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Mac OS X Lion Server Essential Training

with Sean Colins

Video: Welcome

Shows what servers are and why they're necessary, and how to set up Lion Server quickly.
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  1. 1m 5s
    1. Welcome
      1m 5s
  2. 21m 55s
    1. Knowing your network and how it routes to the internet
      2m 58s
    2. Understanding Lion Server installation requirements
      2m 37s
    3. Planning for your server
      4m 18s
    4. Understanding the changes in Lion Server
      5m 45s
    5. Things that went away in Lion Server
      3m 1s
    6. Downloading Lion Server
      3m 16s
  3. 41m 5s
    1. Introducing port forwarding on the router
      2m 26s
    2. Using the AirPort Utility to set up your AirPort Extreme
      14m 43s
    3. Extending your network using Airport Express
      5m 29s
    4. Installing and using AirPlay
      5m 30s
    5. Sharing your name with the world
      10m 28s
    6. Reserving an address for your server
      2m 29s
  4. 54m 36s
    1. Understanding the upgrade process
      1m 35s
    2. Upgrading a client
      2m 19s
    3. Upgrading from Snow Leopard Server to Lion Server
      4m 34s
    4. Starting up for the first time
      13m 45s
    5. Downloading additional server tools
      2m 11s
    6. Introducing Server App
      6m 22s
    7. Getting an Apple ID
      5m 27s
    8. Understanding how Lion uses SSL
      2m 5s
    9. Creating a self-signed certificate to generate a certificate signing request (CSR)
      5m 20s
    10. Generating your CSR and using it to key your SSL certificate
      4m 31s
    11. Installing your SSL certificate and intermediate certificate
      3m 49s
    12. Remote control
      2m 38s
  5. 6m 35s
    1. Choosing external storage
      2m 17s
    2. Connecting and preparing Thunderbolt, FireWire, and USB storage devices
      4m 18s
  6. 52m 6s
    1. What is a profile and why should I manage it?
      2m 14s
    2. Creating an Open Directory master (ODM) to allow for profile management
      3m 49s
    3. Creating Users and Groups in your ODM
      5m 10s
    4. Opening Profile Manager via Safari
      4m 28s
    5. Defining management strategy by choosing category of device or user
      15m 55s
    6. Using Profile Manager to create your first profile for Mac or iOS device management
      5m 22s
    7. Getting profiles onto your Mac
      6m 25s
    8. Getting profiles onto your iOS device
      4m 32s
    9. Using the Self Service Portal to wipe an iOS device
      2m 2s
    10. Managing hardware inventory with Profile Manager
      2m 9s
  7. 9m 1s
    1. Backing up your server
      3m 3s
    2. Installing Server Admin Tools and backing up the Open Directory
      5m 58s
  8. 6m 47s
    1. How caching software updates can save your network
      2m 9s
    2. Setting up the software update caching service
      4m 38s
  9. 11m 40s
    1. Understanding encryption
      1m 40s
    2. Configuring your Lion Server to be a VPN server
      5m 19s
    3. Configuring your Mac to access the VPN
      4m 41s
  10. 17m 20s
    1. What is file sharing?
      1m 57s
    2. Setting up file sharing to support many devices
      5m 37s
    3. Setting up Time Machine destinations for clients to use for backup
      3m 8s
    4. Using your Time Machine destination to back up your computer
      3m 35s
    5. Connecting to file sharing from a Mac
      3m 3s
  11. 16m 42s
    1. Understanding authorization
      1m 33s
    2. Controlling who can use which service using Service ACLs
      4m 20s
    3. Controlling who can use which files using file permissions and ACLs
      7m 13s
    4. User-level login to wireless networks using Server Admin (RADIUS)
      3m 36s
  12. 16m 14s
    1. Collaborating in a group
      2m 45s
    2. Enabling iCal Server to provide server-based calendars
      5m 2s
    3. Enabling Address Book Server
    4. Enabling iChat Server
      3m 34s
    5. Setting up all your collaboration services at once
      3m 54s
  13. 28m 39s
    1. How the Wiki helps you use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch
      2m 31s
    2. Turning on and configuring the Wiki
      1m 40s
    3. Navigating the Wiki
      2m 50s
    4. Editing the home page
      4m 5s
    5. Creating a new wiki
      3m 8s
    6. Creating a personal blog
      2m 55s
    7. Using the web calendar
      3m 55s
    8. Enabling the web service
      7m 35s
  14. 18m 24s
    1. Hosting an email server to maintain control over your messages
      1m 23s
    2. Enabling mail service
      3m 10s
    3. Working with advanced mail service configuration, including virtual domains
      6m 33s
    4. Using the new webmail service
      4m 24s
    5. Connecting to Mac OS X server mail
      2m 54s
  15. 11m 50s
    1. Differences between Podcast Producer and Podcast Publisher
      1m 42s
    2. Setting up the podcast service and configuring admins
      1m 56s
    3. Working with Podcast Publisher
      8m 12s
  16. 17m 57s
    1. Deploying software to many Macs at the same time
      2m 47s
    2. Using System Image Utility to create a NetInstall set
      10m 8s
    3. Installing the Lion client from your NetInstall image
      5m 2s
  17. 11m 3s
    1. Enrolling devices for autoconfiguration
      4m 34s
    2. File sharing in Pages
      3m 39s
    3. Browsing a wiki
      2m 50s
  18. 10m 30s
    1. Using Snow Leopard to connect to file sharing and collaboration services and mail
      7m 29s
    2. Using Windows 7 to connect for file sharing
      3m 1s
  19. 54m 27s
    1. Troubleshooting file sharing
      4m 42s
    2. Configuring Software Update Server without using Profiles
      7m 53s
    3. Enabling PPTP VPN for older clients
      5m 9s
    4. Viewing user and group information directly
      3m 37s
    5. Using the Terminal to check and change settings
      7m 26s
    6. Booting from the Recovery HD partition to restore from a Time Machine backup
      5m 35s
    7. Restoring your operating system from the internet
      1m 35s
    8. Disabling Time Machine snapshots on the local machine
      1m 29s
    9. Troubleshooting NetBoot in a multi-subnet environment
      2m 41s
    10. Reviewing the boot modifier keys
      3m 49s
    11. Assigning an address and name to an upgraded server
      6m 36s
    12. Verifying open ports on the AirPort Extreme
      3m 55s
  20. 2m 38s
    1. A fond farewell
      2m 38s

