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Papervision3D 2 Essential Training

with Seb Lee-Delisle

Video: Welcome

Shows how to add 3D content to the Flash stage using Papervision3D.
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  1. 12m 24s
    1. Welcome
      1m 21s
    2. Using the exercise files
      6m 8s
    3. Setting up Papervision3D
      4m 55s
  2. 14m 53s
    1. Understanding Papervision3D concepts and terminology
      2m 21s
    2. Using BasicView to render your first 3D object
      3m 15s
    3. Making a sphere and controlling rotation
      3m 55s
    4. Creating Cylinder, Cone, Plane, and Arrow primitives
      5m 22s
  3. 21m 8s
    1. Making a model of the Earth with a BitmapMaterial
      3m 37s
    2. Using a shader to create simple lighting effects
      3m 13s
    3. Applying bump maps, Phong shading, and environment maps to make a detailed and reflective surface
      5m 53s
    4. Combining different textures with a CompositeMaterial to create clouds
      3m 48s
    5. Moving the camera and creating a particle field
      4m 37s
  4. 21m 15s
    1. About the COLLADA.dae file format
      3m 17s
    2. Loading a DAE file into your scene
      3m 2s
    3. Using baked textures to improve render speed
      6m 36s
    4. Changing a material once it's loaded
      5m 48s
    5. Managing hierarchy to add one object to another
      2m 32s
  5. 9m 22s
    1. Making a Cube primitive and modifying materials
      4m 2s
    2. Creating a 3D environment by building a skybox, adding particles, and flying around
      5m 20s
  6. 39m 22s
    1. Starting with a 2D Ping-Pong game
      7m 59s
    2. Converting a 2D game to 3D
      7m 18s
    3. Laying the game flat in 3D space
      7m 0s
    4. Orbiting the camera
      4m 58s
    5. Placing the 3D game in an outer space environment
      4m 34s
    6. Controlling the orbit of the camera with the mouse
      7m 33s
  7. 22m 3s
    1. Introducing ViewportLayers
      4m 55s
    2. Using ViewportLayers to fix z-sorting problems
      7m 9s
    3. Selectively rendering viewport layers to save processor time
      5m 52s
    4. Using ViewportLayers to create a separate, moving cloud layer for the Earth model
      4m 7s
  8. 24m 9s
    1. Introducing interactive carousels
    2. Setting up blank planes in a carousel
      5m 17s
    3. Setting up interactivity in the carousel
      3m 21s
    4. Animating planes in the carousel with real-time easing
      8m 8s
    5. Loading pictures and videos into the carousel using SWC files
      6m 33s
  9. 21m 26s
    1. Introducing an interactive plane grid
    2. Making a grid of planes and moving the camera
      4m 18s
    3. Adjusting each plane's z-depth according to the mouse position
      4m 32s
    4. Extending the Plane class to add animation to color and position
      5m 48s
    5. Loading images onto the planes and adjusting the brightness with a CompositeMaterial
      6m 3s
  10. 26m 24s
    1. Introducing particles
      2m 9s
    2. Using the Particle object and ParticleMaterials
      5m 56s
    3. Arranging the particles
      4m 49s
    4. Adding depth-of-field blur
      6m 35s
    5. Animating particles with physics
      6m 55s
  11. 25m 5s
    1. Introducing Augmented Reality and FLARToolKit
      2m 7s
    2. Exploring the AR base application
      5m 42s
    3. Adjusting the threshold to automatically improve the reliability of marker detection
      4m 10s
    4. Placing a custom 3D model into an Augmented Reality scene
      5m 16s
    5. Adding a shadow effect to the 3D model
      3m 51s
    6. Creating custom markers
      3m 59s
  12. 26s
    1. Goodbye

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Papervision3D 2 Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 3h 57m Beginner


Papervision3D is an open-source ActionScript code library that enables Flash projects to render 3D objects in real time. In Papervision3D 2 Essential Training, author Seb Lee-Delisle shows how to add 3D content to the Flash stage, dynamically and without pre-rendering. This course demonstrates how to import 3D models from external applications such as Maya into Flash Builder, and then add lighting and surface detail using shaders, reflections, and bump maps from the Papervision library. The course also shows how to build an augmented reality scene that brings 3D objects into the real world with FLARToolkit. Exercise files accompany the course.

Users should have a basic knowledge of Flash Builder and Actionscript 3.

Topics include:
  • Creating 3D primitive shapes
  • Controlling rotation
  • Moving the camera in 3D space
  • Creating a particle field with depth-of-field blur
  • Importing models from external applications
  • Making a simple 3D game
  • Using ViewportLayers to selectively render and sort layers
  • Placing a custom 3D model into an augmented reality scene
  • Creating interactive carousals
  • Creating interactive grids
  • Working with particles and billboards
3D + Animation Web
Papervision 3D


Hi there! I'm Seb Lee-Delisle. I'm really happy to welcome you to Papervision 3D Essential Training. Papervision 3D is an open source ActionScript code library that can be used in your Flash projects to render 3D objects in real time. With Papervision, you can have truly interactive and engaging 3D Flash content. We'll look at how you can import 3D models from apps like Maya and then we'll add simple lighting and glossiness using shaders. Then we'll build a skybox complete with star fields and nebula to take your models into outer space.

Making 3D games doesn't have to be rocket science. I'll show you how to build on effects dimension 2D games and what projects would be complete without shiny reflections? Finally, we'll make an augmented reality project with FLARToolkit. This will bring models out of the browser and into the space around you. Don't worry if you've never done any 3D before. if you have a basic understanding of Flash Builder and ActionScript 3, you'll have no problems with Papervision, and you'll be pleased to hear I have several clever ways to avoid those tricky math problems. As one of the Papervision developers, I'm really looking forward to sharing what we've learned at Plug-in Media to really get the most out of what is possible in Flash in 3D.

So, let's get started with Papervision 3D Essential Training.

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Q: Despite setting Mac OS X to open SWF files with the debug player, it still reverts back to other applications.  What is causing this, and how can it be fixed?
A: If you are encountering this problem, check out the solution posted here:
Q: In the "About the COLLADA.dae file format" movie in the "Importing 3D Models" chapter, which version of Maya does the author use to open the included Maya files?
A: The author uses Maya 2010 to open the files.
Q: FlarToolkit.swc is no longer available to download. Where can I find a copy?
A: Download a copy of FlarToolkit here.
Q: Can I use multiple markers with FlarToolkit?
A: No,  The swc version of FlarToolkit only supports one marker.





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