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Mac OS X Server 10.4 Tiger Essential Training

with Sean Colins

Video: Welcome

Delves into the details of the software's services and configuration options.
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  1. 1m 11s
    1. Welcome
      1m 11s
  2. 31m 35s
    1. Controlling the entire process
      2m 43s
    2. Overview of OS X Server and why you might want to use it
      6m 6s
    3. What's new in Tiger Server?
      1m 9s
    4. 64-bit computing
      1m 46s
    5. Access control lists
      3m 53s
    6. iChat Server
      2m 57s
    7. Software Update Server
      3m 7s
    8. Weblog Server
      1m 6s
    9. Junk mail and virus filtering
      1m 19s
    10. Ethernet link aggregation
      2m 12s
    11. Gateway Setup Assistant
      1m 53s
    12. Xgrid
      3m 24s
  3. 10m 42s
    1. Xserve G5
      4m 15s
    2. Xserve RAID
      2m 35s
    3. Apple Remote Desktop 2
      1m 37s
    4. Fibre Channel PCI-X card
      2m 15s
  4. 35m 8s
    1. Tiger Server system requirements
      3m 30s
    2. Real world needs by service
      1m 12s
    3. File service system requirements
      8m 56s
    4. Network services system requirements
      4m 0s
    5. Communication services system requirements
      5m 18s
    6. Content publishing system requirements
      2m 15s
    7. Hardware for a good server
      6m 6s
    8. Backup: What really works?
      3m 51s
  5. 1h 21m
    1. Installing OS X Server
      3m 40s
    2. Backing up before an upgrade
      9m 21s
    3. Remote installation pt. 1
      4m 40s
    4. Remote installation pt. 2
      2m 22s
    5. Remote installation pt. 3
      8m 58s
    6. Remote installation pt. 4
      5m 12s
    7. Server Setup Assistant
      23m 32s
    8. What is Server Admin?
      4m 14s
    9. Troubleshooting remote software updates in a 10.4.0 installation
      11m 7s
    10. What is Workgroup Manager?
      5m 33s
    11. What is Server Monitor?
      2m 30s
  6. 4h 29m
    1. Properly setting server info and hostname
      18m 59s
    2. Setting up DNS on OS X Server to support open directory and other functions
      13m 35s
    3. Properly setting the hostname to a fully qualified domain name
      9m 7s
    4. Using Changeip
      7m 25s
    5. Open directory
      9m 1s
    6. AFP (Apple File Protocol)
      14m 40s
    7. DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol)
      6m 37s
    8. Firewall pt. 1
      16m 22s
    9. Firewall pt. 2
      16m 11s
    10. FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
      5m 44s
    11. iChat Server
      7m 15s
    12. Mac OS X Mail Server pt. 1
      4m 26s
    13. Mac OS X Mail Server pt. 2
      13m 10s
    14. Mac OS X Mail Server pt. 3
      14m 33s
    15. Mac OS X Mail Server pt. 4
      6m 44s
    16. Mac OS X Mail Server pt. 5
      17m 32s
    17. NAT (Network Address Translation)
      5m 27s
    18. Netboot pt. 1
      17m 43s
    19. Netboot pt. 2
      3m 30s
    20. NFS (Network File System)
      1m 21s
    21. Print Server
      6m 17s
    22. QuickTime Streaming Server
      8m 39s
    23. Software Update Server
      5m 48s
    24. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
      11m 52s
    25. Web Server
      17m 38s
    26. WebObjects
      1m 42s
    27. Windows services
      3m 36s
    28. XGrid
      4m 25s
  7. 3m 58s
    1. Logging in and local vs. open directory admin
      3m 58s
  8. 30m 15s
    1. Presets and creating a new user
      7m 28s
    2. Advanced account configuration
      3m 29s
    3. Group memberships
      2m 29s
    4. Network Homes
      1m 46s
    5. User mail settings
      2m 17s
    6. User print quotas
      1m 54s
    7. User information
      6m 21s
    8. User Windows configuration
      4m 31s
  9. 6m 21s
    1. Creating new groups
      3m 25s
    2. Groups within groups
      2m 56s
  10. 7m 11s
    1. Creating computer lists
      2m 10s
    2. Managing groups of computers
      3m 27s
    3. Computer lists continued
      1m 34s
  11. 41m 33s
    1. General configuration of a network share
      4m 18s
    2. Configuring access privileges and using ACLs
      8m 6s
    3. AFP-specific access
      3m 14s
    4. SMB- or Windows-specific access
      5m 8s
    5. FTP access
      1m 22s
    6. NFS access
      7m 54s
    7. Network auto mounts
      11m 31s
  12. 13m 18s
    1. Creating managed network settings
      10m 30s
    2. Applying settings to client systems
      2m 48s
  13. 11m 26s
    1. Available preferences
      9m 39s
    2. Editing preferences and using preference manifests
      1m 47s
  14. 13m 51s
    1. Further study and resources
      1m 57s
    2. Apple training options
      2m 18s
    3. Apple certifications
      3m 42s
    4. Late breaking news
      5m 54s

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Mac OS X Server 10.4 Tiger Essential Training
Video duration: 0s 9h 16m Beginner


Apple has successfully wrapped over 100 open source projects into its server software, and has built powerful and easy-to-use tools to manage them. In Mac OS X Server v10.4 Tiger Essential Training, Certified Apple Consultant Sean Colins delves into the details of the software's services and configuration options. Sean will teach you how to tap into Mac OS X Server's power and stability at the basic to intermediate level of server administration. You'll learn everything required to set up Mac OS X Server to do just what you need, from getting the recommended hardware to testing your server. Sean also teaches you about server management services and server administration, network sharing, and working with both human and hardware clients.

Business Developer IT
Mac OS X Server


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