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Getting Started with Corel Painter IX

with John Derry and Tanya Staples

Video: what's new?

An overview of the Corel Painter IX interface, a review of basic tools, and tips on working with a Wacom tablet.
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  1. 8m 8s
    1. what's new?
      8m 8s
  2. 57m 9s
    1. using the welcome screen
      4m 6s
    2. exploring the interface
      12m 19s
    3. customizing the interface
      7m 50s
    4. creating custom palettes
      12m 27s
    5. creating custom keyboard shortcuts
      10m 4s
    6. creating and opening images
      4m 27s
    7. saving images
      5m 56s
  3. 32m 7s
    1. understanding tablet terminology
      5m 11s
    2. setting up a wacom tablet
      21m 6s
    3. setting brush tracking in corel painter IX
      5m 50s
  4. 37m 7s
    1. choosing colors from the color palette
      6m 46s
    2. mixing colors interactively
      11m 24s
    3. working with color sets
      8m 5s
    4. choosing paper textures
      10m 52s
  5. 5m 10s
    1. rotating and flipping images
      5m 10s
  6. 44m 25s
    1. understanding layers
      9m 9s
    2. creating, duplicating, and deleting layers
      4m 5s
    3. moving, arranging, and locking layers
      7m 47s
    4. naming layers
      7m 7s
    5. grouping, collapsing, and dropping layers
      8m 22s
    6. preserving transparency
      4m 29s
    7. painting with pick up underlying color
      3m 26s
  7. 1h 39m
    1. cloning basics
      13m 6s
    2. auto cloning paintings from photographs
      14m 51s
    3. cloning paintings from photographs
      28m 30s
    4. painting on photographs
      42m 59s
  8. 1h 23m
    1. sketching basics
      12m 54s
    2. sketching with pencils
      25m 20s
    3. sketching with chalks
      20m 16s
    4. sketching with the scratchboard tool
      24m 51s
  9. 2h 10m
    1. understanding artists' oils
      17m 50s
    2. painting with artists' oils
      25m 44s
    3. painting with digital water color
      29m 3s
    4. painting with water color
      16m 19s
    5. painting with liquid ink
      15m 46s
    6. painting with airbrushes
      25m 29s
  10. 19m 22s
    1. customizing brushes
      8m 49s
    2. saving custom brushes
      10m 33s
  11. 41m 59s
    1. using the sketch effect
      7m 5s
    2. applying surface texture
      11m 38s
    3. using the woodcut effect
      15m 41s
    4. using KPT effects
      7m 35s
  12. 33m 10s
    1. using make mosaic
      22m 37s
    2. using make tessellation
      10m 33s
  13. 37m 31s
    1. understanding bitmap and vector information
      6m 0s
    2. drawing with the shape tools
      5m 20s
    3. drawing with the pen tools
      5m 29s
    4. working with type
      7m 59s
    5. working with adobe illustrator files
      5m 52s
    6. painting with snap to path
      6m 51s
  14. 4m 56s
    1. opening adobe photoshop files in corel painter IX
      2m 5s
    2. saving adobe photoshop files in corel painter IX
      2m 51s

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Getting Started with Corel Painter IX
Video duration: 0s 10h 34m Beginner


This movie-based tutorial is designed to give new and existing users of Corel Painter IX a basic understanding of the latest version of the program and its new and improved features, including the new Welcome Screen, Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts, Artists' Oils Painting System, Snap-To-Path Painting, QuickClone, and integration with the Wacom Intuos3 tablet. The training begins with an overview of the Corel Painter IX interface, a review of basic tools, and tips on working with a Wacom tablet and then moves to practical sketching and painting exercises, including how to convert digital photographs to drawings, paintings, and mosaics. Exercise files accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.


what's new?

- Welcome to Corel Painter IX. With its unique digital brushes, art materials and textures that mimic the look and feel of their traditional counterparts, Corel Painter IX is the world's most powerful Natural-Media painting and illustration software. Let's take a look at some of the new features in Corel Painter IX. Corel Painted IX offers a range of tools and features that increase performance, fuel creativity and further extend compatibility with other industry-standard tools and applications.

