 38m 26s
    1. Simplicity part 1 - Reduce with selections
      2m 47s
    2. Simplicity part 2 - Masking
      2m 51s
    3. Simplicity part 3 - Final color and tone
      3m 34s
    4. Strength part 1 - Liquify
      3m 55s
    5. Strength part 2 - Zoom
      3m 46s
    6. Strength part 3 - Displacement map
      4m 4s
    7. Speed part 1 - Retouching
      6m 37s
    8. Speed part 2 - Surface blur and curves
      3m 6s
    9. Speed part 3 - Color and zoom
      4m 34s
    10. Speed part 4 - Final color and tone
      3m 12s
  13. 11m 10s
    1. Creative perspective part 1 - Annika - hot spots
      4m 17s
    2. Creative perspective part 2 - Baja beach - burn and color
      2m 40s
    3. Creative perspective part 3 - Baja boats - color and tone
      1m 21s
    4. Creative perspective part 4 - Seattle - black and white
      1m 22s
    5. Creative perspective part 5 - Train sign - reducing noise
      1m 30s
  14. 23m 57s
    1. Adding grain with the Film Grain filter
      2m 44s
    2. Adding grain with the Noise filter
      3m 24s
    3. Exposure plug-in demo
      2m 29s
    4. Color and grain with Exposure
      3m 23s
    5. Black and white and grain with Exposure
      3m 51s
    6. Black and white, grain, and color with Exposure
      4m 28s
    7. Infrared and grain with Exposure
      3m 38s
  15. 19m 37s
    1. Adding depth
      8m 15s
    2. Curves, Color, Noise, and Blend modes
      5m 1s
    3. Filter, Textures, and Blend modes
      5m 19s
    4. Interlude - Creative Tip - "Reduce & Simplify"
      1m 2s
  16. 16m 47s
    1. Applying prebuilt frames
      2m 29s
    2. Buidling custom frames with a mask
      1m 36s
    3. Sample frames
      2m 15s
    4. PhotoFrame plug-in part 1 - Introduction
      3m 12s
    5. PhotoFrame plug-in part 2 - Details
      4m 32s
    6. PhotoFrame plug-in part 3 - Samples and inspiration
    7. PhotoFrame plug-in part 4 - Combining multiple frames
      1m 45s
  17. 44m 16s
    1. Wisdom
      7m 37s
    2. Loneliness
      7m 57s
    3. Verticals
      3m 20s
    4. Memory
      2m 53s
    5. Dream
      1m 56s
    6. Infinite
      1m 38s
    7. Flamenco
      3m 35s
    8. Song
      2m 31s
    9. Today
      2m 18s
    10. Texture
      3m 17s
    11. My little princess
      7m 14s
  18. 19m 27s
    1. Grid photo montage part 1 - Five-minute walk
      3m 33s
    2. Grid photo montage part 2 - Sophia
      2m 58s
    3. Apple picking part 1 - Layout
      4m 23s
    4. Apple picking part 2 - Arrange, crop, type
      4m 4s
    5. Grid photo montage part 3 - Austin, Texas - details
      4m 29s
  19. 14m 53s
    1. The Iceberg - Ralph Clevenger
      2m 7s
    2. Photoshop composite inspiration - Websites
      5m 11s
    3. Deconstructing a realistic composite part 1 - The airplane
      5m 15s
    4. Deconstructing a realistic composite part 2 - The firefighters
      2m 20s
  20. 13m 11s
    1. Drop shadows and beyond
      4m 4s
    2. Blend modes and Shadow Tint
      3m 30s
    3. Shadow point of contact
      2m 24s
    4. Creating different versions
      3m 13s
  21. 35m 57s
    1. Flag - Combining depths of fields
      4m 37s
    2. Adding a new sky to an image
      6m 33s
    3. Athlete part 1 - Setting the stage
      2m 48s
    4. Athlete part 2 - Masking
      3m 26s
    5. Athlete part 3 - Color and tone
      2m 58s
    6. Nature - Combination of foreground and sky
      2m 41s
    7. Architecture part 1 - Combination of interior and exterior
      5m 17s
    8. Architecture part 2 - Exterior ambience and sky
      2m 45s
    9. Architecture part 3 - Combination of clouds and light at sunset
      4m 52s
  22. 18m 12s
    1. Architecture interior part 1 - Auto-Align
      2m 28s
    2. Architecture interior part 2 - Auto-Blend
      2m 21s
    3. Architecture interior part 3 - Finishing details
      4m 48s
    4. Family portrait - Auto-Align and blending multiple exposures
      1m 58s
    5. Kids - Auto-Align and Auto-Blend
