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Fading in and out

Fading in and out provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Alicia Katz Pollock as … Show More

PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth

with Alicia Katz Pollock

Video: Fading in and out

Fading in and out provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Alicia Katz Pollock as part of the PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth
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  1. 1m 43s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
  2. 20m 43s
    1. Using video and audio appropriately
      1m 58s
    2. Considering copyrights
      3m 57s
    3. Linking vs. embedding media
      8m 33s
    4. Working with video formats
      6m 15s
  3. 22m 4s
    1. Inserting an animated GIF from the clip art gallery
      4m 21s
    2. Inserting a video from a computer file
      3m 55s
    3. Inserting a clip as an external object
      3m 10s
    4. Inserting a video as a Windows Media Player control
      3m 45s
    5. Linking to a YouTube video
      5m 23s
    6. Inserting a video using an action button
      1m 30s
  4. 23m 23s
    1. Inserting a QuickTime video
      6m 3s
    2. Playing a Flash animation
      6m 0s
    3. Using ActiveX as a workaround
      5m 58s
    4. Inserting a web page
      5m 22s
  5. 34m 6s
    1. Trimming a video
      5m 54s
    2. Fading in and out
      4m 23s
    3. Cropping a video
      4m 6s
    4. Selecting a poster frame
      1m 53s
    5. Adjusting brightness and contrast
      2m 40s
    6. Recoloring a video
      2m 50s
    7. Adding video bookmarks
      3m 10s
    8. Synchronizing text captions with bookmarks
      9m 10s
  6. 10m 32s
    1. Resizing a video
      4m 34s
    2. Playing a video in a shape
      2m 2s
    3. Using a video as a slide background
      3m 56s
  7. 29m 3s
    1. Applying a preset video style
      2m 48s
    2. Designing a border
      3m 59s
    3. Adding shadows
      2m 52s
    4. Adding reflections
      2m 39s
    5. Adding glow effects
      2m 16s
    6. Adding soft edges
      1m 45s
    7. Applying 3D rotation
      3m 50s
    8. Applying bevels and 3D formatting
      6m 26s
    9. Using Format Painter
      2m 28s
  8. 22m 34s
    1. Setting the volume
      1m 13s
    2. Playing a clip automatically
    3. Play full screen
      1m 1s
    4. Hiding a video
      1m 16s
    5. Looping a video
      2m 50s
    6. Rewinding after playing
      1m 13s
    7. Delaying playback of a video
      2m 0s
    8. Showing and hiding media controls
      1m 1s
    9. Triggering a video by clicking a graphic
      5m 5s
    10. Triggering a video using animations
      2m 46s
    11. Playing a video across multiple slides
      3m 12s
  9. 13m 0s
    1. Troubleshooting videos that won't play
      3m 7s
    2. Improving playback performance
      3m 43s
    3. Optimizing Windows 7 settings
      6m 10s
  10. 13m 18s
    1. Working with audio file formats
      3m 7s
    2. Inserting a sound from the clip art gallery
      3m 15s
    3. Inserting audio from a computer file
      1m 56s
    4. Recording your own sounds
      3m 35s
    5. Playing audio in an external application
      1m 25s
  11. 24m 44s
    1. Setting the sound clip volume
      1m 5s
    2. Playing a clip automatically
      2m 23s
    3. Trimming an audio clip
      3m 52s
    4. Choosing a sound's starting and ending points
      2m 18s
    5. Fading sounds in and out
    6. Looping a sound clip
      2m 23s
    7. Delaying an audio clip
      2m 31s
    8. Rewinding after playing
      1m 13s
    9. Changing the appearance of the sound icon
      3m 13s
    10. Hiding the sound icon
      2m 5s
    11. Adding and removing audio bookmarks
      2m 42s
  12. 18m 19s
    1. Adding sound effects to transitions
      3m 10s
    2. Adding sound effects to animations
      3m 46s
    3. Triggering audio playback with objects
      2m 12s
    4. Playing a sound with a hyperlink
      1m 28s
    5. Triggering actions with audio bookmarks
      7m 43s
  13. 21m 7s
    1. Playing a sound across multiple slides
      4m 10s
    2. Building a music soundtrack
      4m 23s
    3. Playing audio tracks from a CD
      3m 26s
    4. Recording a narration
      9m 8s
  14. 23m 12s
    1. Checking and optimizing media compatibility
      3m 8s
    2. Converting media to earlier versions of PowerPoint
      2m 17s
    3. Converting media from earlier versions of PowerPoint
      2m 37s
    4. Compressing media files
      3m 47s
    5. Saving as a movie
      4m 48s
    6. Packaging a presentation for travel
      3m 43s
    7. Extracting media asset files
      2m 52s
  15. 45s
    1. Goodbye

