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Logic Pro X New Features (2013)

with Dot Bustelo

Video: Welcome

Dive into the new streamlined, modern interface and creative tools for musicians and producers, in this tour with a Logic Pro X insider.
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Logic Pro X New Features (2013)
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Logic Pro X is here, with a set of powerful creative tools for musicians and producers. Dive into the new streamlined, modern interface and the new feature set with Logic insider Dot Bustelo. Learn how to build sophisticated drum tracks with Drummer, control Logic remotely from an iPad, create project "alternatives" that allow you to save different versions of a project in a single project folder or package, and create new melodies skillfully with Scale Quantize. Dot will also show you the brand-new instrument Retrosynth and how to use layered patches and track stacks to create never-before-heard sounds from Logic, manipulate them instantly with Smart Controls, control the timing of your music with Groove Track, and correct vocals quickly and effortlessly with Flex Pitch and the Audio Track Editor.

Topics include:
  • Navigating around the new Logic interface quickly
  • Adding a Drummer track
  • Working with the new iPad app Logic Remote
  • Creating with Arpeggiator and other new MIDI plugins
  • Adapting to musical situations with project alternatives and packages
  • Working quickly with the new Arrangement Markers
  • Manipulating sounds with Smart Controls
  • Layering and routing with Track Stacks
  • Designing your own Patches and Stacks
  • Mastering the redesigned Library for your sounds
  • Improving timing with the Groove Track
  • Flexing pitch
Audio + Music
Logic Pro


(MUSIC). Hi, I'm Dot Bustelo and welcome to Logic Pro X New Features. This course introduces the redesigned interface of Logic Pro X, with a powerful collection of modern sounds and creative tools for musicians. I'll show you how to get your track started in Logic Pro X with a detailed tour of the deeply streamlined and modern interface. We'll get into Drummer, one of the most exciting new creative features for building sophisticated drum parts.

(MUSIC) And I'll show you Logic Remote, a great way to control logic remotely and play the touch instruments. Then I'll show you how to develop your track with some fantastic new tools for responding to creative situations, with alternatives, arrangement markers and scale quanties. To instantly create new melodies (MUSIC) that work with your project. Next, I'll get into the new (SOUND) architecture of the Sound library for shaping your sound in ways that were never before possible.

With layered patches, smart controls, track stacks and complete mixer routings. We'll look at the groove track that further involves one of logic's greatest strengths, controlling the timing and feel of your music. (MUSIC) And I'll show you Flex pitch, for creating and correcting vocal melodies, and the brand new Audio Track Editor for detailed grid-based editing. Let's take a different look at a few of the topics covered in this course starting with navigating in the Main Window, that now features the amazing, new smart controls.

Pay close attention to this next button. This one opens up a brand new type of control called Smart Controls. Let's change our synth patch to this Resonant Patterns. (MUSIC) Let's listen to this as I adjust a few of the controls. (MUSIC) Just moving the cutoff control, go in and change Filter, Resonant.

Now let me show you how to add a drummer track. The middle section where the XY pad, and the right side of the Editor have settings that can be adjusted for each region individually. I'll start adjusting the puck in the XY pad. I'll move it down to the lower left so that the first region. Will be dramatically softer and a simple pattern. Let's hear this. (MUSIC) So it gets very interesting when you have two adjacent regions with different settings.

The artificial intelligence engine kicks in and creates a human performance connecting the performances of the two regions. Sort of a, region to region awareness. Let's bring it all the way up, so this'll be a real dramatic transition. Let's listen to the second one. (MUSIC) And our first one again. (MUSIC) You can now use your iPad with Logic using Logic Remote for iPad.

Let's take a look. The app has Logic's main transport controls with a great mix review handy for jumping into the vocal booth with full screen, customizable key commands to operate and navigate Logic. There's a whole new way of playing with Logic Remote's touch instruments. The keyboard, the drum pads and the fret board. Combined with these smart controls, these touch instruments are brilliant new controllers inside Logic.

Let's check out how to work with patches in the redesigned Sound Library. Let's go back to the first patch, called Sea Beams Glittering, that has an Arpeggiator. (MUSIC) I found the patch in the Sound Library, over here in the left, in the category of Synthesizers - Soundscapes. You can see at the top of the Library view. I'll click the disclosure triangle on the track name in the Track list to reveal all of the channel strip layers and auxiliary routings to effects in this patch, creating that richly layered evolving sound.

(MUSIC) (SOUND) Let me show you how to design your own patches in Logic Pro X with Smart Controls, Arpeggiators and other Midi plug-ins. I'd like to create a patch now with an Arpeggiator. I'll select from the EDM cord category in the library Chimes Swell. Lets hear it (SOUND). Sort of an edgy 80s sound. I'll click on the Medi plugin pane which is right above the instrument pane on the Channel strip.

These are all awesome. Lets start with the Arpeggiator. Turn on Logics, transport, hear the drum track, and now when I play the patch for the Arpeggiator it's (MUSIC) immediately locked in time. I'll make a couple adjustments, change the note order out, try one of these variations. (MUSIC) Changing the pitch of audio notes in the Main Window is so quick. Let's take a look. Let's go back in bar five where she reaches for the words on my mind, she's slightly sharp.

I'll play it for you. Be right over here. (MUSIC) It's subtle. To set those notes to perfect pitch, I can Ctrl+Click on an Individual bar and choose Set To Perfect Pitch from the Shortcut menu. So I'll Ctrl+Click, and choose Set To Perfect Pitch from the Shortcut menu. (MUSIC) And here's how to use Flex Pitch in the Audio Track Editor.

You can now edit the pitch, time position and length of notes as you would in the piano role. To change the pitch, drag a note vertically in the Editor (SOUND). In this Audio Track Editor, this allows you to make all of your edits without even having to switch tools. As you can see, the new features and sounds in Logic Pro X are pretty substantial. Let's explore them in Logic Pro X new features.

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