Increasing the overall performance and stability was a top priority during the development of Corel Painter IX. Working closely with Apple, Intel and AMD, Corel engineers created improvements and efficiencies wherever possible. Corel Painter IX has never been a more powerful application. The welcome screen in Corel Painter IX launches on startup. Divided into four sections, the welcome screen gives you access to recently used files, tutorials, brush and color management settings, and artwork from renowned Corel Painter masters.

You'll learn how to use the welcome screen in chapter two. Corel Paint IX is the fastest version yet, with some brushes up to 10 times faster. Brushes now perform, on average, twice as fast as previous versions. The new brush controls palette provides easy access to all the brush settings and controls. Making on-the-fly changes to brush settings and variants is as simple as dragging a slider, without any disruption to your workflow.

You'll learn more about how to use the brush controls palette in chapter 10. You can now rotate or flip entire images directly in Corel Painter IX. You'll learn more about how to use these commands in chapter five. You can now test frame rates directly in Corel Painter IX. The new frames-per-second control lets you set and preview frame rates in a range of one to 40 frames per second.

Corel Painter IX now offers an unprecedented level of control by allowing you to completely customize your keyboard shortcuts. You can also print a handy template to keep track of your custom shortcuts. You'll learn how to customize keyboard shortcuts in chapter two. The tracker palette stores historical information about every brush stroke you apply to the canvas. Acting as a virtual brush diary, the tracker palette tells the story of an image created with Corel Painter IX brushes.

You can recall brushes from the last session and lock your favorite brushes so you can access them easily. Iterative save lets you save sequentially numbered versions of an image with a simple menu command. The first time you use iterative save, _001 is appended to the file name. Each subsequent time that you save the file, the file name increments by one, and Corel Painter IX saves a new version of the file.

You'll learn how to set up iterative save in chapter two. Corel Painter IX provides an array of new features that replicate the look and feel of traditional natural-media tools. The artists' oil painting system lets you apply paint blends created in the mixer palette directly onto images in the document window.

Each dab loads the brush with a finite amount of paint. As the paint runs out, the brush stroke becomes fainter. Brush strokes also interact with paint that has already been placed on the canvas, just as they would with traditional oil paints. You'll learn how to use artists' oils in chapter nine.

The mixer palette has been enhanced to let you apply paint mixed in the mixer directly onto the canvas. Using the multicolor eye dropper tool, you can paint with multiple colors on the same brush stroke. You'll learn how to use the mixer palette in chapter four and chapter nine. Snap-to-path painting lets you constrain a brush stroke along a vector-based path or a shape while respecting pressure sensitivity, tilt and bearing.

You'll learn how to paint with snap-to-path settings in chapter 13. Digital watercolor has been enhanced in Corel Painter IX. Paint now stays wet between sessions, and you can dynamically change the wet fringe of digital watercolor brush strokes, which allows for greater experimentation after the stroke has been applied to the canvas.

You'll learn how to paint with digital watercolor in chapter nine. Cloning is an ideal technique o help you transform photographs into paintings. Quick clone speeds up the cloning process by reducing five steps to one. You'll learn how to use quick clone in chapter seven. Using Corel Painter IX in conjunction with other industry-standard software and hardware is easier than ever.

New color management enhancements let you reproduce colors more accurately onscreen and in print. Extended support for the Adobe Photoshop file format and Wacom pen tablets help streamline your workflow. Moving between Corel Painter IX and Adobe Photoshop is simple. You can open a file, save from Adobe Photoshop in Corel Painter IX with layer masks, alpha channels and layer sets intact.

Likewise, you can save Adobe Photoshop files directly from Corel Painter IX with layers, layer masks, alpha channels and layer sets intact. You'll more about how to work with Adobe Photoshop files in chapter 14. Corel Painter IX features support for Wacom's newest pen tablet line, the Wacom Intuos3. The Wacom Intuos3 has touch strips that you can configure to control brush size, zoom and other functions in Corel Painter IX.

In addition, you can use the ExpressKeys as modifier keys, such as command or control, option or alt, shift or the space bar. You'll learn about the benefits of using a Wacom tablet and how to set up a Wacom tablet in chapter three. Corel Painter IX has an enhanced color management system that supports industry-standard version 4 ICC Color Profiles, which ensures accurate color reproduction, both onscreen and in printed work.

You'll learn how to set up color management settings in chapter 15.

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