Shooting a Hyperlapse Time-Lapse Video
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Shooting a Hyperlapse Time-Lapse Video

with Richard Harrington

Video: Power-management strategies

Okay, let's talk about power management, which is going to Take a clean battery, and we'll just load that in.

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Shooting a Hyperlapse Time-Lapse Video | Course Tutorial
1h 33m Intermediate Mar 28, 2014

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Hyperlapse = time lapse + camera movement. You can get the effect by moving your tripod manually or along a track, but shooting hyperlapse from a moving vehicle is the one guaranteed way to get really dramatic time-lapse footage. And it doesn't take a lot of gear. In this course, Rich Harrington introduces the equipment you need and the techniques you should use to capture great hyperlapse sequences, as he travels around the Nevada desert during the day and captures the bright lights/big city of Vegas at night. When he returns to the studio, he shares his post-processing tips in Adobe Camera Raw, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

This course was created and produced by RHED Pixel. We're honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Choosing the right camera for hyperlapse video
  • Mounting your camera
  • Stabilizing shots
  • Programming the camera
  • Capturing shots
  • Post-processing, assembling, and color grading footage
Photography Video
Richard Harrington

Power-management strategies

Okay, let's talk about power management, which is going to be one of our greatest challenges in a moving vehicle. First off, we have three things to power here today besides the behind the scenes video cameras. I've got my micro four thirds camera here, maybe your DSLR, your pro body, and this is connected. And, one of the things I've made sure of, is that I can access the power door here easily. So, it's not obscured. So, with a quick flick here, there's the battery door, and I could pop that out, and put in new batteries, and, so I"m ready.

I got all those batteries right here, up in the cup holder. Now, I could get another power adapter to run with this, but when shooting time lapse, I'm going to be able to go for quite some time before I run out of battery power. So, I feel pretty good. On the other hand, the Go Pro is not known for it's battery life with a small camera battery. You'll notice I've used the Go Pro frame, making it easier to leave the ports exposed. Going to a USB cable and up over my head here, I'm just running to a long tether tools cable, which is basically an extender.

And, in the backseat I've got a USB battery charger. It's basically a large portable battery designed to recharge cell phones several times, and it's going to let that Go Pro run all day long. Now, I'm using a solution here to control the camera with my phone. So, I've got Trigger Trap loaded on my phone with the cable. This has a very cool specialized time lapse function that's a distance lapse, which we'll talk about more a little bit later. But, one of the things is, is to use this, it has to use the phone's GPS, and those of you that have a smartphone know that, you turn on GPS, it just sucks the battery dry.

So, I'm connected right to the car's cigarette adapter. And I've got the phone in a little cradle here to make it easy to keep, and that just keeps it right in my line of sight. Everything's connected. I've got what I need, and this should work pretty well. We've got constant power available, and I've got easy accessibility. This particular battery, just about dead. So, no big deal. Drop that out. Take a clean battery, and we'll just load that in. There we go, full bars. Now, to not get myself confused, I'm going to take that old battery, toss it in the glove department box.

Now later, I've got some chargers in the back. We set up some chargers before we took off. So, we were all ready to recharge everything. And so, when we get to a stopping point, we stop for some gas, I'll slap those on the chargers in the trunk, which are running off of an inverter. So, the cameras have power. The Go Pro has power. The behind the scenes guys have power. And if I need it for myself, since I'm not going to be moving too much today, I've got energy drinks stored in the side compartment here. So, I have power theoretically, too.

So, let's just keep everything rolling. We'll start to do our test shots here. I'm going to fiddle for a bit, and when I get everything figured out, I'll walk you through how we configure the camera settings.

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