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PHP for Web Designers

with David Powers

Video: Welcome

A gentle introduction to PHP, with simple exercises that help you develop dynamic web content, user input forms, and database-powered product pages.
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  1. 14m 11s
    1. Welcome
      1m 30s
    2. What you should know before watching this course
      3m 52s
    3. Using the exercise files
      5m 13s
    4. Configuring MAMP to show errors (Mac)
      3m 36s
  2. 37m 47s
    1. How PHP makes web pages dynamic
      5m 23s
    2. How to use PHP in a web page
      6m 43s
    3. Using variables to store information
      2m 52s
    4. Storing numbers and text in variables
      5m 18s
    5. Displaying the values of number and text variables
      8m 9s
    6. Using functions to manipulate values
      4m 36s
    7. Adding comments to PHP scripts
      4m 46s
  3. 24m 43s
    1. What are server-side includes?
      4m 4s
    2. Deciding which include command to use
      5m 40s
    3. Challenge: Moving common elements to include files
      1m 54s
    4. Solution: Moving common elements to include files
      7m 4s
    5. Making sure internal links still work in an include file
      6m 1s
  4. 38m 10s
    1. How PHP makes decisions
      3m 30s
    2. Changing output depending on the current time
      9m 1s
    3. Adjusting the server's time zone
      8m 57s
    4. Displaying an up-to-date copyright notice
      6m 18s
    5. Challenge: Displaying an image of the month
      2m 15s
    6. Solution: Displaying an image of the month
      5m 12s
    7. Understanding what PHP treats as true and false
      2m 57s
  5. 54m 22s
    1. Storing multiple values in a variable as an array
      4m 28s
    2. Inspecting an array's elements
      4m 13s
    3. Challenge: Inserting the appropriate alt text
      1m 27s
    4. Solution: Inserting the appropriate alt text
      5m 26s
    5. Displaying an array as a comma-separated list
      3m 13s
    6. Looping through an array's values
      7m 17s
    7. Labeling array elements
      7m 22s
    8. Looping through an array's labels and values
      5m 29s
    9. Finding if a value exists in an array
      3m 51s
    10. Challenge: Displaying a seasonal feature
      3m 6s
    11. Solution: Displaying a seasonal feature
      8m 30s
  6. 1h 14m
    1. Getting form input sent by the POST method
      4m 48s
    2. Retrieving values from a URL's query string
      4m 8s
    3. Challenge: Plan the order form
      2m 28s
    4. Solution: Plan the order form
      4m 42s
    5. Finding and extracting a substring
      7m 38s
    6. Organizing the form data into arrays
      7m 15s
    7. Using a loop to build a table for the data
      4m 42s
    8. Controlling which rows are displayed
      7m 45s
    9. Creating a custom function to extract part of a file name
      7m 43s
    10. Calculating the order total
      6m 34s
    11. Using PHP sessions to preserve data
      3m 14s
    12. Storing data in session variables
      7m 33s
    13. Ending the PHP session and deleting the data
      5m 37s
  7. 50m 10s
    1. Loading data into MySQL
      5m 37s
    2. Connecting to the database
      7m 47s
    3. Querying the database
      6m 15s
    4. Displaying the results of the query
      3m 50s
    5. Using modulo division to establish a repeating series
      4m 20s
    6. Repeating output at specific intervals in a loop
      4m 56s
    7. Linking to a details page
      2m 40s
    8. Embedding a variable in a query securely
      6m 5s
    9. Handling database errors gracefully--and securely
      8m 40s
  8. 30m 12s
    1. Dealing with PHP errors
      4m 15s
    2. Why is my page blank or incomplete?
      3m 53s
    3. Tracking down parse errors
      4m 32s
    4. What to do with "failed to open stream"
      3m 22s
    5. What does "headers already sent" mean?
      6m 19s
    6. What does undefined index, variable, or constant mean?
      5m 52s
    7. What on earth is T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE?
      1m 59s
  9. 2m 26s
    1. What's next?
      2m 26s

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PHP for Web Designers
Video Duration: 0s 5h 26m Beginner


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There are many great reasons to learn PHP. You can reduce manual updates to webpages, get user input, and connect to a database of products or other information. But some web designers are intimidated by the theory and jargon. PHP for Web Designers is different. Author David Powers provides a gentle introduction to PHP, through a series of simple exercises that help you develop fully functional dynamic webpages—all powered by PHP. Learn how to reduce website maintenance by moving common page elements to external server-side include files, change content automatically depending on the date or time, display alternate text, gather user input from a form, and link to a database to display product information. The final chapter is dedicated to understanding error messages and fixing their root causes.

Note: This course was recorded with Adobe Dreamweaver, but you can use the code editor of your choice to follow along.

Topics include:
  • How to use PHP in a webpage
  • Storing and displaying text and numbers in variables
  • Using functions
  • Adding comments to your PHP scripts
  • Moving common page elements to include files
  • Displaying different content on a page
  • Working with multiple values in arrays and loops
  • Getting form input sent by the POST method
  • Using PHP sessions to preserve data
  • Storing data in session variables
  • Connecting to and querying a database
  • Handling errors
Developer Web


Hi I'm David Powers and welcome to PHP for web designers. I've been using PHP, the most popular service side language, to add dynamic features to websites for more then a dozen years. And I want to show you how PHP can make your websites more efficient. You don't need a programming background. I'll start by showing you various techniques through simple exercise files with only a few lines of code. Then we'll take those same techniques and apply them to a website for a ficticious flower design company.

You'll move the site's navigation menu and foot it to external files so they can be updated in just one place rather than every page. You'll also see how to process an online form and display the results. The final project links the site to a database and shows how to display a series of related products in one page. And link to individual product details on another. There's also a chapter dedicated to helping you understand PHP error messages and fix whatever caused them.

Working with PHP requires a different approach from design, but I won't bombard you with dense programming theory and jargon. I started using PHP to reduce a lot of the tedious repititon required by static HTML. And I want to share that knowledge with you, so join me in exploring PHP for Web Designers.

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