Managing Your Mobile Photos
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Using Lightroom mobile on the iPad


Managing Your Mobile Photos

with Derrick Story

Video: Using Lightroom mobile on the iPad

If you're a Lightroom user and you have an And, let's see if you are even interested in that after I do this demo here.
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  1. 5m 32s
    1. Welcome
      1m 1s
    2. Why backup is important for mobile devices
      1m 51s
    3. The story of Kelly and her broken iPhone
      1m 16s
    4. Weighing the different backup approaches
      1m 24s
  2. 9m 24s
    1. Thinking about internal storage when purchasing a mobile device
      1m 29s
    2. Determining the role of your mobile camera for your overall photography
      2m 5s
    3. Capturing pictures only vs. pictures and movies
      2m 5s
    4. Gauging the impact of other content on your device, such as music
      1m 45s
    5. Weighing the possible advantages of removable flash storage
      2m 0s
  3. 20m 23s
    1. Measuring the advantages of using cloud storage
      3m 21s
    2. Evaluating the risks of cloud storage
      3m 38s
    3. Looking at iCloud for photo backup
      2m 41s
    4. Augmenting your photo storage with Dropbox and Carousel
      3m 36s
    5. Using Lightroom mobile on the iPad
      4m 25s
    6. Noting other viable options for cloud storage
      2m 42s
  4. 9m 19s
    1. Choosing a personal cloud option
      1m 41s
    2. Taking a look at Pogoplug
      4m 24s
    3. Testing the Transporter by Connected Data
      3m 14s
  5. 10m 39s
    1. Determining if photo services are viable storage options
      2m 41s
    2. Looking at Flickr's one-terabyte option
      3m 50s
    3. Evaluating Shutterfly's services and storage
      1m 51s
    4. Instagram
      2m 17s
  6. 21m 13s
    1. Defining the role of manual backup
      2m 11s
    2. Uploading pictures directly to Lightroom
      5m 33s
    3. Importing pictures into iPhoto via USB
      5m 50s
    4. Connecting directly to Aperture
      7m 39s
  7. 20m 58s
    1. Defining your workflow
      1m 31s
    2. Creating a complete backup with iCloud and iPhoto
      3m 11s
    3. Automating your backups with Dropbox
      6m 5s
    4. Using Google+ to manage your photos
      5m 41s
    5. Separating your movies and photos
      4m 30s
  8. 1m 19s
    1. Next steps
      1m 19s

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1h 38m Appropriate for all Jun 20, 2014

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Thanks to smartphones and tablets, it's incredibly easy to capture the moments in our lives. Unfortunately, it's also incredibly easy to lose those moments due to a lost or broken phone. So how do you protect your images, videos, and music from being lost? With a smart backup strategy. Learn how to back up and store your mobile photos and videos easily and automatically. In this course, photographer Derrick Story discusses several different backup methods for both Android and iOS devices, highlighting the benefits and risks of each approach.

Learn how easy it is to store photos in the cloud with services such as Dropbox and iCloud and set up personal cloud storage with Pogoplug and Transporter. Next, check out storage options with online services like Flickr, Shutterfly, and Instagram, and explore how to back up photos manually with Lightroom, iPhoto, and Aperture. Finally, Derrick shows how to develop a flexible storage workflow that works best for you.

Topics include:
  • Why backup is important
  • Weighing backup approaches
  • Determining the role of your mobile camera for your overall photography
  • Backing up videos
  • Should you back up music?
  • Exploring the benefits of flash storage
  • Evaluating the advantages and risks of using cloud storage
  • Using Lightroom Mobile on the iPad
  • Automating backups with Dropbox
  • Creating a complete backup with iCloud and iPhoto
  • Separating your movies and photos
Derrick Story

Using Lightroom mobile on the iPad

If you're a Lightroom user and you have an iPad, I have some good news for you, Lightroom Mobile. It's fairly new. And I'm going to show you how it works. Right now, we're looking at Lightroom on a Mac. And I have a collection of images in front of me. And what I want to do is share those with my iPad. And I can do that thanks to Lightroom Mobile. It connects through Creative Cloud, so at some point you have to have a Creative Cloud membership. You can do a free trial to get your feet wet, but at some point you'll have to sign up.

And, let's see if you are even interested in that after I do this demo here. So, here I have a collection of images and what I want to do is share them to my iPad. So, I'm going to select them all, and then I'm going to go up here, and I'm going to go Create Collection. Great. Now, in the next dialog box, this is with Lightroom 5.4 or beyond, I'll have the option to sync with Lightroom Mobile. So, I can check that box right there. So, I can create the collection and sync it all at the same time.

So, I just click the Create button. And what happens is, when that collection is created, I get this little bolt right here, this little sync icon. And that tells me that these images are being synced with my iPad. Now, I can sync other collections too, just by checking right here, and that will change the icon from box to syncing. Now, if I do some work on some images on the iPad that work will come back to Lightroom. It's a two way street. And, also by the same token, if I work on the image here in Lightroom that will be shared back to my iPad.

So, lets see how it looks on the iPad itself. Alright, here we are on the iPad. And I'm going to tap on this collection here. By the way, I have other collections available to me. And you can turn them off and on. Basically, what Lightroom does, it creates smart previews, they're DNG files. They're highly portable but yet they have a lot of quality and it's easy to move them back and forth. I'm going to tap right here. And there are our images. And you can see that I've been playing with them.

Here's one that I edited here on the iPad, and then it got synced back to Lightroom. Here's one that I played with in Lightroom that came back to the iPad. Here's one that I was just playing with that, as we speak right now, is back in Lightroom. And here's one I haven't done anything with. So, let's play with it so I can show you some of the tools. So, down here at the bottom, we have our basic image editing tools. Which is actually quite extensive. Things like light balance and temperature and tint.

Tone, exposure, contract, highlights. There's more. There's lots more here. Shadows, whites, look at all this stuff. Blacks, clarity, vibrance, saturation. And then you can reset, so you have your basic tool set. And then you also have a bunch of filters and previews. So, you have a black and white right here. And different types of black and white. Black and white tone. Let's look at color, look at color. We can do something like yesteryear right here. That's kind of neat. And you can play with these different effects.

And once you get it the way that you want, then you just come up here. And we're going to sync now. And now the changes I made to this image will also go back to my Master Lightroom Library on my Mac through Creative Cloud. So we're coming back here and then we'll go back to our collections right here. So, this is very handy and if you're a Lightroom user and you have an iPad and you like playing with your stuff on the go I'd take a look at Lightroom in mobile. Look in the Creative Cloud, Adobe has some memberships just for photographers that are fairly reasonable and I think it's a, a great tool for both photographers who like both Lightroom and mobile computing.

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