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Natalie Fobes

Natalie Fobes Natalie Fobes is a multi-talented and diverse photographer and writer. The Pulitzer prize finalist has shot assignments for National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon, and other major magazines. Her images of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill are iconographic and she is known as the "salmon lady" due to her 10-year project photographing and writing about the salmon and the cultures of the salmon around the Pacific Rim. Her work is included in many public, private and corporate collections. Natalie’s fine art portraiture and her wedding photography have won national recognition. The author of three coffee-table books has received many grants and commissions to pursue compelling documentary stories. She has camped out in the winter in Siberia with the Chukchi reindeer herders and perched in a blind in the cloud forest of Guatemala. Natalie's current documentary is on the impact of China's one-child policy in that country and the United States. She teaches in the acclaimed photography program at Seattle Central Community College and co-founded the Blue Earth Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to helping photographers shoot documentary stories about the environment, endangered cultures, and social issues. Her web site is
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  • view course page for Lighting for Photographers: Portraiture

    Introduces the techniques behind lighting for portraiture.

    1h 11m

  • view course page for Family and Group Portraiture

    Shows posing and composition techniques for capturing engaging portraits of couples, families, and other groups.

    1h 28m

  • view course page for The Elements of Effective Photographs

    Pulitzer-nominated photographer Natalie Fobes takes viewers into the studio and on location to explore the elements that combine to make an effective photo.

    1h 36m

  • view course page for Natalie Fobes, Photographer

    Introduces the diverse talents of one of the world's great award-winning journalistic photographers, Natalie Fobes.

    54m 30s
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