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Making read/write animations using UnityScript Editor


Game Character Creation in Maya

with Chris Reilly

Video: Making read/write animations using UnityScript Editor

Making read/write animations using UnityScript Editor provides you with in-depth training on 3D + Animation. Taught by Chris Reilly as part of the Game Character Creation in Maya
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  1. 3m 50s
    1. Welcome
    2. What you need to know before watching this course
      1m 9s
    3. Understanding game asset creation
      1m 21s
    4. Using the exercise files
  2. 25m 35s
    1. Setting up scene folders (Maya and Unity)
      3m 58s
    2. Optimizing geometry
      3m 14s
    3. Using symmetry
      4m 8s
    4. Extruding geometry
      4m 19s
    5. Sculpting geometry
      4m 1s
    6. Importing reference sketches
      5m 55s
  3. 37m 14s
    1. Modeling the head and nose
      5m 34s
    2. Creating the mouth
      4m 28s
    3. Crafting the eyes
      5m 11s
    4. Building the body and a wing
      10m 11s
    5. Forming the limbs
      8m 5s
    6. Adding finishing touches
      3m 45s
  4. 36m 11s
    1. UV mapping overview
      2m 43s
    2. UV mapping the body parts
      9m 18s
    3. UV mapping the face
      7m 40s
    4. UV mapping wrap-up
      3m 44s
    5. Mirroring
      4m 57s
    6. Texturing
      2m 46s
    7. Normal mapping
      5m 3s
  5. 46m 21s
    1. Setting up the skeleton
      5m 19s
    2. Building the spine
      3m 39s
    3. Finishing the skeleton
      4m 32s
    4. Rigging the legs and feet
      8m 35s
    5. Rigging the torso
      3m 49s
    6. Rigging the arms and hands
      3m 35s
    7. Rigging the face and head
      5m 9s
    8. Rigging wrap-up
      2m 27s
    9. Skin binding and weight painting
      5m 26s
    10. Animating in Maya
      3m 50s
  6. 29m 9s
    1. Exploring the Unity interface
      3m 3s
    2. Importing character and animations into Unity
      5m 50s
    3. Controlling animations with scripts: Third-person character controller
      7m 14s
    4. Controlling animations with scripts: Third-person camera controller
      4m 4s
    5. Making read/write animations using UnityScript Editor
      4m 8s
    6. Controlling scripts with animation events
      4m 50s
  7. 19s
    1. Additional resources

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Watch the Online Video Course Game Character Creation in Maya
Video Duration: 4m 8s2h 58m Intermediate Sep 15, 2011

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Get a thorough overview of techniques for creating characters for video games or real-time rendered applications. Author Chris Reilly covers low-poly modeling, texturing and animation, using 3D model and texture assets created in Maya and Adobe Photoshop. The course also includes an overview of Unity 3, including importing characters and making interactive animations with the Script Editor.

Topics include:
  • Optimizing, extruding, and sculpting geometry
  • Modeling a character's head and body
  • UV-mapping the head and body
  • Mirroring and texturing
  • Setting up the skeleton
  • Rigging the head and body
  • Skin binding & weight painting
  • Controlling animation with scripts in Unity
3D + Animation
Chris Reilly

Making read/write animations using UnityScript Editor

Unity has its own built-in Animation Editor and it allows you to edit animations. It's actually very similar to the Animation Editor in Maya. You use curves to edit animations, but it also allows you to do some really cool things with scripts like activate scripts at different points through your animation. So let's take a look and we can see a couple of different techniques to use the Animation Editor. So I'm going to click on Window > Animation, and that's going to bring up our Animation Editor. Now, right now I have nothing selected in my Hierarchy so everything is blank here. I'm going to take a look at my game character, so I'll just click back here to the hierarchy.

And if I think about what is actually animating on my game character-- Let me just going to expand to look at the hierarchy here. The roots, so that's the exoskeleton and that's actually what's being animated as my character moves around. I'll just select root and switch back to my Animation Editor, so now I can see that I have root selected I now have some animation curves here. In my Animation list here, so there is a list all of the animations that are applied to what I have currently selected in the Hierarchy. So I can see that idle, walk, run, and jump animation attached to this component.

And if I scrub through in the timeline here I can play back and forth through that idle animation. Now another thing you might notice is that in this animation list all of these are labeled Read-Only, and if I tried to make any edits here in the Animation window I can't select anything. Everything is kind of grayed-out. So Unity actually prevents you from directly editing the animations that are attached to your character as of imports from Maya. That's actually a good thing because if you were to make edits to the animations here, if you try to open that file backup in Maya it may be corrupted.

So if we want to make changes to the animations attached to our game character we actually need to make a local copy of those animations and that will allow us to both read and write to those animations. So let's look at how we can make a read/write animation for our character. I'll just close out of the Animation Editor here, then in the Project panel I'll look at our Maya file that is our game character, and I'll just look at these animation components. So remember in the previous video we looked at how to set up the FBX Importer to automatically parse out these separate animations.

So I am going to go ahead and make a local copy of this run animation that we can edit inside of Unity. I'll duplicate this just by hitting Command+D. Okay, so there is my copy. I'm going to go ahead and rename this. I will just click Return to rename it. I'll name this Run-RW for run read/write. That will just make it easy to distinguish between this local copy and the read-only copy. And I'll go ahead and make a folder for this. So I'll go Create > Folder. I call this Animations-RW for read/ write, and just left mouse click and drag into that in Animations folder, and then I'll just go ahead and move this to the top level of my project directory.

Okay, so now I have my local copies of animations that I can go ahead and edit as I need to. So let's click back to our game character and in the Inspector take a look at this Animation component. Right now I want to replace that read-only copy with my read/write copy of the run animation. So I'll just click on this selector here and just double-click on run-RW, so that will switch out so that we now have the read/write animation applied to our character.

So back in hierarchy we click on root and bring back the Animation Editor. Now if we select the run read/write animation I can see the curves and now I can also make edits to those curves. So again I can scrub through. I can select the individual curves. So this is the rotation in the Y direction and I'll just grab one of these and drag it way down so we can see how that affects the animation.

And from here I can animate any part of the skeleton that I want. It's a pretty robust animation interface. So in the next video we'll talk about how we can use our read/write animation to call and access scripts.

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