      3m 32s
    6. Vertical architecture exterior - Auto-Align and Auto-Blend
      3m 5s
  23. 5m 33s
    1. Panorama part 1 - Road to Mt. McKinley, Alaska
      3m 37s
    2. Panorama part 2 - Sequoia National Park
      1m 56s
  24. 11m 52s
    1. Exterior - Correcting keystoning
      3m 39s
    2. Interior - Correcting perspective
      3m 31s
    3. Lens correction decisions
      1m 34s
    4. Lens correction and people
      1m 11s
    5. Interlude - Creative Tip - "Defining Yourself"
      1m 57s
  25. 6m 12s
    1. Single plane - Adding graffiti
      4m 7s
    2. Multiple planes - Adding reflections
      2m 5s
  26. 8m 4s
    1. Deconstructing the Lens Blur effect
      2m 51s
    2. The Lens Blur effect in action
      2m 50s
    3. Lens Blur and a radial alpha channel
      2m 23s
  27. 14m 5s
    1. Image processor
      3m 10s
    2. Layer comps
      2m 12s
    3. Custom shortcuts
      2m 9s
    4. Recording custom actions
      2m 29s
    5. Batch processing with actions
      2m 30s
    6. Interlude - Creative Tip - "Carry your camera"
      1m 35s
  28. 22m 53s
    1. Deconstructing Smart Sharpen
      3m 39s
    2. Advanced Smart Sharpen settings
      2m 2s
    3. Sharpening and blend modes
      2m 35s
    4. Sharpening a person
      5m 29s
    5. Sharpening a flower
      4m 33s
    6. Advanced edge sharpening with High Pass part 1 - Flower
      2m 0s
    7. Advanced edge sharpening with High Pass part 2 - Beehive
      2m 35s
  29. 43m 44s
    1. Typography resources
      2m 33s
    2. Modifying Type
      4m 38s
    3. Typography Tips
      5m 3s
    4. Adding type to a promo card
      3m 36s
    5. Adding a logo to a promo card
      3m 23s
    6. Building a grid-based promo card
      5m 10s
    7. Building rapport with a promo card
      2m 32s
    8. Business card resources
      3m 32s
    9. Designing the front of a business card
      5m 57s
    10. Designing the back of a business card
      7m 20s
  30. 46m 27s
    1. Printer considerations
      1m 20s
    2. Paper recommendations
      1m 8s
    3. Paper resources
      3m 11s
    4. Test printing sample files online
      2m 43s
    5. Test-print file resources - Downloads
      4m 1s
    6. Soft proofing
      2m 55s
    7. Photoshop Print dialog settings
      4m 7s
    8. Printer dialog settings
      3m 6s
    9. Printing and the gamut
      5m 20s
    10. Specialty paper printing
      3m 17s
    11. Printing saturated colors and rendering intents
      6m 18s
    12. Test-strip printing part 1 - Setup
      2m 31s
    13. Test-strip printing part 2 - Adjustments
      3m 43s
    14. Test-strip printing part 3 - Masking
      2m 47s
  31. 27s
    1. Goodbye

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Photoshop CS3 Creative Photographic Techniques
Video duration: 0s 10h 58m Intermediate


In Photoshop CS3 Creative Photographic Techniques, professional photographer Chris Orwig goes beyond the basics, exploring the use of Photoshop to create beautiful and inspiring images. From first viewing a scene to preparing photos for expert output, Chris takes photographers through the whole process of creating great pictures. He also covers understanding color, making color corrections, working with special effects and filters, and much more. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Creating compelling images
  • Enhancing and correcting color
  • Applying cross-processing effects
  • Exploring focus, infrared, and solarizing
  • Adding light
  • Actualizing vision with motion, color, and tone
  • Seeing photographically
  • Adding authenticity with film grain
  • Adding borders and edge effects
  • Blending layers to create visual impact
  • Adding shadows and tints
  • Combining multiple exposures
  • Correcting perspective
  • Recording custom actions and batch processing
  • Printing considerations and expert tips
Design Photography


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