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Explore the Microsoft Office applications suite. Learn to write documents, take notes, create spreadsheets, and more. Our Office training covers a wide range of software titles including Excel, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.

Office 2016. Explained.

Office 2016 is packed with new features, including a new user interface, collaboration tools and more. Find out what’s new in Office 2016 and why it matters to you.

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Training for the entire Microsoft Office Suite

Learn how to manage data in spreadsheets, compose error-free documents, organize email, build engaging presentations, and much more with Microsoft Office.


Learn what's new in Microsoft Office 2013

Discover what's new in the latest version of Microsoft Office, from Word 2013 to OneNote 2013. In this course, David Rivers reviews the suite-wide enhancements to Office, like cloud integration, Touch Mode for interacting with touch-enabled devices, and more.

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  • view course page for Up and Running with Public Data Sets

    Learn how to find free, public sources of data on a variety of business, education, and health issues and download the data for your own analysis in Excel.

    2h 6m

  • view course page for Excel VBA: Managing Files and Data

    Extend Excel's capabilities and automate complex tasks with VBA. Create advanced filters, charts, and forms, and manage workbooks and worksheets with VBA code.

    3h 13m

  • view course page for Securing Microsoft Office Files

    Keep your Microsoft Office documents secure and private with these tutorials for Office 2007, 2010, 2013, and even Office 365.

    1h 21m
    Appropriate for all

  • view course page for Up and Running with Excel Cluster Analysis

    Learn how to perform cluster analysis using Excel.

    1h 9m

  • view course page for Excel 2013: Pivot Tables in Depth

    Learn to summarize, sort, count, and chart your data with PivotTables in these Excel tutorials.

    4h 20m

  • view course page for Excel 2013 Power Shortcuts

    These comprehensive Excel tutorials reveal over 65 Excel tips, tricks, and shortcuts.

    3h 16m

  • view course page for Excel 2010: Financial Functions in Depth

    Shows how to perform a wide range of financial calculations quickly and easily using the many financial functions found in Excel 2010.

    2h 18m

  • view course page for Excel 2010: Pivot Tables in Depth

    Provides comprehensive, hands-on Excel tutorials on PivotTables, and more advanced techniques such as using macros and the new PowerPivot add-in.

    3h 43m

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