Facial Rigging in Maya
Illustration by John Hersey

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Facial Rigging in Maya

with Jason Baskin

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Video: Next steps

Hey everyone, thanks for watching. I love sharing rigging tips and tricks and I hope you enjoyed this course as much as I enjoyed creating it. If you want to take your skills further, I'd like to recommend a few other courses on lynda.com. The first is Fundamentals of Character Animation with George Mastry. In this course, George covers the process of laying down key frames, working with character walk cycles, dialogue, and just basic character movement. It's a great introduction to character animators and it's certainly good for any rigger to understand how their rigs are going to be used in animation production.
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  1. 2m 24s
    1. Welcome
    2. Using the exercise files
    3. What you should know before watching this course
  2. 44m 42s
    1. Facial topology guidelines and problem spots
      4m 56s
    2. Understanding morph targets
      5m 9s
    3. Using Soft Select, Artisan sculpt tools, and symmetry options
      4m 40s
    4. Using wire deformers and clusters, and painting falloff values
      5m 36s
    5. Using lattices and wrap deformers
      6m 5s
    6. Using joints to build morph targets
      8m 32s
    7. Splitting symmetrical shapes into asymmetrical pairs
      3m 50s
    8. Mirroring asymmetrical shapes across the midline with wrap deformers
      5m 54s
  3. 35m 20s
    1. Connecting eye rotation to the graphical user interface (GUI)
      6m 20s
    2. Creating a "look-at" control for eyes
      6m 18s
    3. Blending between a GUI- and target-based eye setup
      5m 52s
    4. Working with eyelids, using in-between blend shapes
      3m 45s
    5. Working with eyelids, using fan joints
      6m 39s
    6. Creating eye tugging and auto-lid behaviors
      6m 26s
  4. 25m 2s
    1. Creating a basic user interface (UI) control
      6m 50s
    2. Using the clamp expression to create a more advanced GUI
      5m 0s
    3. Positioning the GUI to simulate on-face controls
      4m 45s
    4. Creating true on-face controls using clusters
      8m 27s
  5. 49m 43s
    1. Understanding the joint-based setup
      5m 21s
    2. Orienting the joints
      3m 9s
    3. Rigging the jaw
      7m 6s
    4. Creating a support structure
      3m 52s
    5. Attaching joints to the support structure
      6m 53s
    6. Binding joints to the final mesh
      6m 9s
    7. Adding final constraints to keep the entire rig intact
      6m 42s
    8. Finessing joint placement and rotation using driven keys
      5m 25s
    9. Balancing shape fidelity with rig density and usability
      5m 6s
  6. 1m 8s
    1. Next steps
      1m 8s

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Watch the Online Video Course Facial Rigging in Maya
2h 38m Intermediate Mar 26, 2014

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Robust facial rigs are vital to character expression and a natural and necessary addition to any stable body rig. There are two primary approaches to facial rigging: shapes and joint-based setups. Blend shapes are typically not supported by gaming engines, so it's important to learn both approaches. This course shows how to use each method to build facial controls that are versatile and easy to use. Jason Baskin shows how to use blend shapes to control expressions, and create a library of morph targets with the Cluster and Lattice tools and the Wrap and Wire deformers. Then learn how to connect eyes, eyelids, and other features to GUI controls that animators can use to manipulate the character's expressions however they like. Last, Jason explores a joint-based approach that allows you to sculpt the underlying facial structure before attaching it to the final mesh.

Topics include:
  • Understanding morph targets
  • Using Soft Select, Artisan Sculpt tools, and symmetry options
  • Splitting symmetrical shapes into asymmetrical pairs
  • Connecting eye rotation to the GUI
  • Working with eyelids, using blend shapes or fan joints
  • Creating a basic UI control
  • Connecting controls
  • Orienting joints and creating a support structure
  • Attaching joints to the support structure
  • Binding joints to the final mesh
  • Balancing shape fidelity with rig density and usability
3D + Animation
Jason Baskin

Next steps

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