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A particle system is the engine that drives effects like smoke, rain, fire, and other phenomena that require a large number of small moving objects. Learn to create these effects and more in 3D modeling software like Maya, 3ds Max, and CINEMA 4D.

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  • view course page for Up and Running with RealFlow

    Get up and running with RealFlow, the motion picture industry's standard tool for liquid simulations.

    3h 6m

  • view course page for Dynamic Simulations with Bullet Physics in Maya

    Learn how to set up and direct Bullet simulations for collisions, breakage, and simple cloth effects.

    1h 35m

  • view course page for Liquid Simulation in Maya

    Liquid Simulation in Maya with Aaron F. Ross

    Bring scenes to life by building realistic fluid simulations in Maya, including foam and bubbles, liquid being poured, and volumetric liquid in a container.

    2h 31m

  • view course page for Creating Fluid Effects in Maya

    Learn to render realistic bodies of water such as ponds and oceans and underwater shots with Maya—essential skills in a visual effects artist's toolkit.

    2h 16m

  • view course page for Creating Particle and Fire Effects with Maya

    Shows how to generate stunning special effects simulations in Maya, including exploding fireworks, tumbling snowflakes, and burning flames.

    3h 46m

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