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Advanced Craft Photography

with Megan Andersen

Video: Welcome

Covers advanced techniques for staging, lighting, and photographing your handmade crafts, as well as for sharing the images you create.
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  1. 2m 10s
    1. Welcome
      2m 10s
  2. 1h 2m
    1. Foundations of composition and staging
      4m 28s
    2. Foundations of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
      3m 1s
    3. Camera Raw: What? when? why?
      5m 6s
    4. How bracketing can save your exposure
      5m 47s
    5. Understanding key tones
      11m 12s
    6. What is dynamic range?
      4m 58s
    7. Reading and understanding histograms
      6m 3s
    8. Creating striking images with contrast
      1m 52s
    9. Shooting crafts in black and white
      4m 7s
    10. Metering light to get it right
      3m 11s
    11. Minimizing and maximizing shadows
      3m 29s
    12. Getting awesome shots in low-light settings
      5m 42s
    13. Crafting moods with light
      3m 42s
  3. 41m 10s
    1. Understanding the golden section: ratio, triangles, and spirals
      4m 9s
    2. Using vanishing points in craft photography
      2m 49s
    3. Establishing the temperature of an image
      3m 44s
    4. Angling for the wow factor
      2m 17s
    5. Handy tools for staging
      5m 11s
    6. Hinting at motion in a static image
      3m 25s
    7. Creating simple animations with still images
      7m 32s
    8. Lenses: Choosing the right one for the job
      6m 8s
    9. Project: Shooting a highly reflective handmade craft
      2m 15s
    10. Project: Shooting an extremely fibrous handmade craft
      3m 40s
  4. 29m 8s
    1. Removing skin imperfections
      11m 30s
    2. Using layer masks to improve backgrounds
      7m 41s
    3. Adding watermarks and copyright info
      9m 57s
  5. 18m 35s
    1. Shooting for a client
      4m 9s
    2. Caring for your gear
      7m 9s
    3. Forecasting challenges
      2m 47s
    4. Respecting spaces
      1m 43s
    5. Keeping it simple
      2m 47s

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Advanced Craft Photography
Video Duration: 0s 2h 33m Advanced


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The handmade nation is growing rapidly. Whether you are a blogger or a hobbyist, or thinking about taking the leap and becoming a professional crafter, you should know not only the basics of digital photography and product staging, but also the tips, tools, and tricks that professionals use to get the most compelling shots. In this workshop, Megan Andersen, aka Radmegan, shares advanced techniques for craft photography, diving deep into camera settings, composition, and staging. Learn how to use different lens options and effects, shoot outside or in low light, and work around common frustrations like greenish-yellow hues from fluorescent lighting and distracting reflections on shiny surfaces. The course doesn't just cover photography though—Megan also looks at image editing with Adobe Photoshop, discusses online portfolios and books, and shares lots of cool projects to help you have fun while you're learning.

Topics include:
  • Beyond the basic camera settings
  • Advanced composition and staging techniques
  • Image editing in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Shooting for a client
  • Caring for your gear
  • Keeping it simple
Photography video2brain


(music playing) Hi, I'm Megan Andersen-Reed. I'm a professional craft blogger, instructor, writer and photographer. I've always loved taking photographs, but when I decided to make a living off my first love, crafting, I knew I needed to step up my photography in a big way. Making things by hand takes an awful lot of skill, care, time and practice, but without a good photograph of your handiwork to convey all that, prospective buyers will quickly move on to the next big thing. One of the special things about handmade crafts is the feeling they give you. Not necessarily the tactile experience of the fibers against your skin, but the feeling you get when you look at a handcrafted hat, a bowl, a candle, etcetera.

And you immediately understand where it was made, why, and how. There's a story behind every project. And with several photographic techniques and best practices, like how to read and understand light, finding the ideal backdrop, or adding the element of motion. You can provide that all-important, in-person feeling through a still image. In these lessons, I'll take you step by step through the advanced techniques of craft photography. We'll dive deep into camera settings, composition and staging. We'll talk about color and light, and how to work around some very common frustrations like greenish yellow hues from fluorescent lighting and distracting reflections on shiny surfaces.

In fact, I'll share some great tips for staging crafts of all different textures. We'll talk about different lens options and effects, animate some still images, working low light, movie light, and I'll even show you some of my favorite image editing tips and techniques. We'll even discuss shooting photos for clients and creating portfolios. Most the images I use in these lessons are included in the project files folder so you can follow along and practice the techniques we'll learn. Whether you are trying to improve the quality of your craft photos to sell or blog about, or looking for ways to really take your craft photography to the next level.

I hope that after watching these lessons, you'll be excited to try out and practice the techniques I've covered here. I've really enjoyed creating these video tutorials and I hope you find them informative and interesting. Thanks.

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