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Learning V-Ray for Maya: A Professional Reference Guide

with Dariush Derakhshani

Video: Welcome

Covers all the key aspects of V-Ray, the powerful rendering plug-in for Maya.
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  1. 2m 1s
    1. Welcome
      2m 1s
  2. 9m 42s
    1. What is V-Ray?
      2m 50s
    2. V-Ray integration with the Maya UI
      6m 52s
  3. 1h 0m
    1. The Rectangle light
      11m 8s
    2. The Sphere light
      9m 24s
    3. The Dome light
      4m 52s
    4. V-Ray Sun and Sky
      11m 7s
    5. Using images and HDRs on lights
      8m 35s
    6. Using linear color space and the V-Ray Frame Buffer
      15m 20s
  4. 39m 58s
    1. The V-Ray material
      12m 46s
    2. The V-Ray Blend material
      6m 42s
    3. The V-Ray Light material
      6m 14s
    4. The V-Ray Car Paint material
      8m 21s
    5. V-Ray textures: Dirt for ambient occlusion and edges
      5m 55s
  5. 52m 21s
    1. What is global illumination (GI) in V-Ray?
      2m 43s
    2. Primary and secondary bounces
      5m 58s
    3. Brute force
      9m 1s
    4. Light caching
      11m 49s
    5. Irradiance mapping
      9m 50s
    6. Popular GI engine combinations
      13m 0s
  6. 30m 33s
    1. What are V-Ray object properties (VROPs)?
      2m 47s
    2. Creating VROPs
      9m 8s
    3. Extra object properties
      7m 48s
    4. Material IDs vs. object IDs
      5m 8s
    5. Setting VROP overrides with Maya layers
      5m 42s
  7. 40m 10s
    1. Creating passes and elements
      6m 23s
    2. Diffuse, reflection, and refraction
      8m 49s
    3. Lighting and GI
      4m 3s
    4. Shadows
      5m 6s
    5. Ambient occlusion
      8m 39s
    6. The Multi Matte render element
      7m 10s
  8. 57m 0s
    1. Cameras
      8m 32s
    2. Using the V-Ray Frame Buffer and history
      10m 22s
    3. General V-Ray render settings
      8m 57s
    4. Sampling settings
      12m 1s
    5. Color mapping
      6m 0s
    6. Surface subdivision rendering
      3m 43s
    7. Back to beauty: Assembling the render
      7m 25s

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Learning V-Ray for Maya: A Professional Reference Guide
Video Duration: 0s 4h 52m Beginner


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V-Ray for Maya is a powerful rendering software that allows you to have render-time subdivisions, motion blur, and depth of field in your renders. It also offers an innovative global illumination engine. This course covers all the key aspects of V-Ray, from lights and shaders to object properties and render layers, as well as creating passes and elements, and of course rendering and optimizing.

Topics include:
  • What is V-Ray?
  • V-Ray integration with Maya UI
  • V-Ray lights and shaders
  • Working with global illumination
  • Object properties and render layers
  • Creating passes and elements
  • Rendering and optimizing
3D + Animation video2brain


(MUSIC). Hey there. I'm Dariush Derakhshani, a VFX Supervisor and adjunct faculty with the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. I'm the co-author of an AutoDesk 3DS MAX book series, as well as the author for the best-selling Introducing AutoDesk Maya series. I'm delighted to bring you this course on Vray for Maya. I designed this course not only as a primer for those new to VRay and CG rendering but also as a reference for anyone with prior experience seeking more detailed information about specific aspects of Vray.

In this course you will learn rendering using the powerful VRay rendering platform through Autodesk's Maya software. We will begin the course by exploring the VRay for Maya interface. And how this popular renderer is integrated into Maya's UI. Next, I will show you how VRay lights work and when to use them. We'll then take a look at the various VRay materials and shaders and how to utilize them before moving on to several lessons exploring global illumination using VRay In these global illumination lessons.

You'll learn how the different GI engines work in VRay and some of the popular combinations for efficient, clean renders. You will also learn about object properties and special VRay cameras and attributes. Lastly, we'll explore how to use VRay Render Elements to render in passes to integrate with compositing packages such as Adobe's After Effects for the ultimate in control over your images. I'm delighted to be the author of this VRay course and I am confident this will give you the knowledge and confidence to take your rendering to the next level. Thank you very much, and enjoy the course.

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