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Flagging for follow-up

Flagging for follow-up provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Sean Conrad as par… Show More

Outlook 2007 Essential Training

with Sean Conrad

Video: Flagging for follow-up

Flagging for follow-up provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Sean Conrad as part of the Outlook 2007 Essential Training
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  1. 1m 37s
    1. Welcome
    2. Starting Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
      1m 18s
  2. 5m 19s
    1. What is Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?
    2. Exploring the user interface
      1m 32s
    3. Learning about the Ribbon
      2m 11s
    4. Using the Office button and the Quick Access toolbar
  3. 18m 3s
    1. The Inbox
    2. Reading email
      2m 13s
    3. Flagging for follow-up
      2m 6s
    4. Categorizing messages
      2m 1s
    5. Previewing attachments
      3m 44s
    6. Organizing messages
      3m 4s
    7. Dragging messages to create other items
      1m 27s
    8. Finding messages
      1m 16s
    9. Deleting messages
      1m 14s
  4. 23m 12s
    1. Creating a message
    2. Addressing email
      3m 39s
    3. Formatting text
      2m 10s
    4. Attaching and inserting
      6m 38s
    5. Flagging
      1m 41s
    6. Proofing tools
      1m 43s
    7. Sending email
    8. Sending and receiving internet email
      1m 21s
    9. Replying and forwarding
      2m 15s
    10. Resending a message
    11. Recalling and replacing a message
      1m 48s
  5. 31m 51s
    1. Viewing the Calendar
      1m 59s
    2. The different types of Calendar items
    3. Creating Appointments
      1m 9s
    4. Setting Appointment details pt. 1
      4m 45s
    5. Setting Appointment details pt. 2
    6. Creating Meetings and inviting people
      3m 46s
    7. Responding to Meeting Requests
      4m 11s
    8. Creating Events
      2m 15s
    9. Creating Tasks
      3m 1s
    10. Adding Holidays
    11. Printing the Calendar
      1m 30s
    12. Sharing Calendars
      4m 15s
    13. Managing multiple Calendars
      2m 30s
  6. 22m 11s
    1. Viewing Contacts
      1m 6s
    2. Searching for Contacts
      1m 48s
    3. Creating a new Contact
      4m 0s
    4. Editing the details of a Contact
      5m 56s
    5. Configuring business cards for Contacts
      4m 23s
    6. Categorizing Contacts
    7. Creating Distribution Lists
      3m 9s
    8. Printing Contacts
  7. 9m 30s
    1. Viewing Tasks
      1m 26s
    2. Creating a new Task
    3. Setting Task details
      4m 4s
    4. Using Reminders
      2m 16s
    5. Completing and deleting Tasks
  8. 4m 10s
    1. Creating new Notes
      1m 36s
    2. Forwarding Notes
    3. Date/Time Stamps
    4. Categorizing Notes
  9. 32m 20s
    1. Adding additional email accounts
      3m 13s
    2. Creating and using Signatures
      3m 36s
    3. Customizing the look of your email messages
      2m 19s
    4. Polling with Outlook
      2m 51s
    5. Tracking messages
      3m 16s
    6. Directing replies to another email address
      1m 13s
    7. Configuring the Junk E-mail Filter
      8m 30s
    8. Using Rules to stay organized
      4m 35s
    9. Reading RSS feeds
      2m 47s
  10. 9m 23s
    1. Cleaning up your mailbox
      1m 3s
    2. Configuring Outlook options
      4m 34s
    3. Backing up and restoring your Outlook information
      3m 46s
  11. 10s
    1. Goodbye

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Flagging for follow-up
Video Duration: 2m 6s 2h 38m Beginner


Flagging for follow-up provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Sean Conrad as part of the Outlook 2007 Essential Training

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Outlook 2007 is the latest full-featured emailing and contact management software from the Microsoft Office suite. Instructor Sean Conrad explains each of Outlook 2007's components and new features in detail, from the basics of the main interface to the more advanced elements of the application. Sean covers the Office button and the Quick Access toolbar as well as the ins and outs of reading and writing email. He delves into using the advanced filtering features to prioritize incoming mail and avoid unwanted spam or files. Sean also explains how to integrate Outlook's Calendar and Notes features for increased productivity.


Flagging for follow-up

One of the great things about Outlook, integrating my e-mail with some of the functions like my Task list and Calendar, is when I get e-mail I can actually mark it so I can do something about it, and make sure I don't forget. So I've got a new e-mail here, says "Send me your flight details." When I click on it in the Reading pane I can see it's a reminder to send me the flight itinerary so we can make some arrangements here. So I want to make sure I do that on time. So I can just click on this little flag button here to click it, and make it a To-Do item. So simply by clicking that it has added it to my To-Do list.

Notice up at the top I can see "Follow up, Start today", and Due today also. Now, maybe I'm not quite that ready to go here, and in this case, I just need to make sure I do it by tomorrow, so I'm going to right-click on the flag here, and instead of Today, I'm just going to follow it up Tomorrow. Now notice when you do that, As I set the follow date further out, instead of This Week, Next Week, it gets lighter and lighter. So, if you have a list of things with different due dates on them or different flag dates, you can tell instantly which ones are most important to get done or most urgent, based on the color of the flags, so the brightest reddest ones are the ones you need to do right now.

Hopefully not yesterday. You can also set this Follow Up flag by double-clicking or opening up the e-mail and then choosing it this way. Now, we've added three more Follow Up flags here for different e-mail messages. If we go over into our Task list, we can see these three messages, so, here's the send me your flight details I set for tomorrow, here's another one I set for Follow Up for next week.

So simply by marking them for Follow Up it adds tasks to your To-Do list. And this is great, so when we're in our Inbox and we open up our To-Do Bar, we can easily see what we have coming up, which things we might have to do, flagged appropriately.

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