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The Traveling Photographer: Fundamentals

with David Hobby

Video: Introduction

Learn how to photograph your journey like a professional, without dispelling any of the magic of the experience, with founder David Hobby.
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  1. 9m 12s
    1. Introduction
      3m 17s
    2. A roadmap for the course
      5m 55s
  2. 31m 28s
    1. The three axes of this series
      9m 48s
    2. Pro tip: Be a thinking photographer
      2m 55s
    3. Why do you take pictures?
      6m 44s
    4. The trip should come first
      3m 4s
    5. Pro tip: Every possession is a burden
      2m 9s
    6. The difference between traveling pros and traveling amateurs
      6m 48s
  3. 58m 40s
    1. Choosing your gear wisely
      11m 40s
    2. Pro tip: Lenses in and be aware
      1m 28s
    3. Research and planning strategies
      10m 13s
    4. Pro tip: Pray for bad weather
      1m 38s
    5. Travel logistics: What to carry, what to check
      6m 6s
    6. The physiology of travel
      4m 31s
    7. Cell phone options and essential apps
      5m 59s
    8. Washing clothes on the road
      5m 55s
    9. Circadian rhythm
      5m 21s
    10. Pro tip: Drop everything for amazing light
      1m 50s
    11. Balancing travel with travel photography
      3m 59s
  4. 22m 9s
    1. Types of travel photos: An overview
      5m 51s
    2. The vacuum picture: For just remembering
      2m 19s
    3. The moment picture: Taking time to craft an image
      7m 39s
    4. The trophy picture: The one for your wall
      4m 32s
    5. Pro tip: Restrictions lead to creativity
      1m 48s
  5. 11m 1s
    1. The camera as a gateway to meeting people
      2m 19s
    2. To focus on people, know your gear
      1m 3s
    3. Carry a pocket portfolio and give a print
    4. Watch your body language and make eye contact
      1m 23s
    5. Pro tip: The best way to meet people
      1m 58s
    6. Pro tip: Be a chameleon
      3m 32s
  6. 7m 1s
    1. One approach to managing photos on a trip
      4m 23s
    2. After you return
      2m 38s

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The Traveling Photographer: Fundamentals
Video duration: 0s 2h 19m Intermediate


Traveling is a time of discovery, shared experiences, and bonding with family and friends. Travel is also a time to experiment and grow as a photographer. In this course, the first in a series about traveling to major tourist destinations such as Hong Kong and Paris, photojournalist and founder David Hobby shows you how to photograph your journey like a professional, without dispelling any of the magic of the experience.

You'll learn to plan effectively, choose the right gear, interact with the people you meet, take photographs efficiently, and—most importantly—create the mental space and time to actually enjoy your journey. David visits some nearby interesting destinations, proving that a great travel experience is not always about a far-flung destination. Along the way, you'll learn how to "decode" any city as a true traveling photographer.

Ready to explore more exotic locales? Check out The Traveling Photographer: Hong Kong.

Topics include:
  • Thinking like a photographer while traveling
  • Choosing gear wisely
  • Balancing travel with photography
  • Taking time to craft an image
  • Being a chameleon
  • Meeting people
  • Managing photos from a trip


Hi my name is David Hobby. And welcome to the Traveling Photographer Fundamentals. I will be your instructor and your colleague. And ultimately your traveling companion in this course. I'm going to tell you right off the bat that this is not the typical photography course. In fact, I would go as far as to say it's probably different than any other photography course you've ever taken. I'll also tell you right off the bat that the Traveling Photographer is not about travel photography per se.

Think of it more this way, the Traveling Photographer is, is about the balance between traveling and being a photographer, carrying a camera. So, we're going to look at many, many things. And not really concentrate on F stops and shutter speeds and ISO and focus and framing and composition and all those things that you're used to in normal photography courses. If you think about it, anyone can pick up a camera and push the button. So if that's what made great pictures, then everyone would be able to make great pictures. And that's absolutely not the case, as we all know. To me, the most important parts of photography happen in the time before you press the button.

And that's not just like the 30 seconds before you press the button. It's, it's like the months before you press the button. It's the thought process. It's the research. It's the learning to train yourself to think like a photographer. That's when great pictures are really made. Pushing a button is just like the last thing in a sequence of events that, that records that moment and makes the picture. So we're going to spend a lot of time on the journey and training yourself to learn to think like a photographer really. Travel is a fantastic time to grow as a photographer. Everything is different. Your environment is different.

Your food is different. People are speaking a different language. Your schedule is different. Your family dynamic is very different. You're thrown into a relatively small room with your, with your spouse and your kids perhaps. And that's a different experience than, than working nine to five and coming home and seeing the kids in the afternoon. It's, it's a neat time to grow as a person. It's a fantastic time to grow as a photographer. That said, I've seen cameras ruin a lot of vacation, frankly, I've seen cameras ruin the family dynamic while on vacation, and this is something that I think is very important to learn to manage and to watch out for and to do the things that allow your photography to make your trip a much better experience, both during and after.

And not to fall down that trap of the camera and your photography completely absorbing the whole trip, which, if you don't pay attention, is exactly what will happen. So we're going to to be starting out here like, at the light tabel. There is sort of the classroom intellectual thinking portion of the course and it's important to go through this because this will lay the foundation for everything else that we do. From here we will go outside. We'll visit some nearby cities. And that's another thing to think about. You don't need to be a thousand miles away or ten thousand miles away to be a travel photographer.

You can visit your local city as if you were visiting like a traveller, going out at the right times of day and the right parts of the city and being observant, I guess is the best way I can put it, but you don't need to be a long way away to experience being a traveling photographer.

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