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Photoshop CS2 Actions and Automation

with Deke McClelland

Video: The whole shebang

Learn how to save time by recording actions and automating common tasks in Photoshop.
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  1. 1h 15m
    1. The whole shebang
      1m 5s
    2. Varieties of automation
      3m 6s
    3. Mac versus Windows
      2m 16s
    4. Command shortcuts
      6m 28s
    5. Adjustment layer shortcuts
      4m 21s
    6. Other great command shortcuts
      5m 56s
    7. Palette menu shortcuts
      7m 20s
    8. Tool shortcuts
      6m 20s
    9. Saving shortcuts
      3m 51s
    10. Loading shortcuts
      4m 31s
    11. Creating a shortcut list
      2m 35s
    12. Remapping Macintosh shortcuts
      7m 30s
    13. Customizable menus
      5m 55s
    14. Saving your workspace
      10m 5s
    15. Special weird-as-heck tip
      4m 26s
  2. 46m 34s
    1. It takes time to save time
      1m 0s
    2. The Actions palette
      4m 49s
    3. Loading action sets
      5m 4s
    4. Deleting sets and actions
      4m 13s
    5. Playback options
      6m 29s
    6. Real-world playback
      7m 19s
    7. Undoing an action
      6m 4s
    8. The Button mode
      5m 57s
    9. Saving, storing, and sharing actions
      5m 39s
  3. 1h 12m
    1. The power and limitations of actions
    2. What actions can and can't do
      10m 11s
    3. Making an action
      6m 45s
    4. Recording a simple action
      11m 8s
    5. Fixing mistakes while recording
      10m 37s
    6. Editing an action
      7m 59s
    7. Adding steps to an action
      8m 38s
    8. Testing your action and accounting for resolution
      10m 1s
    9. Assigning shortcuts
      6m 17s
  4. 2h 59m
    1. The logic of actions
    2. Real-world action 1.1: Adding a digital watermark
      1m 46s
    3. Real-world action 1.2: Recording the watermark action
      12m 44s
    4. Real-world action 1.3: Resizing the watermark
      13m 34s
    5. Real-world action 1.4: Fitting the watermark to a vertical image
      4m 52s
    6. Tip: Playing multiple sequential actions
      5m 45s
    7. Real-world action 2.1: Breaking out steps into independent actions
      11m 57s
    8. Real-world action 2.2: Saving multiple backups
      11m 17s
    9. Tip: Referencing one action inside another
      6m 48s
    10. Real-world action 3.1: Making an actlet
      3m 28s
    11. Real-world action 3.2: Synthetic wood grain
      10m 37s
    12. Real-world action 3.3: Synthetic water drops
      10m 36s
    13. Real-world action 3.4: Confirming the drops
      6m 12s
    14. Real-world action 3.5: Wood and water actlet
      12m 54s
    15. Tip: Adding stops and messages
      6m 12s
    16. Real-world action 4.1: Water on a photograph
      9m 48s
    17. Real-world action 4.2: Creating a subroutine
      6m 56s
    18. Real-world action 4.3: Making the subroutine recursive
      7m 20s
    19. Real-world action 4.4: Placing the image
      11m 12s
    20. Real-world action 4.5: Reflectivity and distortion
      16m 6s
    21. Real-world action 4.6: Testing the finished actlet
      8m 19s
  5. 2h 8m
    1. Processing multiple images
    2. Using the Batch command
      6m 15s
    3. Creating a batch operation
      9m 17s
    4. Calling the Batch command from the Bridge
      4m 18s
    5. Customizing batch processing
      5m 40s
    6. Pesky opening scenarios
      9m 16s
    7. Batch saving
      9m 7s
    8. Saving to a different file format
      8m 2s
    9. Error management 1: Recording a complex action
      14m 30s
    10. Error management 2: Creating an error log
      9m 26s
    11. Batching multiple actions 1: Setting up the pieces
      11m 12s
    12. Batching multiple actions 2: Combining and playing
      9m 22s
    13. Speeding up batch processing
      6m 7s
    14. Using the Image Processor
      13m 9s
    15. The alternative Image Processor
      2m 47s
    16. Using Batch Rename in the Bridge
      9m 10s
  6. 47m 13s
    1. Batching Droplets
    2. Making a Droplet
      7m 42s
    3. Real-world Droplet 1: Recording a copyright action
      14m 3s
    4. Real-world Droplet 2: Creating a copyright Droplet
      6m 52s
    5. Sharing your Droplets