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Fading in and out
Video Duration: 4m 23s 4h 38m Intermediate


Fading in and out provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Alicia Katz Pollock as part of the PowerPoint 2010: Audio and Video in Depth

View Course Description

Discover how to integrate and enhance video and audio to create a more engaging PowerPoint presentation. In this course, author Alicia Katz Pollock emphasizes the technical details necessary to make a multimedia presentation work: from working with appropriate file formats, to applying video styles, to reducing the file size of multimedia presentations for sharing.

Topics include:
  • Using video and audio appropriately
  • Linking vs. embedding media
  • Considering copyrights
  • Inserting video
  • Working with proprietary formats, such as QuickTime, YouTube, and Flash
  • Applying effects
  • Setting options like looping and full-screen playback
  • Adding sound
  • Building a music soundtrack
  • Saving multimedia presentations
Office PowerPoint

Fading in and out

If your video clip begins or ends abruptly, you can soften the intros and outros by applying Fade In and Fade Out effects. The Fade effect creates an animated transition between your first frame and your fade duration, and again your last frame and its ending fade duration. If your first and last frames are black, you'll see a fade in from black effect. If they are not, you'll see an interesting blur. To create a fade, click on the media clip that you want to adjust. I'm working on Slide 6 of my presentation. When I click on my media clip, I have new tabs appear for Video Tools, Format and Playback.

I'll click on Playback. In the editing tools on the left-hand side, I see two boxes for fade duration. Fade In and Fade Out. I can either use my arrows to increase them and decrease them in .25 increments or I can also type in the box. Now when I preview my video, I can see that blur. (Male speaker: It's actually my anniversary tonight and I forgot about it?) I'll skip to the end. (Male speaker: ?saving my relationship tonight so it's where I come every time.) So you can see that blur effect.

Now, if you do really want a true fade in from black and fade out to black, but your video clip does not have a black frame for the first frame and the last frame, here's a workaround that you can use. I am going to go to Slide 4 and apply this effect to this video. The first thing that I need to do is set this movie to play automatically. I will go to my Video Tools Playback Ribbon and change the Start from On Click to Automatically. The next step is to create my black box. I will go to Insert and Shapes and I'll choose a rectangle. I'll drag it to my exact dimension of my video clip.

Next I need to change the color to black. So I'll go to the Drawing Tools Format tab that appears and click on Shape Fill and select black. Now I need to animate these two effects. Go to your Animations tab. Because this rectangle is already black, I am going to want it to fade away. So I'm going to click on the More button in my animation effect and find Fade Out.

I'll make its duration 1.5 seconds. I will open up the Animation Pane by clicking on this button right here on the right hand side of the Ribbon. I do want this animation to happen at the same time as my movie so I'm going to change the start from On Click to With Previous so that it starts fading at the same time my movie starts playing. Now, I need to make it fade to black at the end. So I am going to click on the rectangle, right-click on it, copy it, click on it again, right click, and paste.

Now I have two rectangles. I'll also move it right on top of the first rectangle. Now this time I want this shape to fade in because it doesn't exist and then I want to see it as black. So I'm going to change the Effect option to Fade In, and I want this to happen after the other effect. So I am going to change the start this time to After Previous and again up the duration to 1.5.

Now let's play our slide and see how it works. I'll click on Slide Show. (Female speaker: Hansel and Petal has been for years?) There is my fade in. (Female speaker: ?most amazingly beautiful?) Now because this is all working on timing, I can't actually fast-forward through this video so we are going to watch it. (Female speaker: ?to get something and I always greeted with a smile and they always provide excellent recommendations.) (Female speaker: And they never fail to send me out of here with an amazing bouquet or amazing product and you just can't beat the price.) And there is our fade out.

So we have created a fade in from black and a fade out from black by using three objects, animations, and animation timings. The ability to create this fade will definitely smooth out the flow of your presentation so that your media doesn't jolt the audience.

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