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Nuke 7 New Features

with Steve Wright

Video: Welcome

Explore the new 2D and 3D features and improved performance in Nuke 7, the premiere compositing package for visual effects in film and television.
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  1. 3m 2s
    1. Welcome
      3m 2s
  2. 13m 37s
    1. Understanding the toolbars
      4m 57s
    2. Exploring new commands and features
      3m 59s
    3. Improving productivity with the new stereo features
      4m 41s
  3. 16m 1s
    1. Exploring autotracking upgrades
      5m 46s
    2. Introducing keyframe tracking
      2m 36s
    3. Using the new menu bar
      3m 14s
    4. Understanding updates to the Settings and Transform tabs
      2m 46s
    5. Trying out the new export options
      1m 39s
  4. 5m 55s
    1. Exploring the new Primatte 5 features
      5m 55s
  5. 4m 25s
    1. Setting up and using MotionBlur
      4m 25s
  6. 18m 7s
    1. Setting up and adjusting
      5m 27s
    2. Adding depth of field to a live action plate
      6m 1s
    3. Setting up and adjusting bokeh
      2m 54s
    4. Customizing the bokeh
      3m 45s
  7. 27m 58s
    1. Exploring the SplineWarp node
      6m 56s
    2. Warping techniques
      4m 23s
    3. Animating a warp
      3m 37s
    4. Morphing techniques
      8m 3s
    5. Animating a morph
      4m 59s
  8. 20m 26s
    1. Setting up a deep composite
      5m 51s
    2. Processing deep images
      6m 57s
    3. Measuring and viewing deep data
      7m 38s
  9. 5m 22s
    1. Understanding the setup and operation
      5m 22s
  10. 6m 53s
    1. Retiming a shot with optical flow
      4m 13s
    2. Managing motion blur
      2m 40s
  11. 5m 25s
    1. Setting up and operating
      5m 25s
  12. 2m 8s
    1. Understanding masks and guidelines
      2m 8s
  13. 15m 3s
    1. Importing and viewing alembic geometry
      6m 1s
    2. Importing camera and axis information
      4m 46s
    3. Exporting alembic geometry to disk
      4m 16s
  14. 16m 11s
    1. Tracking and point generation
      4m 36s
    2. Keyframing manually and automatically
      4m 50s
    3. Filtering, grouping, and mesh generation
      6m 45s
  15. 8m 31s
    1. Setting up and analyzing
      4m 39s
    2. Refining the output
      3m 52s
  16. 6m 15s
    1. Setting up and operating
      6m 15s
  17. 5m 30s
    1. Setting up and operating
      5m 30s
  18. 3m 15s
    1. Setting up and operating
      3m 15s
  19. 3m 52s
    1. Creating separate cameras and points
      3m 52s
  20. 7m 9s
    1. Understanding new emitter features and velocity controls
      7m 9s
  21. 8m 53s
    1. Setting up displacements
      3m 28s
    2. Dialing in the tesselation
      5m 25s
  22. 27m 32s
    1. Understanding the workflow
      6m 58s
    2. Modeling complex geometry
      7m 48s
    3. Exporting geometry
      4m 40s
    4. Editing geometry
      8m 6s
  23. 2m 3s
    1. Setting up and operating
      2m 3s
  24. 8m 1s
    1. Setting up and adjusting
      5m 7s
    2. Casting semitransparent shadows
      2m 54s
  25. 5m 18s
    1. Setting up and operating
      5m 18s

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Nuke 7 New Features
Video Duration: 0s 4h 6m Intermediate


View Course Description

Nuke 7 is the largest release of Nuke in the history of The Foundry. Join author Steve Wright as he covers all of the big new features in Nuke 7 such as alembic support, the ModelBuilder node to build geometry from images, normals relighting with the Relight node, and a powerful new suite of nodes to turn your images with depth maps into 3D point clouds, and much more.

This course was created and produced by Steve Wright. We are honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Working with stereo in the RotoPaint node
  • Keyframe tracking
  • Exploring Primatte Keyer
  • Setting up and using Motion Blur
  • Adding depth of field with ZDefocus
  • Animating warps and morphs
  • Measuring and viewing deep data
  • Retiming a shot with optical flow
  • Tracking and point generation in the PointCloudGenerator
  • Creating separate cameras and points with the Camera Tracker
  • Setting up displacements
  • Modeling more complex geometry with the ModelBuilder node
  • Casting semitransparent shadows
  • Relighting renders


Hi! This is Steve Wright, welcoming you to my Nuke 7 New Features course. This course is specifically designed for compositors already familiar with Nuke. The Foundry really outdid themselves with this release. It's the largest and most comprehensive new release of Nuke ever, with major technological innovations and tons of exciting new features and tools, here is just a sample. First up is Deep Compositing, with the recent release of EXR 2.0 deep images and deep compositing are now an industry standard fully supported by Nuke.

You'll learn all about this extremely important innovation in this course. Another major new technology is Alembic Geometry, a recent new industry standard, it allows 3D elements to be exchanged between different platforms and offers great efficiencies in workflow, render times, and database sizes compared to FBX files. Nukes venerable Tracker Node has been completely rewritten and now supports unlimited trackers, keyframe tracking, a snap to feature, and automatic track averaging, and much, much more.

The all new PointCloudGenerator Node has been completely rewritten and now generates high density Point Clouds with great accuracy. It also incorporates a truly impressive mesh generator for skinning your Point Clouds, replacing the old PoissonMesh Node. The truly awesome ModelBuilder node replaces the old modeler node and allows you to quickly create 3D geometry for your clips. You can use this geometry for camera projection and set extension shots. My personal favorite new 3D power feature is the brand-new DepthToPoints Node.

It takes a CG image with a depth channel and creates a 3D Point Cloud that you can use to line up geometry. You will have hours of fun with this new tool. At last, Nuke can now do normals relighting with the new Relight Node. You can relight CG renders in Nuke changing the light direction, color, intensity, and quality. You will love the new ZDefocus Node which is a major upgrade to the old ZBlur Node. It has major improvements in photorealistic depth blur, workflow, plus extensive new creative control over the look of the Bokeh, that's the look and feel of the out of focus elements.

For those members that have purchased the premium subscription, this course comes complete with over 700 MB of Exercise Files. The Exercise Files are for your personal use only. So, join me in my Nuke 7 New Features course and learn about these and many more new features in this latest release of Nuke. And by the way, you can download my free iPhone app that puts all the NukeHotkeys at your fingertips, just search for NukeHotkeys in the app store.

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