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Tethering with a GoPro

From: Tethered Shooting Fundamentals

Video: Tethering with a GoPro

We'll start by powering on the camera. It's the button on the front. Makes a beep, and the red light lights up. On the side here is the Wi-Fi trigger. And it's seeing it, which is cool.

Tethering with a GoPro

We'll start by powering on the camera. It's the button on the front. Makes a beep, and the red light lights up. On the side here is the Wi-Fi trigger. Now, don't turn the Wi-Fi button on until you're ready to use it, because it sucks the battery pretty quick. Now, once that's hit, a blue light comes on indicating that it's available. And the first step is going to be, joining the WiFi network that the GoPro has created. There it is, my GoPro Black. Now I'll launch the GoPro app. At this point, I just need to click the Connect + Control button.

And it's seeing it, which is cool. And let me turn down the volume, here, on my iPad. It was actually feeding the audio from this, right to here. And we'll just click the Settings button here to adjust it. I'll do a video resolution of 1440, giving me a little bit of flexability there. That's going to cap out at 48 frames a second. Which is fine. And let's try the wide angle field of view for now. Do a seven mega-pixel medium format still image. And I could actually tell it what to do for the continuous shot, so I could say shoot three frames a second, five frames a second, ten frames a second.

That's pretty cool. Actually, let's go with five, that's pretty reasonable for now. And, for the burst rate, I'm going to set that to 30 shots over a 3 second period. Now, I can go as fast as 30 shots in a one second period, which is really pretty cool. So we'll try 30 over 3, and then we'll adjust. That's the great thing with wireless control, I don't have to lock it in. Alright, looks pretty good. Let's turn on spot metering. Starting up the preview, I'm going to step out of the way. We're just going to record some test footage. I was able to get that shot for a video. That worked pretty well.

Let's go ahead and do a test here for continuous shooting for a second, and I'll tap that. Now I've chosen seven megapixels, and I've set that to do five shots a second. Remember, I can always check that under Settings there. Continuous shot, five shots per second. Let's bump that up temporarily to ten. Still supports seven megapixels which is great. Starting up the preview, looks good. I'm going to step out of the way. We'll do some test shots. Now I'm set up for 30 stills here over a three second period, so as she rushes the net, it pulls that off.

And you hear the audible beep making it a bit easier to know that you're getting the shot. Now the cool thing is, is with the remote tethering I have the ability here to sort of look around and judge the action. And when I think the ball is going to be coming close to her, I can just trigger it. So, I just leave my thumb over that. Go ahead and hit her that ball. There we go. Let's set up the second angle, and then we'll let em play tennis for a bit. Alright I've gone ahead and connected the second GoPro camera to my iPad. Tap the Settings button. And I can actually see what's going on, I'll take that down to 1080. Let's see the preview now.

It's getting more of the court in, so we'll give it a shot. We'll shoot one side at 1080 and one side at super wide 1080, we'll compare the footage and see how it looks. And I'm going to switch on over here to burst rate, which is really going to work better for sports. So this one's ready. The other one's ready. Let me go ahead and re-pair my phone and we're going to just shoot the match. At this point pretty straight forward. I've setup both cameras and I've got my two remotes and it's basically into like playing a video game. I could just trigger the shots as I watch the game play out.

So let's give it a shot. All right, so all those pieces came together. And that's just an introduction to this idea of wireless shooting. But what I was able to do there is essentially take control of the GoPro device. I could remotely adjust the settings for the camera, change the metering, the resolution, the angle of view.

And it's kind of cool, and then when the action dictates it, I could trigger the shot. Now, if you need that higher frame rate shooting, you can go ahead and set it up for sort of a continuous mode where it keeps shooting multiple shots a second, or a time lapse interval mode. But in this case, I was taking advantage of the high speed bursts, shooting 30 high-quality stills, 12 megapixels every two seconds. And that burst rate can go as fast as one second. Just remember after you shoot that, it has to actually write those files to the card.

So, you're locked out for a couple of seconds after each major burst. But all in all, pretty cool. This gives me lots of ideas on things we could do. Now, that was just a good rehearsal practice there. We're getting ready to do some more GoPro shooting in the near future. And all I wanted to do today was come out. We dragged a couple of folks out of the office. We just gave a test shot, and it worked out well. So I really feel like we got some good shots to evaluate. And that in the near future, we'll be ready to actually bring these out for a real shoot with the client.

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    6. Tethering with Sofortbild
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    7. Keeping data mirrored on two devices
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    1. Choosing a card
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    2. Pairing the card to a mobile device
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    3. Using a camera with built-in wireless or an adapter
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    1. What is the CamRanger?
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    2. Creating a CamRanger network
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    3. Connecting the CamRanger
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    4. Adjusting the camera settings with the CamRanger on a laptop
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    5. Pairing the CamRanger to a mobile device
    6. Adjusting the camera settings with the CamRanger app on a mobile device
      2m 49s
    7. Shooting HDR with the CamRanger
      8m 28s
    8. Focus stacking with the CamRanger
      5m 35s
    9. Shooting time lapse with the CamRanger
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    1. Shooting with a GoPro
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