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  • view course page for Programming the Internet of Things with iOS

    Explore the "Internet of Things." Discover how to program "things" such as wearable tech, appliance sensors, and programmable hardware, and how to connect to and control these devices with iOS apps and services.

    2h 49m

  • view course page for Using Windows Azure with Windows Phone 8

    Add data storage, email and SMS messaging, and push notifications to your Windows Phone apps with Windows Azure.

    2h 36m

  • view course page for Building a Note-Taking App for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store

    Build a complete mobile app from scratch with C#/XAML using the Windows Phone SDK and Windows Store SDK, in this project-based course.

    3h 29m

  • view course page for Windows Phone SDK Essential Training

    Discover how to build professional apps that encompass the 17 major feature areas of Windows Phone and uncover the capabilities of the Windows Phone operating system.

    4h 34m

  • view course page for Fundamentals of Software Version Control

    Reviews the history of version control and demonstrates its fundamental concepts: check-in/checkout, forking, merging, commits, and distribution.

    2h 55m

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