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Time Management Fundamentals (2011)

with Dave Crenshaw
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Video: Welcome

Explains how to manage time in order to accomplish more.
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  1. 3m 31s
    1. Welcome
    2. Getting the most from this course
      2m 4s
    3. Using the handouts and exercise files
  2. 3m 35s
    1. Making a lasting change
      1m 44s
    2. Finding your personal motivation
      1m 51s
  3. 6m 17s
    1. Addressing the myth of multitasking
      3m 12s
    2. Understanding the consequences of multitasking
      3m 5s
  4. 7m 48s
    1. Understanding principle 1: Space
      2m 46s
    2. Understanding principle 2: Mind
      1m 47s
    3. Understanding principle 3: Time
      3m 15s
  5. 26m 17s
    1. Taking inventory of your gathering points
      2m 37s
    2. Narrowing your gathering points
      3m 46s
    3. Setting up an inbox gathering point
      2m 23s
    4. Working with a portable inbox
      2m 49s
    5. Getting the most from a notepad
      2m 35s
    6. Consolidating multiple email accounts
      2m 34s
    7. Consolidating multiple voicemail accounts
      2m 56s
    8. Establishing a wild card gathering point
      2m 47s
    9. Separating work and personal gathering points
      2m 21s
    10. Taking the next step toward controlling your space
      1m 29s
  6. 11m 24s
    1. Selecting your mind clearing options
      5m 13s
    2. Clearing your mind using mental triggers
      3m 23s
    3. Setting a mind-clearing schedule
      1m 54s
    4. Taking the next step toward keeping your mind clear
  7. 14m 2s
    1. Choosing the right calendar for you
      4m 4s
    2. Using your calendar effectively
      3m 55s
    3. Saying no to others
      3m 5s
    4. Saying no to yourself
      2m 58s
  8. 4m 21s
    1. Preparing for action
      4m 21s
  9. 14m 12s
    1. Preparing to gather
      2m 40s
    2. Gathering to your inbox: At your desk
      6m 30s
    3. Gathering to your inbox: Elsewhere
      3m 49s
    4. Dealing with full inboxes
      1m 13s
  10. 31m 3s
    1. Mastering the "what, when, where" processing system
      3m 11s
    2. Processing question 1: What is the next step?
      3m 22s
    3. Processing question 2: When will it be done?
      4m 33s
    4. Processing question 3: Where is its home?
      3m 49s
    5. Filing made simple
      4m 5s
    6. Processing your first inbox
      7m 27s
    7. Setting your processing schedule
      4m 36s
  11. 18m 31s
    1. Applying
      1m 53s
    2. Setting up an email resource folder
      2m 58s
    3. Creating email rules or filters
      4m 14s
    4. Processing email
      5m 8s
    5. Processing email vs. checking email
      4m 18s
  12. 18m 1s
    1. Understanding
      4m 9s
    2. Establishing
      2m 44s
    3. Identifying your most valuable activities
      3m 39s
    4. Budgeting time for your most valuable activities
      4m 11s
    5. Using your time budgeter
      3m 18s
  13. 1m 38s
    1. Maintaining your productivity gains
      1m 38s
  14. 3m 0s
    1. Dave Crenshaw on getting himself organized
      3m 0s

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Time Management Fundamentals (2011)
Video duration: 0s 2h 43m Appropriate for all Updated Oct 19, 2011


Effective time management is an indispensable skill. In Time Management Fundamentals, Dave Crenshaw explains how to sensibly allocate time in order to achieve greater productivity. Dave details a set of principles for staying organized, consolidating the workspace, keeping a clear mind, and developing a time budget. Also covered are techniques for managing a full inbox, processing email, and reserving time for the most important activities.

This course qualifies for 2.75 Category A professional development units (PDUs) through, PMI Registered Education Provider #4101.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the principles of productivity
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of multitasking
  • Practicing mind-clearing techniques
  • Saying no with tact
  • Choosing the appropriate calendaring software
  • Mastering the What, When, Where processing system
  • Processing email vs. checking email
  • Maintaining productivity gains

  • The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
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Hi! I am Dave Crenshaw and this is Time Management Fundamentals. In this course, I'll lay the groundwork to help you manage your time effectively and become more productive. I'll start by explaining the three principles of productivity: space, mind, and time. I'll then walk you through the process of identifying and managing each of these principles in your life. Then I'll demonstrate how to set up an email system so your inbox can automatically apply these time management principles. And finally, I'll show you how to establish clear boundaries between personal time and work time.

We'll be covering all these concepts, plus plenty of other tools and techniques, to budget your time wisely over the course of Time Management Fundamentals.

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In the recommended resource list, you suggest that we get stacking trays.
What are these to be used for?
These trays provide the option to create more "homes" as needed. Some
example homes that others have created using these trays include: Outbox
(for another person), To Be Shredded, or Reading Pile.





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