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Learn to develop and use open-source software, including WordPress, HTML5, CSS, and other popular open-source frameworks. Build ecommerce sites, mobile apps, video bumpers, and more.

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  • view course page for GIMP Essential Training

    GIMP Essential Training with Justin Seeley

    Learn how to perform basic image editing techniques such as cropping and resizing, selecting and masking, improving tone and contrast, and basic retouching, in GIMP, the free image editor for Mac and Windows.

    4h 49m

  • view course page for CSS: Gradients

    CSS: Gradients with Justin Seeley

    Discover CSS gradients, and add depth and texture to your web designs while reducing load times.

    1h 13m

  • view course page for CSS: Visual Optimization

    CSS: Visual Optimization with Justin Seeley

    Take a tour of a workflow that optimizes CSS code for easier navigation, organization, and readability.

    1h 11m

  • view course page for Creating and Managing a Blog Network with WordPress

    Create a network of sites and blogs from a single installation of WordPress with the WordPress Multisite feature.

    3h 25m

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