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Mac OS X Lion Server Essential Training
Video Duration: 0s 6h 50m Beginner


View Course Description

In this course, author Sean Colins shows how to configure a Lion Server installation, while highlighting its ease of use. The course gives an overview on servers: what they are, why they're necessary, and how to set them up quickly. It also covers file sharing, managing iOS devices with the new Profile Manager, and creating and sharing podcasts in Podcast Publisher, plus productivity services such as iCal, Address Book Server, and iChat Server, which keep shared calendars, contacts, and chat conversations securely in your possession.

Topics include:
  • Understanding installation requirements
  • Setting up AirPort Extreme using the AirPort Utility and server setup assistant
  • Enabling and using AirPlay
  • Upgrading to Lion Server from Snow Leopard Server
  • Properly setting SSL to protect data from thieves
  • Preparing storage for use on a server
  • Wiping, locking, and configuring iOS devices remotely
  • Backing up the server
  • Configuring Lion Server as a VPN server
  • Understanding logging in and privileges
  • Hosting an email server in an office or home
  • Connecting with Mac OS X Server Mail
  • Accessing Lion Server from client computers
  • Troubleshooting using the command line
Developer IT
Mac OS X Server


Hi! I'm Sean Colins. Welcome to Lion Server Essential Training! Lion Server is the latest version of Apple's Mac OS X Server operating system and it has some fantastic new features. We'll get started by setting up your network and integrating Apple's AirPort hardware for easy management. I'll demonstrate the brand-new Profile Manager, showing you how to enroll and manage devices including Macs and iOS devices like iPads and iPhones in your organization. We'll fully explore Server app and we'll see just how easy it is to manage.

Next, we'll set up essential services like Mail, the Wiki, and file sharing. Then we'll take a look at the all new Podcast Publisher. And later, I'll show you how easy it is to connect your iPhone, iPad, and Windows 7 devices to the services we Set Up. Lion Server is a big change from the previous version of Mac OS X Server. I think you're going to really enjoy our time together. Let's dive in!

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