      5m 13s
    6. Editing a Droplet
      12m 48s
  7. 59m 26s
    1. Droplets done right
    2. Droplet differences: Why ImageReady rocks
      3m 55s
    3. Creating a simple Droplet
      8m 42s
    4. Editing the batch settings
      8m 33s
    5. Adding states 1: Picking up History states
      11m 13s
    6. Adding states 2: Optimizing a second file
      5m 37s
    7. Testing the Droplet
      6m 48s
    8. Making the Droplet conditional
      8m 17s
    9. Playing the final Droplet
      5m 31s
  8. 1h 30m
    1. Photoshop's automated batch functions
    2. Fit Image and CMC
      6m 45s
    3. Employing Fit Image and CMC
      7m 43s
    4. Contact Sheet II
      9m 2s
    5. Picture Package
      8m 42s
    6. Web Photo Gallery
      11m 0s
    7. PDF Presentation
      8m 4s
    8. Photomerge
      16m 1s
    9. Merge to HDR
      17m 43s
    10. Crop and Straighten Photos
      4m 41s
  9. 1h 48m
    1. The three scripting languages
      1m 18s
    2. The Scripts menu
      19m 2s
    3. Photoshop's scripting backbone
      5m 59s
    4. ExtendScript Toolkit
      3m 35s
    5. Scripting basics
      11m 6s
    6. Playing a script
      4m 1s
    7. Creating a simple script
      8m 50s
    8. Using the JavaScript Reference Guide
      16m 28s
    9. Writing the code
      8m 19s
    10. Playing the script
      10m 46s
    11. Coping with errors
      3m 57s
    12. Where to turn for more help
      15m 10s
  10. 4h 49m
    1. The logic of scripting
      1m 5s
    2. Installing the scripts
      3m 7s
    3. Real-world script 1.1: Megaflatten
      6m 17s
    4. Real-world script 1.2: Confirm and Duplicate
      12m 29s
    5. Tip: Invoking the ScriptingListener
      9m 44s
    6. Real-world script 1.3: Creating the clearGuides function
      11m 43s
    7. Tip: Turning off the ScriptingListener
      8m 1s
    8. Real-world script 2: Preferences Unifier
      17m 48s
    9. Tip: Using the Script Events Manager
      12m 9s
    10. Real-world script 3.1: Paste into New Image
      14m 31s
    11. Real-world script 3.2: Evaluating the Clipboard
      13m 42s
    12. Real-world script 3.3: Try/Catch for error-free paste
      13m 34s
    13. Real-world script 4.1: Making center guides
      5m 18s
    14. Real-world script 4.2: Parameter-based functions
      13m 39s
    15. Real-world script 5.1: Making regular guides
      15m 51s
    16. Real-world script 5.2: Fixing the math
      10m 32s
    17. Real-world script 5.3: Repeating guides with a For statement
      9m 46s
    18. Real-world script 5.4: The full-blown dialog box
      16m 30s
    19. Real-world script 6.1: Exact Contract
      15m 12s
    20. Real-world script 6.2: Exact Contract with a dialog box
      11m 16s
    21. Real-world script 7.1: How alpha frames work
      7m 4s
    22. Real-world script 7.2: The alpha frames script
      21m 59s
    23. Real-world script 7.3: Accounting for the Cancel button
      6m 2s
    24. Real-world script 7.4: Alpha frames with a dialog box
      10m 36s
    25. Real-world script 7.5: Making your own alpha frames
      21m 17s
  11. 59s
    1. Goodbye

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Photoshop CS2 Actions and Automation
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Recording actions and automating common tasks saves time and makes performing repetitive tasks more efficient. In Photoshop CS2 Actions and Automation, Certified Adobe instructor Deke McClelland teaches users how to build actions more efficiently and reliably, identifies places where automation functions can be improved, and provides an understanding of JavaScript commands to dramatically expand automation possibilities. Better still, he discusses how to troubleshoot when things go wrong. The instructor also explores the power of workspaces and batch processing, and describes Droplets inside out. The training shows how to turn Photoshop into an industrious, image-crunching, timesaving tool -- and the instructor shares his top insights and techniques. This training title offers expert guidance and instruction to prepare users to automate common (and occasionally complex) tasks.


The whole shebang

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